2024 Mazda CX-90 PHEV: Review, Range, & Price

2024 Mazda CX-90 PHEV: Review, Range, & PriceMost people find that a plug-in hybrid will be the best choice for the future of all-electric vehicles. With a battery of moderate size and a fuel tank, they can be operated in an all-electric mode for an acceptable amount of distance before the combustion engine is activated should it be required. It is expected that the 2024 Mazda CX-90 will be available with an electric hybrid engine that can provide 500 miles of distance with 26 miles of driving solely on electric which is an option for those who want to cut down on visits to a gas station, and you need a space to fit 7 or 8 passengers.

2024 Mazda CX-90 PHEV
2024 Mazda CX-90 PHEV

We had the pleasure of driving the CX-90 PHEV model, which is one of only a few SUVs with three rows with this type of motor. We would like that the range for electric vehicles was 40 miles or 50 miles. However, the range of its two engines is good and should keep you off gas stations frequently.


The Mazda CX90’s electric mode range should be sufficient to run errands on a daily basis and for most commuters as long as they are able to plug in and recharge the CX-90 after dark and/or while at work. In the time we tested it out and ran errands around the neighborhood as well as went to work without the need to plug it in. While we loved driving in electric mode, we needed to use the public charging station to gain benefits. The most important thing to remember about PHEVs is chargers: if you don’t connect them to the grid then you’re carrying extra burdens that drain your efficiency. If you’re in need of more electric vehicle distance, the Kia is a bit better than 32 miles however, the third row of is more compact than Mazda’s.

The benefit of Mazda’s compact, 17.8-kWh battery pack, however, is that you don’t have to have to spend much energy in charge. It took 2.5 hours to allow the CX-90 to go from empty to 100% using the Level 2 charger, which has the typical speeds found at home, which is typical for the category. It also has MAZDA’s 53/61/56 miles per gallon-e rating.

The 2024 CX-90 is the successor to the CX-9 while the former was enjoyable and sporty to drive, there were certain cons that prevented the CX-90 from becoming one of our top three-row SUVs, especially its narrow third row. In and out of the CX-9 was difficult but sadly Mazda did not fully address this problem in the CX-90. The CX-90 is a bit longer than the CX-9 however its third row is congested, and access as well as egress is a hassle. Its roofline, which is swoopy and sloping, cuts down headroom on the third row. an inclined hip makes adults’ knees hang up to their chins.

It’s unfortunate that Mazda did not try to make the CX-90 more welcoming to families; Instead, it concentrated on providing the most enjoyable performance. We appreciate that as motorists but the CX-90 isn’t equipped with the versatility, functionality as well and space needed to accommodate everyone in the family.

For Mazda, The CX-90 is a major departure for the brand. The rear-wheel drive, longitudinal engine will be a radical departure from Mazda’s existing products, except for the Miata as well. Both of its engines are Mazda firsts, the turbocharged inline-six as well as a plug-in hybrid four-cylinder. The CX-90 is available in a variety of different configurations. Generally, it is the case that a plug-in hybrid is more expensive than the turbo-six but that is dependent on the trim. Is the hybrid worth the extra cost?

The first step is to provide some information and numbers. The plug-in-hybrid engine combines the 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, an electric motor, as well as an automatic eight-speed. It produces a total of 323 horsepower. This puts it close to the turbo six’s 340 horsepower in the higher tuning state however it’s well ahead of the base 280-hp version. As with the turbo six, it uses an eight-speed auto that has a wet-clutch instead of a torque convertor which produces the same 369 pounds of torque as the base six. It also comes with a battery. PHEV includes the battery which is estimated to have 14.8 kWh usable capacity that can power an electric portion of the motor. Although the battery is large, CX-90’s PHEV won’t be eligible to receive an estimated $7500 Federal tax credit because of the fact that it’s manufactured in Japan. Mazda seems to see this PHEV as a mid-range option as well, which is why in Premium Plus model, is priced at $4,000 more than the basic I-6 and 3000 more in comparison to Turbo S. Turbo S. Our plug-in Premium Plus test vehicle had the price of $58,920.

