2024 Lincoln Corsair Hybrid: Review, Specs & Price

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2024 Lincoln Corsair Hybrid: Review, Specs & Price When it first came out it was a disappointment. The Lincoln Corsair Hybrid’s engine didn’t surprise us, and even with 266 horsepower however, it’s been slipping into the lower ranks since rivals have progressed while the Corsair does not. The Corsair Hybrid is a good performer and has a lot of power, however, an Audi Q5 Hybrid is quicker and smoother, while its rivals like the Volvo XC60 Recharge and Lexus NX plug-in hybrids beat the Corsair by a wide margin on an electric-only drive the range. Hybrid powertrains are only offered on the costly Grand Touring flagship trim, which is why, with an MSRP of $54k the cost of the 2024 Lincoln Corsair Hybrid puts it into the spotlight of highly skilled premium competitors. If it was available in a less expensive trim it would have been possible to argue for the Corsair, however, there are many rivals available that are available in the USA today that give the same level of quality and performance. This isn’t to say that Corsair isn’t worth a look. Corsair has no merits as it has a luxurious design, stylish finish with a refined appearance, as well as excellent efficiency, but it’s increasingly difficult to advocate its value at the moment.

2024 Lincoln Corsair Hybrid Design
2024 Lincoln Corsair Hybrid Design


Its 2024 Lincoln Corsair Hybrid receives a facelift and features a much bigger waterfall grille as well as wings-shaped daytime run lights as well and a redesigned front fascia. The only trim that is hybrid gets the satin-metallic trim on the exterior and blue accents on the exterior, and an alternative model of manufactured 20-inch alloy when you decide to go up to the 19s standard. Inside, the controls for climate inside the central console have been updated, and there are two interior colors, Eternal Red and Smoked Truffle. The newly designed 13.2-inch touchscreen for infotainment is being offered throughout the Corsair collection and includes the hybrid. Lincoln’s Active Glide hands-free driving feature is available for the first time in Corsair Hybrid. Corsair Hybrid this year.

The Lincoln Corsair luxury SUV boasts a stunning interior. The driver as well as the passenger will enjoy a pleasant journey thanks to the extremely comfy heating front seats. Wood trims are available to enhance the cabin’s beautiful ambiance. The high-quality, adjustable front seats provide comfort during long journeys. Rear passengers also enjoy luxurious seats with heated outboard seats. It’s a smooth ride and the cabin is quiet and there’s ample space in the rear row to accommodate three adults.

It also has plenty of room for storage: up to 27.6 cubic feet when all seating is in place. It can also be 57.6 cubic feet in a row. This means that the Corsair offers more space for cargo on the rear of the row behind than the Volvo XC60 or Porsche Macan. Additionally, it offers greater cargo space by having the second row lower in comparison to the Audi Q5 or Porsche Macan or the Audi Q5.

The standard 2024 Lincoln Corsair information system comprises a 13.2-inch screen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and two smart charging USB ports as well as satellite radio, navigation, and a 10-speaker audio system. The available features include wireless charging as well as a high-end Revel sound system.

Corsair’s system for infotainment is more user-friendly than the Acura RDX as well as the Lexus NX (The NX was revamped in 2024 and the latest version is much more user-friendly than its older version.) The Corsair is also equipped with a bigger screen than both models, though the NX has an additional 14-inch display.

Its 2024 Lincoln Corsair was awarded the highest five-star rating by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Additionally, it received the top score in nearly every crash test that is conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) The only exception is an upgraded side crash test where this vehicle scored the second highest rating.

The standard safety features are auto emergency braking, forward collision warning as well and rear parking sensors. adaptive cruise control and lane-centering aid and traffic sign recognition. blind-spot alert, and back cross-traffic alert. Additional safety options include surround cameras that can be automated to reverse the brakes as well as activeGlide 1.2 hands-free driving system, activeGlide 1.2 hands-free driver system, and front-facing parking sensors.

Even in its simplest Premiere model, it is clear that the Corsair provides a luxurious living space. Front seats that can be adjusted with power, two-zone climate control with automatic zones, and a proximity keyless entry system with buttons for start and stop are available. The infotainment control panel includes a large 13.2-inch touchscreen.

While they have some of the most legroom in the second row (38.6 inches) in the class the seats that slide in the second row are able to move forward and back. This means they could provide up to a half foot more rear legroom. They also increase capacity in the cargo space in the rear, which, with 27.6 cubic feet is more than the average of the segment. It’s significantly larger than the Cadillac XT4’s 22.5 cubic feet, however, it’s not quite as big as Acura’s 29.5 cubic feet. With the second-row seats folded down, the total storage space for cargo is 57.6 cubic feet. This is a bit smaller than The RDX’s 58.9 cubic feet but more than the following models: XT4 (49.9), Genesis GV70 (56.9), as well as an Audi Q5 (54.0).

Lincoln went the extra mile to collaborate with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to record an auditory series. These alerts replace typical electronic warnings in other vehicles, with soothing melodious sounds. It’s a nice addition. In all, it’s a great car. Corsair is a comfortable little SUV.

We’re huge fans of Corsair’s elegant exterior. We’ll admit it: a lot of SUVs of this type are similar. Indeed, designers of SUVs have the difficult task of distinguishing their vehicles from a myriad of other SUVs. But, Corsair stylists managed to make an SUV that’s attractive, practical, and even a little distinct. We are grateful for their work.

2024 Lincoln Corsair Hybrid Interior
2024 Lincoln Corsair Hybrid Interior

Specs and Performance

Its Corsair Hybrid sticks closely to the Lincoln model in terms of luxury and comfort and generally provides a luxurious driving experience. The body control may not be as neat as the German SUV, however, the ride well-being is superb due to the Adaptive suspension and even the 20-inch alloys. The handling prowess is doubtful importance in this category as Lincoln prefers to focus on comfort however it has to be stated that a Q5 Hybrid is more fun to drive. Its transmission is smooth and the noise level is low while the brakes seem stable and simple to operate for everyday driving. However, cracks begin to appear the moment you start pressing. The sluggish steering appears and brakes can get tangled when you’re trying to stop fast. What’s worse is the rough and blunt tone that the four-pot with a large capacity springs to the air when it’s needed. This happens quite frequently since the only electric drive is sluggish, while the gas engine is able to signal that it’s time to move whenever you turn it on. The car is certainly not bad but when it’s driven in a relaxed manner and with a relaxed attitude, everything works well and is a pleasure to drive, however, expanding the powertrain reveals its flaws when compared with other vehicles.

2024 Lincoln Corsair Hybrid Release Date
2024 Lincoln Corsair Hybrid Release Date


The base price of the brand-new Lincoln Corsair Hybrid SUV is $53,885, but that’s only on the Grand Touring trim – the only version with the hybrid motor. The price will be contingent on what you can add to the vehicle however, the car is fully equipped. Remember that this is MSRP and does not include the $1,395 charge for the destination.