2024 Lincoln Corsair Colors: Exterior Colors & Interior Colors

2024 Lincoln Corsair Colors: Exterior Colors & Interior Colors – Although 2024 is a mere revision on this model, Lincoln Corsair, it’s a relatively robust version. The Corsair loses its engine and gets BlueCruise as well as an interior makeover with an updated infotainment display that runs the latest version of Sync 4. Corsair could be the best-selling Lincoln and it’s competing with several big-sellers with respect to dimensions and cost. Pick your favorite from the Corsair, the Cadillac XT4, Audi Q3, Lexus NX, or the BMW X1, just to pick a handful of them that are due to be followed by Alfa Romeo’s latest Tonale that is a match very well with the infant Lincoln.

2024 Lincoln Corsair New
2024 Lincoln Corsair New

Much like the rest of its category, its basic engine is a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder that can produce 250 hp and 275 pounds of torque. The previous version was a 2.3-liter version that was apparently not very popular.


In 2024, the sole alternative would be the plug-in hybrid version that will be available in 2024 and produces a respectable (and transferable) 266 horsepower. In contrast to the Escape PHEV which it is based on, the Corsair plug-in Corsair is available with all-wheel drive. With only 16 additional horsepower than the 2.0T and over 560 extra pounds of weight to propel it, it relies on the quick torque from the electric motors in order to move on the road with aplomb. Lincoln provided us with the option to test either the regular turbo-four or the PHEV version during our short excursion within the Corsair and we chose the plug-in option to ensure symmetry in the 2021 trip.

Like most midcycle upgrades, certain external styling elements were changed or removed. The grille has a higher height (and therefore more expansive) and is enclosed at the bottom with the new horizontal protrusion. The models with PHEV have a metal foiling effect that is reflected on the grille’s mesh. On the back, there’s nothing to worry about.

The dash inside has been revamped around a brand new 13.2-inch touchscreen operating Sync 4.0. Alongside an upgraded interface for users (more about that in the future), it also contains all the control for climate and media that used to be knobs and buttons on Lincoln’s central stack. The only thing that’s left on the now slender screen is one knob to adjust the volume, as well as other automobile controls such as the max defrost feature as well as auto stop/start, and danger light. Start/stop buttons have also moved to be next to the keys for the piano transmission. In all this, Lincoln managed to make access to the expanded media storage bin more accessible.

One of the biggest changes that will be made to the 2024 Corsair is the inclusion of Lincoln’s highway hand-free driving suite. It was initially launched on the Navigator and later dubbed “ActiveGlide,” the system is now changed to Lincoln BlueCruise for 2023 to be in line with Ford’s nomenclature (and possibly since “ActiveGlide” was a silly name). Particularly, it’s BlueCruise 1.2 that’s the current version being released across Ford’s entire lineup. I wasn’t able to thoroughly test it on the Corsair however, I recently tested the latest versions in the Ford Mustang Mach-E running the identical software. I’m delighted to announce that the software performs exactly as it says Expect a future report to provide more details on this.

Corsair is positioned in Corsair’s U.S. market where PHEV alternatives aren’t the norm instead of the standard. The Corsair has a low power rating in comparison to its slightly bigger competitors like the 304 horsepower Lexus NX 450+ and the 362-hp Audi Q5 PHEV. The Audi Q5 also doesn’t have the range of electric in the NX which is only 28 miles of range on a recharge versus 37. The rumors suggest that the upcoming Alfa Romeo Tonale PHEV will be a good match with the NX PHEV, offering a comparable EV range (likely around 30 miles) however, it is an enthusiast-focused package.