The PHEV’s additional equipment adds more weight. All-wheel-drive Premium Plus plug-in smashed our weight by a total of 5236 pounds. This is 350 pounds more than the similarly equipped CX-90 turbo six. The majority of the time, however, the electric CX-90 is able to handle the extra weight. Its PHEV can reach 60 miles per hour in 5.9 seconds and beats the 340-hp version in 0.4 seconds. (We aren’t testing the 280-hp version.) When you run a quarter-mile distance the plug-in is again ahead and crosses the line within 14.5 minutes at 97 mph as opposed to 14.7 with a speed of 99 miles per hour in the I-6. Because of the motor’s ready power (199 pounds-feet of torque at 400 rpm), this advantage is greater in commuter slog, where accelerating between 30 and 50 mph requires 2.7 seconds compared to 3.6 clicks. When you’re on the highway the PHEV relies more on its four-cylinder motor and the I-6 comes close to being even in terms of 4.5-second 50-70-mph speed compared to PHEV’s 4.4-second performance. Another area where the I-6 is clearly ahead in towing is the 6-cylinder engine able to provide the maximum towing capacity of 5000 pounds in comparison to the PHEV’s 3500-pound limit.

2024 Mazda CX-90 PHEV Interior
2024 Mazda CX-90 PHEV Interior


In the last few years, Mazda has strived to increase its market share in its offerings, with the CX-90 being its latest stab in this direction. When you take a step away from the Toyota Highlander or Honda Pilot and enter the 2024 Mazda CX-90, you’ll appreciate its more spacious interior. The trim and stitching are higher than the standard of other common automobiles. The clean style, top-quality materials, and luxurious appearance are something you can expect however, it falls short of premium brands like Mercedes as well as BMW.

The infotainment device is operated using the touchscreen, or by turning a knob. Both were easy to use and performed their tasks. Apple CarPlay connected wirelessly without any problems The screen as well as the entire system was responsive to inputs.

The CX-90 appears classy and offers great features, however, Mazda requires refinement of the motor to ensure it is more comfortable when driving at lower speeds. However, the CX-90’s range of capabilities and performance stand out. The three-row crossover is a joy to drive but it’s not an outstanding product, and together, it falls far from its competitors as well, which is the reason for its poor performance in our most recent Big Test of three-row SUVs.

The steering doesn’t meet the usual standard of Mazda as with the CX-5. The rather high levels of effort appear to be frictional in the steering system, rather than the normal load of effort that comes with the forces of cornering. In contrast, the CX-5 is nimble considering its dimensions and the CX-90 generally feels like it’s size. It’s got good performance as well as 0.83 grams of lateral grip on the skidpad. The ride feels firm, and bumps are well-controlled as well and the overall structure is strong.

The Premium Plus trim level, the CX-90 is equipped with a range of driver aids. It has a cross-traffic warning that operates for forward-facing traffic in addition to when you reverse. However, we did not find the alarm to be excessively alarmist. Similarly, on highways with multi-lanes, the blind spot monitoring was often hyperventilated whenever there was a vehicle just one lane away from the one we were in. We were more awed by the camera that has a 360-degree view that is included as part of the Premium Plus Equipment. The camera can display two perspectives simultaneously, and the photos are the most clear we’ve ever seen.

The CX-90 boasts upscale expectations. Our tester’s black-colored color scheme was not the most attractive, but the majority of the interior’s materials are well-padded as is the patterned silver trim that is likely to conceal scratches better than glossy black. Its Premium Plus also includes screen-based instruments, as well as the digital instrument cluster has two gauges for fuel, one for the tank, and the other to monitor the battery. Additionally, there are readouts that show the approximate EV range as well as the all-around range in miles. The shifter has a somewhat odd pattern, with Park up and to the left and Reverse-Neutral-Drive in their traditional arrangement. A driver who isn’t familiar with the system could believe that they are putting the gear into Park but end up being in Reverse.

