2024 Kia Soul Hybrid: Review, Range, & Price

2024 Kia Soul Hybrid: Review, Range, & Price If you’re looking to swap diesel or petrol for electric energy, the electric vehicle to make this transition as effortless as you can is the Kia Soul electric vehicle. As with a band’s challenging second album, the situation is harder for Soul EV, this time. Its previous (first) generation the Soul EV was among just a handful of EVs available. The car may sport a unique modern design and has a very good distance of 280 miles However, it’s currently in competition with a number of electric vehicles that are small in size.

2024 Kia Soul Hybrid
2024 Kia Soul Hybrid

If you’re looking for a large boot, the bigger e-Niro might be the one the ideal choice for those who need more space. It has plenty of space at both the rear of the Soul EV. Also, two adults could take a seat comfortably back however, it’s a bit smaller than that of the e-Niro and is slightly awkwardly formed.

The Soul Electric Vehicle has a huge 64kWh battery, which is recharged within 10.5 hours, from empty to fully charged using the 7kW charger in a wall-mounted box in the home. But, you can increase the capacity to 10 percent in less than an hour with a 50kW charger.

Speaking of range Soul EV’s 280-mile combined range surpasses nearly all the other options. However, it can be a bit lower when you’re enthralled by its powerful acceleration which is helpful for you’re scuba diving and ducking in the city.

When driving on country roads on country roads, on country roads, the Soul EV benefits from its immediate power when it comes to taking over, though its soft steering won’t make you want to accelerate your speed. It is better to relax and relax and enjoy the performance. Similar to the highway, the SoulEV can be a comfortable place to relax and spend time driving.

Therefore, if you’re willing to be content with a small boot and like the look of the Kia Soul EV, it can make your transition into electric vehicles a breeze. If you’re sold, go to our Kia sales page for the most affordable prices, and also check out our pre-owned Kia offers if you’re searching for a brand-new car. 2024 Kia Soul Hybrid


Electric vehicles are easy to use in the city And the Soul Electric isn’t one of them. It’s as simple as putting the gear selector into drive, rotating the wheel, then pressing the pedals. It’s so easy with a light, agile feel.

The Soul EV comes with a regenerative brake, just like every electric car does, and generates electricity for the battery by turning the motor’s electric motor reverse as you release the throttle, or press the brakes. It also means that it increases the power on the brakes. Change the regen to the strongest mode, and your car will slow down with a simple lift off of the throttle, that you just need to push the brake pedal in order to bring the vehicle to the point of complete to stop.

The view from the driver’s chair is fantastic. It’s a small and square vehicle, so you’ll have a clear idea about where the outer edges are. This is a huge advantage when parking in the parking lot, and so are regular reverse parking sensors in the rear and the reversing camera. There are plenty of adjustments within the driver’s chair and the steering wheel, which means it’s easy to find an ideal driving position for your needs.

The acceleration from a stationary position is quick if you press the throttle. However, with gentle pressure on the pedal, it’s quite gentle. You can go around the city in a hurry, or go at a leisurely rate.

The Soul EV offers the most smooth and comfortable smooth, and peaceful ride along the motorway. The tires are very massive, which can create significant noise. You can block it out by turning the music up.

The powerful and responsive electric motor accelerates the car to 70mph quickly, but the speed of acceleration slows off when speeds increase as is the case with all-electric automobiles. It is content to cruise around at a limited speed for the entire day. It’s up to you when you have to take a break to recharge your batteries, or at the least, when the range drops when you are on a motorway, in particular. It is a good thing that charging from 10 to 80 percent can take about one hour with an electric 50kW battery.

Be sure to plan the recharging stop you will need to switch on the auto cruise control and also the Soul EV is an absolute pleasure to travel in for long distances. It’s more so than the majority of alternatives due to the fact that it’s more enjoyable to travel inside.

The Soul EV is astonishingly adept on twisty roads. The steering is precise and the vehicle is stable in the corners and stable when bumps occur. Take the huge amount of power that is responsive and you’ll be able to make swift progress in the countryside if you want to. You don’t always feel at one with the vehicle and this means that you may not enjoy yourself as much.

The Soul EV will suit the more laid-back pace where you will be able to enjoy the ease and comfort of using the Soul EV.