The Corsair motor is capable of city traffic, but the chassis is more geared towards the comfort of commuting rather than tearing through back roads. In the time he tested this 2021 Corsair, News Editor Joel Stocksdale spoke of its suspension options being “particularly soft and somewhat firmer” and nothing has changed. The interior is also quite quiet even for a hybrid. And it’s quiet enough for a car similar to the Escape that isn’t at all far from any external noise. The 2.5-liter gasoline engine isn’t making any particularly pleasant sounds; however, the Hornet (and in turn, Tonale) has the benefit of a turbocharger, which dampens the incoherent rumbling of its small four-pot. A clear reference to the Corsair’s basic underpinnings is the seat position.

It’s not like there’s anything other than the usual business of life to report about the chassis, which means we can be focused on the 2024 Corsair’s major interior update which is the all-new Sync 4 infotainment system. One of its strengths is its speed and responsiveness, as well as the attractive, flexible screen design. It takes advantage of the widescreen format and screens are able to be changed in size to allow for several features to function at the same time. The controls for the climate that previously was located below the screen are now located within it and are located at the bottom of an inch to make it easy to access them anytime.

The radio tuning interface, as an illustration, is shown below. When you press to scroll manually through stations and stations, the UI changes focus on the selection of stations. This is fine by itself however once the focus shifts, stations’ icons as well as the controls for tuning change. If you’re trying to change the station when you’re in motion, you’ll need be look at the screen twice to locate the tune button to start all over. Also, it’s not just that there’s nothing to feel physically and feel, you also need to search UI elements on the screen in a bizarre game of whack-amole. What kind of person thought that this would be a great concept?

2024 Lincoln Corsair Interior
2024 Lincoln Corsair Interior

Specs and Performance

A 250 horsepower 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine is the base engine of the Corsair it is available in the Standard and Reserve trim. An eight-speed auto transmission is common, as is front-wheel drive. All-wheel drive is an additional cost. Our tests showed that the all-wheel drive Corsair that had the turbo-four engine was able to achieve the 60-mph speed in 6.1 minutes. The Corsair’s main rivals, such as the Q5 as well as the Porsche Macan are quicker and more enjoyable to drive. Plug-in hybrid models combine the 2.5-liter four-cylinder motor with an electric motor and the continuously variable transmission (CVT) with all-wheel drive. On our test, we found that the PHEV model was able to achieve an impressive 7.0-second 60-mph speed from zero, but we were not impressed by the unrefined sound of the engine.

Based on the EPA The front-wheel drive version that comes with a turbo-four can be rated with 22 mpg city, and 29 mpg for highway use If you choose to go with all-wheel drive lowers the city mileage by one percent. In our tests of an all-wheel-drive model on our 75-mph highway route for fuel efficiency, the car clocked 30 milliliters per gallon. The EPA declares that the plug-in hybrid model –which we’ve not yet tried–will offer as much as 28 miles of electric-only driving distance and is certified to deliver 34 mpg city, and 32 mpg for highway.

2024 Lincoln Corsair Changes
2024 Lincoln Corsair Changes


Another update is coming that will cover 2024, and that’s the price. As MSRPs are exploding throughout the market it’s no wonder that Corsair’s new design coincides with higher costs. Each trim increases by approximately $2,000, with the price of the base model which has increased to $41,085. We’re glad we have a new design that was a part of the new model. In all, our stuffed Grand Touring tester rang the toll at close to $60,000. Similar to the Escape upon which it’s built, the Corsair is more expensive when you add choices. With a base cost of $55,280 Grand Touring (which is PHEV-only) costs a lot. 2024 Lincoln Corsair Colors

Exterior Colors

  • Asher Gray Metallic Clearcoat
  • Ceramic Pearl Metallic Tinted Clearcoat
  • Crystal Red Metallic Premium Clearcoat
  • Infinite Black Metallic Clearcoat
  • Pristine White Metallic Tri-Coat –
  • Red Carpet Metallic Tinted Clearcoat
  • Silver Radiance Metallic Clearcoat
  • Whisper Blue Metallic Clearcoat

Interior Colors

  • Ebony
  • Ebony/Cashew
  • Ebony/Eternal Red
  • Ebony/Smoked Truffle
  • Sandstone