2024 Kia Telluride X Pro: Review, Specs & Price

2024 Kia Telluride X Pro: Review, Specs & PriceKia has also made a couple of changes to 2023 Telluride including two additional trim levels in the Telluride collection including the X-Line as well as the X-Pro. These are more alternatives that can be added to some of the trim levels currently available for more robustness. The X-Line is available in three trim levels: EX, SX, and SX Prestige The X-Pro is available only with SX Prestige. SX as well as the SX Prestige.

2024 Kia Telluride X Pro
2024 Kia Telluride X Pro

The X-Line comes with a slightly greater ride height, as well as an improved traction control system in order to aid the Telluride navigate through difficult terrain. The exterior also gets some style tweaks like an attractive grille, body-color door handles, bridge-like roof rails, and 20-inch wheels. The stance is lifted, giving the Telluride X-Line 8.4 inches of clearance from the ground, 0.4 inches more than the standard Telluride. It improves departure and approach angles slightly however it is still within the discussion with the similar outdoorsy Subaru Ascent (8.7 inches). The XPro’s all-terrain tire is the primary reason behind the additional capabilities, and they’re wrapped in 18-inch black painted wheels. In addition, it is the X-Pro comes with a 110-volt power inverter to the cargo compartment and boosts the capacity of the Telluride’s tow weight from 500 lbs to a max of 5,500 pounds, thanks to an upgraded motorized fan that provides better cooling of the engine.

In addition to the two trims, the rest of the Telluride range is updated with a brand new set of display options, including one of which is for the instrument panel, and one to display the infotainment system each measuring 12.3 inches and placed in a row on an upgraded dashboard. The new infotainment screen comes with the standard model, while the bigger display on the instrument panel is only available to SX models or higher. Kia is also updating certain driver assist systems in the Telluride and has made smart speeds warning (a system that alerts drivers to changes in speed limits, and then slows the car when necessary) available as a standard feature, along with front-collision avoidance that operates at intersections and tracks traffic coming in with an additional option. The Telluride also has an updated Highway Drive Assist system that will automatically change lanes when the driver presses the turn signal as the system is in operation, it’s also standard on SX as well as the higher. To finish off the package, there’s a revamped front and rear design.


These modifications only increase the appeal of the SUV and make keep it the ideal choice to buy a 3-row SUV. Some other options to think about are the well-known Honda Pilot, the Hyundai Palisade (it’s similar to Telluride) Telluride) as well as the spacious Volkswagen Atlas. See our Test Team’s Expert Rating here for complete details about Telluride’s quality, comfort, and others.

The 2024 Kia Telluride X Pro setup isn’t an innovative off-road option to be used on the Telluride. The Telluride is not as appealing to buyers as it was once. Yet, the Telluride remains an impressive choice in the field of competitive three-row SUVs for families.

It’s very smooth to drive. It’s spacious and comfortable inside. It can do everything you require a family vehicle to perform without hassle and doesn’t make you feel like you’ve been sacrificing or accepted a compromise. The Telluride will be a regular on our top cars to purchase list and is a safe bet that will keep it for years to take.

Honda was all in when it came to its Pilot TrailSport, building it into a more off-roader than anyone would think. Kia didn’t do this through its Telluride X-Pro package. It’s more of an off-road-appearance-for-looks thing — and a subtle one at that. The added ground clearance is not visible to the untrained observer. The off-road cladding is there as well as the tires that look a bit knobby and attractive. However, if not for the subtle X-Pro graphic on the rear of the car and in the seat it would have been difficult to think it was an X-Pro version.

2024 Kia Telluride X Pro Interior
2024 Kia Telluride X Pro Interior


Its Telluride X-Pro does not drive in a different way than the normal Telluride The all-terrain tires were not uncomfortable or heavy and that’s an excellent feature. The Telluride is great. It’s not the kind that one would take to the Nurburgring. However, I took it along the curvier, more long roads I usually keep for sporty cars and it was surprisingly good.

The Telluride has a light, agile feel. It provides a much more precise and straight turn around corners than you would think of from a 3-row child hauler that doesn’t feel rigid or too tuned to that. It was easy and enjoyable to drive in the 95 percent of driving time you usually do in the family car, though it wasn’t a bit enthralling.

The only issues I had were minor. I would describe this naturally exhilarating V6 as acceptable rather than thrilling; thoughts of Kia drop of the beloved Stinger GT’s 3.3-liter turbocharged V6 into Telluride Telluride are likely to remain as this. I found that the lane centering was an aggressive and overly eager nanny which is why I turned it down in a sub-menu.

The interior of the car was an improvement from the first Telluride It was spacious comfortable, practical, and was an expensive vehicle. This is still true after the refresh. One of the biggest differences with 2023’s Telluride comes from the touchscreen with a new curvature display that’s tech-forward and high-end. However, you’ll still have tactile knobs and buttons to control the climate and stereo controls, which makes it easier to use.

When you purchase the SX Prestige trim, you receive beautiful Nappa leather seating. In the course of an hour driving, they began automatically adjusting the lumbar position to ease my lower back This is a great option for those who are in their 30s but over the threshold of purchasing a Telluride. When you buy SX Prestige, the second-row seats can also be equipped with a heater and air conditioning regardless of whether my children in car seats were not able to enjoy these features.