2024 Kia Soul Hybrid Interior
2024 Kia Soul Hybrid Interior


The SoulEV offers plenty of space inside the front seating. The head, shoulder, and leg room can accommodate tall individuals. Additionally, there are seats that have plenty of adjustments, which means you can easily find a comfortable position. They are mounted very high, which means many people will be capable of simply sliding in without bending downwards or climbing up.

There’s ample storage space, including large storage bins on the doors, a cubby hole in the armrest’s center as well as two cup holders on the center console, a phone tray that is in front of the gear selection and the glovebox is decent in size. It’s nothing extraordinary and you’re able to put lots of things in the glovebox.

There’s room behind to allow two tall adults of six feet to relax comfortably or spread out. The space isn’t large enough to allow three adults to be seated in the rear either. The kids are better accepted, however. There are two ISOFIX mounts which are very easy to find and the doors can be opened quite wide bringing in the infant seats and children they carry is not a huge effort.

The majority of alternatives are fairly equally matched to the Soul EV in terms of the amount of space for passengers. However, it is the Volkswagen ID3, Nissan Leaf and Kia e-Niro are noticeably more large, due to the fact that they’re physically larger cars.

The Soul EV’s qualifications as a car for families are diminished due to the trunk. Its capacity of 315 liters is tiny for a vehicle like this – and, in actual fact, many small hatchbacks come with greater capacity. The food you need for the week is packed into the car with enough space however, you’ll need to bring a light load of luggage for your family vacation. The storage area is also available on the floor so that it is possible to keep charge cables.

The boot appears to be well-made and square, which allows for easier packing. However, the door is tall and it’s just a couple of inches from the lip of the loading area all the way to the ground. The rear seats fold down for those who need to transport larger, heavier items.

The options that we’ve discussed in this article have more space. The Kia e-Niro might be probably the most practical option of all and is our top pick as a car for families. The SoulEV offers plenty of space for both couples as well as singles, however.

The inside of Soul EV’s interior isn’t quite as striking as its exterior. The circular designs give a touch of appeal, however, aside from a few shining silver accents, the color scheme is quite dark. However, the windows allow plenty of sunlight. The knobs, buttons, as well as the vast majority of surfaces, are of high quality, however, there are a few fewer scratches on the plastics below.

The 10.3-inch touchscreen screen to display the infotainment systems is in the center of the instrument panel. Kia’s technology is decent and loaded with features for example, a sat nav system that provides live updates of the availability of parking, traffic as well as blackspots for accidents along the route. It also has a DAB radio, as well as Bluetooth. The touchscreen is responsive, and the navigation menus are fairly simple. You can connect your smartphone and utilize Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

The car also comes with a variety of common features, including temperature control heated leather seats and a steering wheel. Harmon/Kardon Stereo, adjustable cruise control as well as rear parking sensors, and a reversing camera. It’s actually so well-equipped that there’s not a lot that isn’t available, aside from stickers to customize the look.

It’s important to note that there’s only one trim which is Maxx that is accessible in the Soul EV and Kia has put as many features feasible at. Each option is offered in the form of different trim levels, but only the top ones are able to be compatible with the features of the Soul EV.

2024 Kia Soul Hybrid Design
2024 Kia Soul Hybrid Design

Engine and Performance

The Soul EV is available in two different trims that have distinct specifications for performance. Its Soul EV Premium features a 39 kWh battery coupled with a motor that is 134 horsepower and has 291 pounds of torque. This motor is able to power the front wheel and is able to allow the vehicle to cover 248 miles.

The Soul EV Limited has a bigger battery, with 64 kWh as well as a stronger motor that pumps out 201 horsepower and 291 pounds of torque. Together, it gives 383 miles of range that’s less than the Chevy Bolt EV or EUV but is higher than more than Nissan Leaf Plus. The Soul EV can support DC Fast Charging up to 100 kW. This allows the recharge of the battery in just 47 minutes.


Kia Soul EV has an RRP of between PS39,045 and PS39,045. There’s one trim which is Maxx which is offered with the Soul EV, and that comes with all bells and whistles included as regular. It has only one engine as well, and it comes that has a massive 64kWh battery which provides an estimated 280 miles distance. Similar to all electric vehicles this one has an auto gearbox.