The car we drove was equipped with captain’s chairs on the second row. They had a little less supporting the thighs but were otherwise fine even though the second row doesn’t have as much space as some of its competitors, like for instance, the Chevrolet Traverse, the Kia Telluride, or the Volkswagen Atlas. This is also true for the third row that positively boasts seatbelts for three. The legroom and room for headroom are acceptable in the third row, however, middle schoolers could have trouble shoving their shoes into the footwells, especially if the passengers in the second row move their seats inwards. In the same way, space for luggage in the middle row may not be quite as spacious as other competitors.

2024 Mazda CX-90 PHEV Review
2024 Mazda CX-90 PHEV Review

Specs and Performance

The 2.5-liter engine produces 189 horsepower as well as the electric motor 173 hp. Together together, the Mazda has 323 horsepower and an astounding 369 lb-ft torque. It can go from 0-60 miles per hour within 6.2 seconds, according to our instrumented tests. That’s a decent amount considering the size of its. For the quarter-mile race, the CX-90 finished the race within 14.6 seconds and 95.8 speed. It’s Mazda’s second-most efficient production engine ever built and is just behind the CX-90 Turbo S engine.

While driving around on the streets, the Mazda did not sound too loud however we did notice some problems with the engine. In parking lots, the transmission’s eight speeds were a bit twitchy when it came to the full stop. even though it was not frequent it’s a problem that has to be taken care of in future revisions. The CX90 PHEV’s default is an EV setting, which means it’ll feel like an EV at the beginning. But, when the battery gets smaller or when you put your foot into the accelerator the engine with four cylinders will begin to fire, producing bumpy and undefined behavior. This change from EV to gas requires to be improved.

Like other Mazdas like Mazdas, the CX-90 has been designed to give an overall sporty ride with the PHEV version does not disappoint. The car is smooth however, it is a bit athletic. On bumpy roads, the family SUV appears more car-like, unlike any other crossover with three rows. The steering is well-balanced and weighted, and it provides a lot of feedback.

The hybrid powertrain of the plug-in hybrid isn’t like the standard one. It’s also not as smooth. When you’re driving at low speeds there’s a lot of a stutter while tipping in or out of the throttle. There’s also the occasional sound of the engine occasionally. The four-banger isn’t the most pleasant sound in the midst of a full-throttle However, the overall PHEV is a lot quieter than the six-cylinder at high speed and when you’re cruising.

Naturally, the hybrid plug-in can run solely on battery power and relies solely on the electric motor of 173 horsepower for propulsion. The estimated EV range of the EPA is 25 miles and we got 26 miles with 75 mph when we tested. It takes just a step on the accelerator to prevent the engine. The EPA suggests that after the battery is fully drained the CX-90 PHEV should be able to average 25 mpg. It’s similar to the six-cylinder. Therefore, if you’re not careful regarding plugging it into the battery, you may not get much benefit from fuel efficiency in comparison to the I-6.

But, plugging it in will recharge the battery fast (just more than two hours) due to the robust 7.2-kW battery onboard, and there’s a button on the console that allows the battery of the drive to recharge in the course of travel by the engine up to a specified percentage, or completely.

There are two options for regenerative braking: Normal and High. However, there is a slight difference. To switch between the two, you must go into the settings menu on the screen however, it is likely that the driver will set the preference once, and not revisit it. In any case, the brakes can be a bit nimble at lower speed, however stopping below 70mph required just 166 feet. This is a fantastic outcome.


Pricing starts at $39,595 with CX-90. CX-90 3.3 Turbo Select. The 2024 Mazda CX-90 PHEV model starts at $47,445 for the Preferred trim. The 3.3 Turbo S starts at $51,750. It reaches $59,950 when you purchase the 3.3 Turbo S Premium Plus. Mazda offers a one-time $1,375 charge for the destination of all CX-90s. Three-row SUVs are able to accommodate either seven or six people.