We’ll start by looking at the door’s driver’s side panel. The tiny bit of dark wood and chrome trim around the door make sense and looks great and has a rugged, solid feel however the cubby in the back is a bit sloppy and it’s not enough space. I’m very excited about the system’s sound, however.

The combined screen is gorgeous and curvaceous. It can be used as a touchscreen or utilize the buttons that are quick for items you require access to frequently, rather than having to hunt through the display. Wireless charging is available, as well as a USB device, USB-C, and 12 voltages (plus an additional USB-C port in the console). This 2024 Kia Telluride X Pro has heated seats as well as four (yes there are FOUR) cub holders that are within the reach of the driver. Tellurides are a top-quality car with great technology. I’m constantly impressed by Kia’s safety features. Kia. So, TLDR? Still loving the Telluride certainly.

It’s the first step: there’s knee room for those who have been riding since the days in the past (plus two pockets on the back of the leather). Cup holders are located in the middle console, and USB-C ports along the side of the seats in front for easy and quick access for the second-row passengers. I like the back and front sunroofs… But above all, I adore the vents on the ceiling (you already know that these are essential in my opinion). The control for the climate is located at the ceiling level, something I’m not entirely sure of (since the majority of kids will not have the ability to access it). One thing that I am a fan of is Built-in sunshades.

The seats aren’t exactly the comfiest, they’re firmer, but they’re comfortable and roomy. Additionally, the armrests that can be adjusted offer extra relaxation. It is important to remember the fact that the bench seat is only available at the bottom grade.

Overall, I’m awed by how big the second row of seats is. This creates a fantastic vehicle for families that are on the lower end of the spectrum.

I’ll be honest the product isn’t perfect, but it does disappoint at times, particularly from a car-seat standpoint. Access isn’t the best (there’s no tilt for the car seat) However, it has buttons high and low that allow you to move seats from the second row to return to the seat (which I love for kids). I’m impressed by the features: ceiling vents, lights, cup holders, and two USB ports on both sides. It’s just that I wish I had a bit more room.

The chairs of the captains have two lower anchors and two Tether anchors. There is a bench that includes lower anchors that are off-center as well as two anchors for tethers. In the third row, there are anchors lower in the middle seat which are not in the center. The bench is very low, making it difficult to install properly. There’s no problem getting three car seats inside the Telluride however it’s certainly difficult.

2024 Kia Telluride X Pro Design
2024 Kia Telluride X Pro Design

Specs and Performance

The 2024 Kia Telluride X Pro product is not as obvious to warrant its own EPA rating. What’s the downside? The basic Telluride isn’t the only one with poor efficiency in the fuel tank. It’s estimated to be 21 mpg in the combined mode and 18 mpg when driving in the city (where it’s likely that you’ll be running a lot as a parent). Kia is reportedly jumping right into the size of EV9 instead of offering an energy-efficient Telluride choice.

It’s not an issue in and of itself; Kia’s Kia Telluride is on par with its not terribly economical rivals. It does however leave an opportunity that could be used to sell an upgrade to the Highlander Hybrid and its compelling 35-mpg mpg attractiveness.

The 2024 Telluride has been upgraded to mechanical components, such as its large wheelbase, huge V-6 engine as well as its auto transmission. With the largest 20-inch wheels that are fitted to nearly every trim level and model, the Telluride is composed, of a comfortable ride and strong acceleration.

The Telluride has front-wheel drive, and all-wheel drive is available in almost every model. Tellurides equipped with X-Line and X-Pro packages need an all-wheel-drive configuration in conjunction with them. Kia’s simple all-wheel drive system can be configured to divide power 50:50 among both the rear and front end with speeds up to 40 percent. For the X-Line as well as the X-Pro Telluride, Kia changes both the rear and front ends to give better departure and approach angles. It could also allow it to more easily find its way on trails off-road, however, presumes that the majority of Telluride motorists are using these cars for much more than transfer to or from their weekend retreat.

The Telluride features a 3.8-liter V-6 engine with 291 horsepower and aims to perform faster than it currently is. It has to shift over 4,100 pounds — far greater than it is when you have added all-wheel drive as well as anything else from the extensive list of choices.

The 8-speed auto is tuned to keep the powerful V-6 at bay, however, it’s not shifting its gears as quickly so the huge three-row SUV is particularly swift in its own right, and driving on the highway could require large swathes of throttle. It’s quiet although it’s not equipped with the smooth roar of something as powerful as Honda’s V-6s. Nevertheless, it’s more refined as compared to the Subaru Ascent and its turbo-4 engine.

In the 2024 Kia Telluride X Pro reduce it is Telluride is able to pull up 5,500lbs.

What Telluride does well is in its ride quality. It’s not equipped with adaptive damping as do some costly SUVs, however, it offers outstanding ride control on big bumps. It’s quiet even on highways because of a great deal of noise dampening. The steering is smooth in the city and has just the right amount of mass. The consistent steering feel ride-motion control, and moderately fast acceleration give the Telluride an extremely well-integrated feel which can create the impression that it’s faster and more agile than it is.


The Telluride was once an SUV worth $60,000 that was topped out at the mid-$40,000s. The Telluride is a lot more affordable than that $60,000 luxury SUV. Its SX Prestige X-Pro trim works for $53,785, which is $55,120 if you include the delivery charge.