2024 Kia Telluride SX-Prestige: Review, Interior & Specs

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2024 Kia Telluride SX-Prestige: Review, Interior & SpecsIts 2024 Kia Telluride three-row SUV, which is already an extremely popular model, received several important and helpful changes for the model year to make the vehicle even more attractive. New styling, upgraded technology, and convenience options, along with the introduction of new, robust trim packages are factors to consider taking another look at the great price for a reliable family-friendly crossover.

2024 Kia Telluride SX-Prestige Design
2024 Kia Telluride SX-Prestige Design

All of this is part of what has already made the Telluride the top three-row family SUV and will continue to be so until 2024. It’s an extremely practical and spacious vehicle with 3 rows of seats large enough to accommodate adults. This isn’t the norm in this category. It also has plenty of cargo space. The security tech actually functions very well and doesn’t irritate drivers (in actual fact, it could help make their lives better). The same is true for information technology. One of the biggest drawbacks is that there aren’t any options for powertrains. The engine is naturally aspirated and that’s all it is – either all-wheel or two-wheel drive. No hybrid options, no turbo options … just a solitary, solid-but-unextraordinary engine you get no matter what you’re willing to pay. If this is a problem or you’re willing to sacrifice some space, you should consider the Kia’s compact Kia Sorento which comes with plug-in and regular hybrids.


It is located just above it is the smaller Sorento SUV It is a three-row SUV. Telluride is Kia’s most powerful SUV. The Telluride first came on the market in the year 2019 and has since been updated to 2024’s model year. The new version has new front and rear fascias, and a new interior. There are two models–X-Line and the X-Pro. Both are designed for off-roading that is light.

The changes to the exterior are minimal. The signature headlight is now two horizontal lines and is not amber anymore, and the grille has been updated as well as the wheel styles. But, the Telluride retains its attractively styled blocky design, which I believe will allow it to get older quite nicely. The X-line model I tested had roof rails, a trim-exclusive 20-inch wheel as well as body-color door handles. Additionally, The Wolf Gray-painted exterior did a great job of hiding road dirt.

A dual, curved 12.3-inch display is possibly one of the major changes on the inside. Before, the Telluride had that ugly screen-tacked-on-top-of-the-dashboard look; now, it’s much cleaner and far easier to read. In addition, it has been redesigned to make the HVAC vents are now streamlined. Second-row passengers have the option of one of three bench seats or two chairs for captains Third-row passengers will get an all-bench configuration as their sole option.

Its powertrain remains unchanged. Its 3.8-liter naturally-aspirated V6 is the sole engine on offer and is coupled with an eight-speed auto that sends power toward the front wheel or all four wheels dependent on the trim that you pick.

However, even with the 8.4 inches of clearance, I wasn’t required to walk that much in order to access the Telluride. When it was at its most comfortable setting to accommodate a person with short legs like mine I didn’t have to take an enormous step which made entry and exiting the vehicle a breeze. When it comes to slow and in-town activities The Telluride features that thumping quality typical of luxury SUVs that are designed for comfort. Feedback from the inside is always smooth: soft brakes and light steering, a comfortable suspension, and smooth-running shifting of the transmission. The car isn’t slow at all, however, it has plenty of torque coming from the V6 to move it. It was not a single time did I feel that I could not move or merge in a safe manner. The camera’s 360-degree view helped parallel parking an easy task and visibility-due to the huge and tall windshield — was clean and free of obstructions.

The only place that the Telluride shined was on the highway. The transmission was parked its wheels in the eighth gear, and the engine swung quietly as it sat in the background. The decent NVH decreased the wind and road noise making the car a large and comfortable home that provided my guests with a comfortable seat and excellent napping. An air of comfort came from the Telluride and it seemed at ease to go for a drive, and not nothing could disturb it as performing this job. There’s the “eco” mode for more efficient driving. That’s the mode I was using during most of my lease. For the majority of my traveling on roads in the course of my journey, the vehicle’s computer for the trip showed an average speed of 22.8 miles per gallon.

As Kia/Hyundai’s product, it’s no surprise that the Telluride was equipped with the company’s top Highway Driving Assist system. When the cruise control for radar was in place and the lane-keeping feature activated it was all I had to do was maintain my fingers on the steering wheel and keep my eyes open as the vehicle did everything else. The car sat in the lane with all nearby cars and then smoothly adjusted the speed in line with the movement of the traffic.

