2024 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition

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2024 Lincoln Continental Coach Door EditionThis is the one American automobile you could buy factory ordered and collect in a dealership with body construction completed by an individual coachbuilder similar to luxury cars such as Lincolns and Duesenbergs were often at the time classics The Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition.

2024 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition
2024 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition


In response to demand from the public, Lincoln is bringing back the rear suicide doors of the Continental to 2020 models following the initial batch of 2019MY that consisted of 80 vehicles that sold in less than the first 48 days. This Coach Door Edition starts out as the most expensive Black Label trim equipped with the 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo motor and all-wheel drive. Then Lincoln adds doors that open from the center and also makes other adjustments within the luxurious cabin.

Although the standard Black Label trim with the 400 hp, 400 lb-ft motor, and AWD cost just under $77,000 with options, the 2024 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition retails for the hefty sum of $115,470. You can select one of Infinite Black, Pristine White Metallic, or Chroma Crystal Blue exterior colors as well as a Monochromatic Package in the event that they choose the white or black shades. Inside, you can choose between the option of an Alpine or Chalet theme, or a Jet Black / Thoroughbred theme However, neither of these can be found in blue with the exterior shade.

The doors that are suicide-proof are definitely one of the highlights however, the changes in the interior are remarkable. The entire center console of this luxury car includes an area for the rear of passengers as well as two holders that can be used to store a tablet, a notebook, and a Wireless charging pad. People who are seated in the back are also able to use the 2 USB ports or an outlet for 110V and the 4-inch LCD gives them access to temperature control options.

In order to make it worthwhile The 2024 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition also stands apart from the standard Continental due to its unique badge on the massive central console at the rear. Sills for the rear of doors that are illuminated and made of aluminum and a secured through storage area and back-door mounted umbrella complete the improvements.

The coach-built Lincolns do not come with Bentley quality customized. They’re part of Lincoln’s best-selling Black Label trim series and can only be limited to two or three colors and trim designs available for the “cookie-cutter” factory-finished cars. The “Chalet” theme combines off-white leather for the seats as well as the lower dash door panels, and the center console. It is complemented by espresso for the door and dash upper and armrests as well and the contrast piping is adorned with dark Silverwood trim. “Thoroughbred” accents a mostly white interior, complemented by chestnut aged “Belmont” leather on the dash, door, and console’s upper surfaces, which are trimmed in the burled Chilean Maple wood.

Color choices for the exterior included Infinite Black (45 percent of the construction) and Chroma Crystal Blue (30 percent), Pristine While Metallic (18 percent) A one silver vehicle was constructed.

The black vehicle we tested included the Thoroughbred interior. It’s significantly more somber as the Chalet and also the dark dye that covers the Belmont accent leather, which is intended to bring back the saddles of equestrians – read to us as the Naugahyde used to cover on off-brand Barca loungers during the ’70s. The burled maple looks exceptionally rich and is the most traditional/old-school of the trim options, but–especially paired with the chrome accents surrounding it–often reflects sun glare.

2024 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition Interior
2024 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition Interior


This is an area that was updated from the year the year 2019 until 2020. The two began by affixing all of the armrests that are pull-down that are found on Continental Black Label models equipped with the $3,000 rear Seat Amenities Pack to the rear console. This includes temperature and sound controls as well as the switches to open the sunroof, back window sunshades, cups that pop out, as well as a storage bin. This fixed structure can be stowed on top of the bench seat, making it the model for four passengers (blanking plates block the spaces in the center of where the shoulder belt, as well as the upper middle LATCH tethers, would be).

The 2020 trunk’s armrest storage bin is equipped with the Qi Wireless charging pad. A padded panel that covers the door to the trunk is secured with Velcro bolts, and once removed, can function as a table for laps. The pass-through door is now accessible via the stowage compartment, which is locked. It is affixed to the trunk and is elevated over the floor of the trunk, ensuring the trunk mats that are used for accessories fit with no modification. On the two sides of the console, there are modern knobs that can be employed to hang bags or takeaway lunch bags. The front portion of the console has an aluminum sleeve that is designed to fit (but not always chill) a champagne bottle. It has a beautiful lid that has a cork seal encased with the same burled oak wood. Then there’s an insulated bin with an outlet for power at 110 volts with three prongs (new in 2020) as well as two USB-A connectors. Two slots can be used to accommodate tablet or slim laptop computers. They’re not brand novel, however, they differ from the designs featured within the Coach Door concept vehicle we featured last year, and they could look fresh.

Some long-wheelbase vehicles have multiple options to adjust the cushion and seatback as well as footrests and such, however, Lincoln sticks to the basics with a simple backrest angle adjustable by 3 degrees. This places the upper part of the backrest forward or to the side by 2.8 inches in total. Passengers in the right seat also have the choice of increasing their space by moving their forward seat, or just the backrest away from the. This is all included in the $3000 amenities package that comes with the base model, as are the adjustable headrest sides wings, the three-stage seat cooling and heating as well as a massage option that can be adjusted to high or low intensity on the backrest and cushions for the seat. They may not perform more tricks than they do in other luxury cars however they are extremely comfortable as well. The Revel audio system plays great in this car. In a further tribute to the doors that hinge backwards that came from Goodwood every back door has a small Lincoln-branded umbrella.

The entire upholstery was put on the back doors and also the tiny area that lies behind them, which includes the glass that is fixed on the rear side and the Alcantara headlining as well as the rear side of the console are crafted with Cabot Coach Builders with flawless stitching, and there is no sign of pulling or stretched in order to be perfect be a perfect fit. However, it appears that it was never a priority to duplicate or carry on the French stitching used on the factory-installed Belmont leather doors. The wood lid on the cooler’s bottle design isn’t in line with the wooden console around it. This is a missed opportunity (unless there was a mistake in swapping the lid on our car with one of a different model.).

2024 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition Release Date
2024 Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition Release Date

Release Date and Price

Lincoln has already begun taking requests for 2024’s Continental Coach Door Edition and continues to accept orders until the end of October. Around 150 vehicles will be produced, and deliveries to customers are scheduled for this spring.

The $118,960 cost certainly offers a substantial discount from the $314,000 starting cost of the most affordable Ghost vehicle however, this Coach Door Continental never thoroughly changes the feeling of its predecessor’s less than $80,000 cost. But it’s undeniably cool-looking outside and large enough inside to transport all but the tallest passengers in immense comfort, so perhaps the discerning luxury customer wishing to buy American might yet be able to convince Cabot or another coachbuilder to pull out all that commodity carpeting and leather and go to town with some unique color-to-sample wool rugs, leather upholstery with contrast stitching and piping, and book-matched/mirror-matched wood for WAY less than the $200K that separates this Conti from that Ghost. The buyer will surely never have to be concerned about turning up in the Hamptons or having a valet park near a car similar to the one.