2024 Kia Telluride Configurations, Accessories, Color Options

2024 Kia Telluride Configurations, Accessories, Color OptionsThere’s no doubt this: it’s no secret that Kia Telluride is very popular. The moment the three-row Telluride first came to market, it quickly became our top SUV in 2020 for the year. In essence, Telluride offers plenty of features. There’s plenty of space available for passengers as well as cargo. It also is a great driver with smooth rides, and you can even choose a vehicle that allows you to take a few trips off-road. The vehicle isn’t perfect, however, it has lots to enjoy. One of its biggest plus aspects is the cost.

2024 Kia Telluride Changes
2024 Kia Telluride Changes

Now, barring any outrageous retailer markups–you could buy the 2023 Kia Telluride front-wheel drive LX trim for just under $40,000. If you consider some of the standard options and the space that the Telluride has to offer, it’s quite a bargain which is likely to be the reason this model is still so sought-after among car buyers. The bad news is that the 2024 Kia Telluride is getting a cost increase. It’s good to know that the price increase will be minimal.

To be fair 2024’s Kia Telluride isn’t a complete duplicate carryover from the model year 2023. The model has a few minor modifications to refresh the exterior design of the vehicle. However, it’s true that you’ll probably need to narrow your eyes to be able to discern the distinctions between the 2024 and 2023 versions. In terms of machinery, the 2024 version is actually in fact a carbon copy of the prior year’s. The 2024 Telluride keeps the exact Atkinson Cycle Lambda II 3.8-liter V-6 engine, which is good for 291 horsepower. The fuel economy remains typical, with 20/26/22 mpg in city, highway, and combined economy with front-wheel drive models. Trims with all-wheel drive can offer 18/24/20 mpg for highway, city as well as combined fuel efficiency.

The features and options will remain in place until 2024, too. Blind spot collision warnings are an option on all models along with the smart cruise control, which includes stop and go, as well as lane keep assistance. If you consider that the increases in price don’t surpass $430, it could be said that the Telluride is a decent value, despite the price increase.


The Telluride features a spacious, well-proportioned large, and practical interior, which is beautifully finished for the top models. It’s rated 9/10 for quality and comfort due to its outstanding third- and second-row seats as well as its storage space as well as comfortable seating in the front.

The base Telluride these seats can be adjusted independently. This is unusual when compared with other competitors particularly since the car is packed with options. Telluride S Telluride S gets a power driver’s seat, while the other models which cost more include seats with power at the front of the vehicle and heated and cooled seats at the front as well as in the second row.

The Telluride comes with faux leather trim that comes that can be trimmed with leather and in the SX-Prestige version, it is possible to trim with nappa-leather. The NHTSA offers Telluride five stars for overall safety and the IIHS declares it to be a top Safety Pick+.

Kia includes a variety of standard safety equipment for crash prevention inside every Telluride. An automatic emergency brake is provided along with the adaptive cruise control system, blind-spot monitors, and Active Lane Control. SX-Prestige Tellurides come with an all-around camera system with parking sensors as well as the capability to switch directions at the flick of a turn signal.

The front seats are great, the second-row seats are a lot more comfortable for those who are tall. The Telluride features large rear doors and provides a bench seat for three people as well as a couple of captain’s chairs. We’d pick the latter for a relaxing journey, as the second row’s so big and has plenty of legroom as well as headroom.

The third row is that things can get tight for taller people. Although the third row is more spacious than others, and while its seating bench can be adapted to taller passengers on short trips but it’s not as comfortable as the third row, for instance, in the Honda Pilot.

2024 Kia Telluride Interior
2024 Kia Telluride Interior

The Telluride features an impressive 21 cubic feet worth of cargo room behind the third row. Fold the third-row seatbacks away from the way and the space for cargo expands up to an impressive 46 cubic feet. Removing the seats of row two as well. The Telluride provides the equivalent of 87 cubic feet in cargo space. This is a little smaller than what you’ll find in the Pilot however, it’s similar to what that found inside the Ford Explorer.

What makes the Telluride shines is in the interiors, especially in cars that are above EX. Kia offers stylish hardwood trim and soft velvety leather on the most expensive Tellurides, and they do an impressive job in presenting an interior that appears superior to the cabins of other vehicles that have higher-end name brands.

The 2024 Kia Telluride has an available surround-view monitor. Six of Telluride’s models come with a surround-view display. The feature is standard on 2023’s Kia Telluride SX, which begins at $45,790.

The monitor with surround view helps make parking and driving offroad easy. It lets drivers easily move a three-row SUV of mid-size to and through tight spaces.

Kia Telluride S Kia Telluride S is the first version to come with a wireless phone charger. Its price for the Telluride S starts at $37,890. The wireless charger is standard on 9 of 10 Telluride options.

Wireless phone charging isn’t essential to use, but it’s a great option for those who want to reduce the number of charges in the vehicle. As the wireless charger is included on many Telluride Trims, Kia clearly recognizes the benefits of this option.