2024 Kia Telluride SX-Prestige Interior
2024 Kia Telluride SX-Prestige Interior


The Telluride comes with a 12.3-inch touchscreen that sits on the dashboard as well as a 12.3-inch display for the instrument panel can be added. With the big displays, Kia hasn’t put all of Telluride’s control, like controls for the climate system as well as the temperature control, into the touchscreen. It’s a large, crisp, and simple-to-use display on top of the dial. Additionally, you have simple and clear knobs and climate controls along with the menu button that switches between different functions such as map, media, etc.

Like before, the positioning of the driver and the inside packaging of the Telluride is near perfect. The beltline and the dashboard are low and provide the driver to have a stunning view from the car, while the seats are comfy and roomy.

Kia refers to this as a mid-sized crossover, however, it’s huge inside. There’s ample space in the two rows. And the third row is able to comfortably accommodate large adults with no trouble. The headroom is ample even when you have the open-air moonroof. The seat adjustability is superb at all angles, and an innovative Massage “lumbar stabilization” function on the top trims can help ease discomfort in the front of the seat. The second-row captain’s chair can be ventilated and heated also.

Additional interior upgrades include a brand new rear-view mirror for cameras and a 360-degree camera with 3D views, as well as Nappa leather on the upper trims. Prior to this, top-of-the-line Tellurides were luxury models at regular prices. The 2024 model’s updated technology and accessories just serve to maintain that incredible quality-for-money proposition.

SX Prestige SX Prestige tops it all by:

  • High-end leather upholstery
  • Head-up display (displays vital information right in your view on the windscreen)
  • Second-row seats that are heated and ventilated
  • Heated steering wheel
  • 110-volt power outlet for the home.
  • Customizable ambient interior lighting

The optional towing package for both the EX and SX includes:

  • Self-leveling rear suspension
  • Tow hitch and the wiring harness for trailers
2024 Kia Telluride SX-Prestige Changes
2024 Kia Telluride SX-Prestige Changes


This 2024 Kia Telluride features a 3.8-liter V6 engine, which produces 262 pound-feet of torque. The transmission is automatic with eight speeds and front-wheel drive is the standard feature; all-wheel drive is an option.

This V6 has enough power to handle the demands of everyday driving. It can get the Telluride off the track and into town in an edgy way, while also allowing quick passing along the road, due in large part, due to its quick and efficient gear change. Its sprint from 0mph to 60 mph will take around seven minutes. There’s a chance you’ll be short for more power when you haul a large trailer however for the majority of situations the Telluride’s V6 motor is able to handle the load.

Kia’s Telluride model gets 20 mpg, according to the EPA estimate in city traffic and 26 mpg when driving which is the average efficiency for a mid-sized SUV. The estimates range from 18 to 24 highway/city mpg for models with all-wheel drive.

The Telluride is almost as a luxurious vehicle from inside the vehicle. Its suspension absorbs scratches and bumps on the road with incredible ease and does an excellent job at making sure the car is stable while driving around corners two things that don’t frequently go hand-in-hand. The steering feels solid and precise, while the Telluride is quite effortless to navigate into and out of crowded parking spots. The brakes are able to slow the SUV down smoothly. Overall it’s an extremely comfortable and easy vehicle to drive around in and out.

The Kia is just about the same off-road ability as an average crossover SUV that is it’s not much. It is able to navigate routes for access during the winter months and also occasionally, dirt trails with ease, thanks to its 8-inches in ground clearance (8.4 for models with X-Pro) All-wheel drive system, as well as All-terrain tires available. While it has a rugged appearance The Telluride does not have the tools to really get off the roadway, such as locking differentials, gearing with low range, and skid plates.

Kia Telluride Kia Telluride has a maximum towing weight of 5,500 pounds when equipped with the towing package that includes the self-leveling suspension in the rear (standard on X-Line models or X-Pro model). Other Telluride models can be able to tow up to 5,000 lbs.


The SX version costs $45,155 it can also be outfitted with the latest X-Pro package, which costs a total of $51,750. Alongside the X-Line improvements, the vehicle rides with 18-inch wheels that are wrapped in all-terrain tires. It also features a 110-inverter outlet within the cargo compartment to recharge or inflate recreational vehicles. The X-Pro version increases its capability to tow up to 5,500 pounds.

The 2024 Kia Telluride SX-Prestige AWD tops the lineup priced at $52,055, which is just $53,450 for the X-Line as well as $54,450 for the X-Pro. It comes with Nappa leather and a head-up screen, cooling and heated second-row seats, and a surround-view camera as well as Harman Kardon audio.