2024 Kia Soul Release Date: When will the 2024 Kia Soul Be Available

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2024 Kia Soul Release Date: When will the 2024 Kia Soul Be AvailableIn the past decade in the past, the small and boxy hatchback market was flourishing. If you were searching for an unusual but functional vehicle then you could choose from an array of options including the Scion xB, Nissan Cube, Kia Soul, and the large, like an SUV Honda Element to choose from. The Soul is the only one that is left, and thanks to the midcycle refresh scheduled for 2023, it is losing some of the fun that made it appealing.

2024 Kia Soul Redesign
2024 Kia Soul Redesign

In its debut in 2020, the Third-generation Kia Soul took the boxy hatch and redesigned its design with sharper lines and a minimalist interior that includes distinctive design elements, as well as numerous useful basic options. In 2023, the Kia Soul builds on that advancement in some aspects however, it lags behind in other areas. The updated Soul is stripped of its distinct slim headlights and is replaced by modern-looking, larger lamps. It also eliminates the sporty GT-Line Turbo trim, and that includes the Soul’s turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

Even with these changes, it’s still a great car. Soul is a pricey compact car, which offers a lot of worth in terms of feature content as well as a large cabin and cargo space due to its bulky appearance. Since its cube-shaped counterparts are in extinction and the Soul is a main competitor to subcompact SUVs like those the Chevrolet Trailblazer, Hyundai Kona, and Mazda CX-30.


The Soul is equipped with a large storage area, which gives it greater cargo space than smaller SUVs. Although this model has a huge capacity (24.2 cubic feet) there’s a big gap at the top of the rear seat when they are folded down. This hinders the use of larger items.

Storage capacity is sufficient for students and includes lots of cubbies and bins for people in the front. The process of installing a car seat can be challenging despite having a spacious backrest — the anchors are set deep and may be hard to get access to easily. Access to Tethers that are located on the seatbacks in the rear is difficult by the bottom Soul trim due to its not-adjustable headrests on the rear.

From a purely ergonomic point of view from a design standpoint, the basic interior implies that there’s nothing to alter. Navigation through menus on touchscreens is simple thanks to the intuitive interface and physical buttons that perform high-level functions. The front seat can be adjusted in height and the wide variety of adjustments to the steering wheel make it possible for the needs of drivers of every size.

The high roof, as well as the wide doorways, make it easy to enter both the rear and front of this deceptively spacious cabin. The cabin has plenty of headroom as well as legroom both in the front and rear Four adults are sure to enjoy long drives. The windows in all rooms are high and slim, with the only exception being the tiny turned window that is in the back three-quarters view.

How is the tech? The Soul is equipped with lots of available and standard technology which all work perfectly. All trim levels have a large and built-in 10.2-inch touchscreen that is the main feature of the center console. Additionally, we love the Harman Kardon stereo system that has a great bass response as well as good audio quality throughout a wide range of styles. Apple CarPlay as well as Android Auto smartphone integration is the norm. Wireless charging is now available.

The Soul’s driver assist features have been consistently reliable and did not cause false alarms during our experience with the vehicle. We were especially pleased with the available adaptive cruise control as well as the lane-keeping feature.

Does the Soul offer a great price? It’s a good value. Soul is affordable even for an SUV that isn’t the smallest. It doesn’t have a lot of soft-touch material but it’s not expensive. The faux leather is at the top of the door in which your elbow rests The leather-wrapped steering wheel has a nice feel. It also has a lot of textures to break the black-and-white interior. The Soul’s worth is enhanced by the extensive list of equipment that is available as standard or optional which is a nice unexpected feature on a car that, even with all the features it comes with, isn’t far from $25k.

The Kia warranty is solid. The coverage extends from bumper-to-bumper for five years or 60,000 miles, and Kia guarantees the Soul’s engine for ten years or 100,000 miles. To give you extra security, Kia offers roadside assistance for up to five years or 60,000 miles.

The Soul utilizes its boxy form to benefit by offering ample interior and cargo space. Style is unique and distinctive and the Soul is proof that a car with a low cost is still fun stylish, vibrant, and useful. The acceleration is not great, however, the Soul can be fun to throw around corners, and it’s an enjoyable ride.

2024 Kia Soul Interior
2024 Kia Soul Interior


Acceleration from the 2.0-liter engine may be a bit not enough, however, the Soul is a joy to drive in the city. The steering is smooth, and the cornering capabilities are much better than we expected. Most of the time it’s a good feeling to drive a CVT is akin to the traditional auto.

The steering has a gentle effort, which increases in the event of a shift from central. The Soul is able to corner comparable to more sporty rivals including those of the Mazda CX-30 and Mini Countryman. Although the Soul is able to stop in panic circumstances, its only negative is the spongy brake pedal, especially at low speed, and it takes time to get familiar with. Contrary to some subcompacts the Soul isn’t equipped with all-wheel drive.

The seats in front are cozy even after being in a chair for hours. The back seatback angle of the rear seats can be fixed, however, it’s adjusted to a suitable angle. The ride is smooth and smooth, but not hard. Contrary to other models it isn’t a shivering beast. The soul does not shake and feel like it’s breaking in the event of driving over larger bumps.

When driving at highway speeds an upright windshield produces an obvious, but barely irritating degree of wind noise, and tire sounds are noticeable too. The engine that is synchronized with gearshifts isn’t droning at maximum speed as some CVT autos.

The EPA suggests that the Soul is able to achieve 30-31 miles per gallon in the combination of highway and city driving. It’s comparable with the vast majority of other competitors. But, we did find it challenging to reproduce the same results in real-world testing of driving. 2024 Kia Soul Release Date

2024 Kia Soul Price
2024 Kia Soul Price

Release Date and Price

Although we do not know the exact date of the release set, we can make a reasonable estimate. According to the automaker’s schedule earlier this year, it’s probable that the brand 2020 model year will be coming out towards the end of this summer. Since it’s a carryover model 2024’s Soul is expected to come with prices that are similar to the current model’s MSRP, which ranges from $21,215 up to $25,515.