Parking has changed as it was a decade back. Nowadays, a lot of new cars have cameras to back up. For instance, 2024’s Kia Telluride SX is the first Telluride version to include regular rear and front parking sensors.

The Telluride SX begins at $45,790. The front and rear sensors permit drivers to park easily and not worry about the proximity of any other structures, vehicles, or objects. It’s probably the most effective parking option because it has a backup camera that operates in perfect harmony with rear cameras, reducing parking difficulties.

The 2024 Kia Telluride configurations come standard with a leather-trimmed seat trim. It’s the Kia Telluride EX and every trim that follows it comes with the luxury fabric. Additionally, in 2024, the Telluride EX starts at $41,590.

Leather trim on the seats adds an extra layer of elegance to the three-row SUV that is mid-sized. Anyone wouldn’t like an upscale interior of a family vehicle?

Its 2024 Kia Telluride comes standard with intelligent cruise control, including stop-and-go. This makes driving long distances with moderate traffic a breeze.

The cruise control system has changed throughout the decades. Technologies like smart cruise control revolutionized the experience for many drivers.

The majority of Kia Telluride models come with a steering wheel wrapped in leather. Therefore, even those who opt for the base trim will have a luxurious experience which many rivals don’t provide at this price.

A large part of the Kia Telluride’s alluring appeal is its close-to-luxury interior and its relatively affordable price. The leather-wrapped standard steering wheel is an excellent instance of the quality Telluride offers.

The 2024 Kia Telluride SX X-Line comes equipped with 12.3-inch double panoramic screens with the Kia Connect navigation system. According to Kia, the price starts at 49,285 dollars. Its SX X-Pro, SX Prestige, SX Prestige X-Line, and SX Prestige X-Pro also come equipped with 12.3-inch two-panel displays.

This is the central feature of Telluride the cabins with higher trim levels. The displays help make the middle of the three-row SUV seem modern and contemporary.

2024 Kia Telluride is here to challenge the Kia Telluride 2024 model. Models like those of the Toyota Grand Highlander and Mazda CX-90 are attempting to take over the Telluride. Are there any three-row mid-size SUVs that can surpass Telluride? Telluride?


The EPA rates the front-drive Telluride at 20 mpg for the city and 26 on the highway. It also scores 22 combined. If you have all-wheel drive, the figure is able to achieve 18/24/20 mpg.

Alternatives such as those in the Toyota Highlander Hybrid sip fuel with a combined efficiency of 35 mpg. There’s a possibility here, but Kia is planning to sell an electric vehicle called the EV9 next year.

The Telluride features a 3.8-liter V-6 engine with 291 horsepower and aims to make it faster than it actually is. The engine must move about 4,100 pounds, which is a lot higher than this when you include all-wheel drive and any of the many choices.

A 8-speed automated is set to keep the powerful V-6 under control, but it’s not able to change its gears as quickly and as a consequence, the three-row vehicle never is particularly swift when it comes to its feet. Moreover, the highway can be a challenge to navigate with massive swats. The engine is quiet although it does not feature the sweet snarl or rumble that Honda’s V-6s do However, it’s much quieter as compared to that of Subaru Ascent and its turbo-4 engine.

In the X-Pro reduce Telluride Telluride is able to pull up 5,500lbs.

The area where the Telluride stands out is its ride quality. It’s not equipped with adaptive damping as do some expensive SUVs, but it does have outstanding ride control on big bumps and is quiet when driving at high speeds because of a great deal of sound dampening. The steering wheel is very smooth and easy to navigate when driving while maintaining just the right amount of mass. The consistent steering feel ride-motion control, and moderately fast acceleration give the Telluride an extremely well-integrated feel which can appear as if it’s faster and more agile than it is.

2024 Kia Telluride Concept
2024 Kia Telluride Concept


The starting price of $37,355 Telluride LX comes with LED headlights, alloy wheels with 18 inches and synthetic leather seats, a 12.3-inch display, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as five USB ports. The all-wheel drive option costs the cost of $2,000.

A price of $39,225 Telluride S trim adds an electric driver’s seat, 20-inch wheels as well as heated front seats. second-row captain’s seats, as well as wireless charging for smartphones.

We’d suggest The Telluride EX. It costs $42,955. It comes with the heated seats in front, leather-upholstered upholstery the power tailgate is completely hands-free, and a wood trim.

The EX can be customized using X-Line trim. This includes all-wheel drive, a rooftop railing, a heated steering wheel diverse 20-inch wheels, as well as the clearance for the ground is 8.4 inches (up from 8.0 inches).

The price of $54,450 Telluride SX-Prestige X-Pro comes with all the trimmings from Nappa leather as well as Harman Kardon audio to a sunroof with heated and cooled second-row seats and a head-up display as well as a surround-view camera.

Color Options

Exterior Colors

  • Glacial White Pearl
  • Ebony Black
  • Midnight Lake Blue
  • Dawning Red
  • Wolf Gray
  • Everlasting Silver
  • Gravity Gray
  • Jungle Green
  • Dark Moss

Interior Colors

  • Black
  • Gray
  • Mahogany
  • Navy
  • Sage Green
  • Terracotta