2024 Kia Soul Redesign: What Are the Improvements For the Kia Soul 2024?

2024 Kia Soul Redesign: What Are the Improvements For the Kia Soul 2024? Kia Soul Kia Soul is a practical and fashionable subcompact SUV that has an impressive, modern interior that is priced at a reasonable cost. The pricing of 2024 is to begin at around $20,000.

2024 Kia Soul Design
2024 Kia Soul Design

The 2024 Kia Soul is a small SUV, but it has an impressive personality. It shows that you don’t need to shell out a lot of money to own a car that stands out from the rest of the pack. The shape of the car is boxy, which results in an impressively big interior for a car that’s this big, enhancing its practicality. The Soul comes with several of the most recent technology in safety and infotainment including a fully equipped model that is cheap. Its best feature is the outstanding guarantee. 2024 Kia Soul Redesign


As it was just given an extensive mid-cycle refresh in 2023, it’s unlikely to see any major changes in 2024’s model. Kia has redesigned the Soul at the time of its 2020 redesign and has had some minor changes over the past year. Because it’s relatively brand new and received an update to its visuals this year, it’s expected that 2024’s Kia Soul will continue in the 3rd generation and be released in the form of a carry-over model.

Since it was updated just recently We expect that the likelihood that the model of 2024 showing new design changes is very small. The 2023 Soul was updated on the front and rear fascias, which improved the overall appearance and also made the front more sleek.

The round, slim headlights connect with an elongated trim piece that displays the company’s logo as is the grille beneath, which is square and broad to the point of being natural. The flaming taillights of the boomerang accentuate the SUV’s subcompact and rectangular design. The side of the vehicle has some angle in them for aerodynamics.

The Soul The Soul, which received an overhaul in style for 2023, has a boxy look. It has a distinctive character that maximizes space inside, making reversing easy.

This smartphone connectivity feature makes it simple to connect the music you love, your maps, and much more, to the display within your car. These features are standard on all Kia Souls.

The base trim and all other models of the Soul include a 10.25-inch touchscreen that includes navigation and SiriusXM. This is a great upgrade from the basic 8-inch display.

Alongside improving audio quality, the optional audio system comes with a unique LED inside lighting that syncs to the music, creating an ambiance that is cool inside the Soul.

The GT-Line trim provides a sleek look to the Soul that features a distinct body design with a distinct front grille, an end exhaust, 18-inch alloy wheels, a flat bottom steering wheel, and an optional contrast roof.

A majority of the trims of the Soul come with wireless charging pads, which makes it simple to ensure that the battery inside your smartphone is charged up without tying wires.

The large interior is even more spacious by choosing the sunroof that is available.

Regular Kia Drive Wise features in the Soul include emergency brakes that are automatic as well as lane-keeping assistance as well as driver-attention warning. Safety tech options include blind-spot tracking including rear cross-traffic warning as well as lane-change assistance. intelligent cruise control based on navigation.

2024 Kia Soul Interior
2024 Kia Soul Interior


The build quality is good for the cost. The technology features are straightforward to operate We like the 10.25-inch touchscreen available on all trims, with the exception of the base trim. The optional Harman Kardon audio system adds light-based LED speakers and a distinct feature that looks great at night.

A further strength that the Soul has is its interior room. It’s a huge interior for a car of this size that has ample space for cargo and passengers. The rear legroom measures 38.8 inches. There’s 24.2 cubic feet of storage room between the seats behind and it increases to 62.1 cubic feet once the seats in the back are folded.

The numbers above give those numbers make the Soul among the biggest SUVs available in its class. There was plenty of space to stretch out in the rear seat and discovered that the huge cargo space was it was easy to load and unload.

2024 Kia Soul
2024 Kia Soul

Engine and Performance

Kia Soul Kia Soul is driven by a 147-horsepower four-cylinder engine that is paired with an automated transmission as well as front-wheel drive.

The Soul can be found in the city, with sufficient agility and acceleration, because of its tiny footprint. It was easy to park because of its compact dimensions. The Soul can handle the challenge of highway driving However, getting on and off the road requires a bit of patience.

The driving experience of the Kia Soul is excellent. Kia Soul is more sophisticated than what you would expect from an automobile with this kind of price. The interior isn’t expensive, but it’s certainly sufficient to be used for daily driving and long-distance driving. The sound of the roads within the cabin isn’t all that unpleasant, however, we did notice that the engine became noisy when we applied intense acceleration.

We’ve spent countless hours driving around and looking at the present collection of small SUVs, such as the Kia Soul.

The Soul is rated at 30 mpg in combined economy score in all models. The most powerful EX trim has a little more efficiency with a rating of 31 mpg.

As the turbo-powered option was eliminated after the 2023 refresh each Kia Soul features the same engine. It’s driven by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces the equivalent of 146 horsepower and 132 pounds of torque. The numbers listed are average for the base engines in the class. However, it has more powerful turbo options, but for a price that is higher.

Its engine is linked to an automatic CVT transmission, which sends power to the front wheels. Contrary to the majority of vehicles, AWD cannot be a choice.

All trims of the Soul have a combined fuel consumption of 30 mpg. The most powerful EX version is tuned differently, and it gets 31 mpg while maintaining a similar horsepower and torque rating.

Kia Soul Kia Soul comes with an initial warranty of 5 years/60,000 miles and a powertrain warranty of 10 years and 100,000 miles. This puts it in line with Hyundai for having the top guarantee in the class.