2024 Kia Soul EV: Review, Range & Price

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2024 Kia Soul EV: Review, Range & PriceIn the past, Canada has enjoyed a few unique vehicles that which our northern neighbors do not have. For instance, the Nissan Micra, the Toyota Echo hatchback (pre-Yaris), and the Chevrolet Orlando. It’s a funny one, which. The latest Soul’s all-electric model was designed for the country of Stars and Stripes too, however, issues in the early 2020s–ahem –had Kia reconsider its US EV plans using the two-punch of the EV6 as well as the Niro’s latest EV.

2024 Kia Soul EV
2024 Kia Soul EV

We love these two vehicles very much. Is it possible that Kia has been over-saturating the market by offering three cars that are close to each other in terms of cost? Perhaps Kia US missing an opportunity for a chic anchor to its EV range. We sat for a week with the Soul EV to discover.


The Soul has a subtle makeover to 2023 or, at the very least, it is the gasoline version that does. The EV stays with the slim headlights that the model of the third generation came out with, and also the unique front bumper, which has a body-colored insert on part of the intake lower. The unique, five-spoke wheel with texture makes up what’s left to our eyeballs, at least–a stylish well-designed, stylish box. Kia’s style has become quite avant-garde in recent times but I’d still say that it’s the Soul, Sorento, and EV6 are among Kia’s finest designs. They are attractive and cohesive without being too fanciful.

In other words, if some people called it The Soul is shaped like a stormtrooper helmet.

The Soul EV is at least more of a goal than the Emperor’s team. The Soul EV is a reversion to the front-drive configuration of each other Soul and keeps the curb weight relatively minimal for an EV (3,867 pounds / 1,754 kgs) as well as being incredibly low within the chassis to ensure quick response. The lithium-ion battery that is carried over has 64.0 kWh. This is slightly smaller and less effective than that in the latest Niro. Its old drivetrain may be hidden behind a significant benefit over the younger version However.

An instant glance at the specs sheet will show that both Soul EV and Niro EV have an impressive 201 horsepower. That’s a lot even for small units. The Soul comes with a hefty 291 lb-ft of torque but it has 103 more lb-ft than Niro. Niro. The single-charge distance is 383 km. Also, there’s a lower 39.2-kWh alternative that cuts the capacity (134 horsepower) as well as the range (248 km/154 miles).

The Soul electric vehicle through Canada’s most populous city is like enacting a cheat code. Instant access to torque in a tiny, portable device is addicting. The Soul’s boxy shape and pushed-to-the-corners wheelbase makes it easy to see out of, and slot into tight spots.

Despite the new branding as a crossover type and the Soul is still it is a car. Thankfully. The steering is easy and precise, which keeps this little car hopping about town. In the most compact ramps, the most worn-out ones of Toronto’s Gardiner as well as Don Valley Expressways The Soul is able to keep the pace of traffic. When it’s moving, it’s a ride with an ethereal softness that is defying the class of subcompact, although the winter tires on the test vehicle do create greater noise than normal.

It’s an older version of Kia’s EV system, it has a regenerative brake with several settings, but there’s no designated single-pedal mode. The Soul is close but when you jog at a light speed and low-jog speeds, the Soul uncomfortably rolls. Drivers are able to hold the paddle on their left when they need to slow down to a stop. This is similar to the Chevy EV.

2024 Kia Soul EV Interior
2024 Kia Soul EV Interior


In a very packed week, I had much time inside the Cabin of the Soul which was a great place to relax. The design of the dashboard is definitely retro-Kia. It has a bulbous central part in contrast to the techy, edgy style seen in cars like Niro as well as the Sportage. The design may not be quite as attractive and elegant, but the button-secured temperature control section is not a source of complaint for me because of its utility. I love the quirky details along the perimeter as well. The combination of the vent/speaker and the carved-out metallic texture section does an excellent job of creating the Soul feel more spacious.

The material quality may not be comparable to the latest Niro’s finest pieces However, it’s more reliable.

Comfort in the front seats is excellent particularly due to the air-conditioned and heated thrones. Not that these aren’t used at the end of autumn. Because of the height, there is plenty of headroom also. The family sat atop a couple of cousins behind each other for dinner with the family, and they were pleasantly surprised by the legroom that is adult-friendly. The space is adequate, however, the Soul’s trend of constantly rising beltlines every generation has led to more natural light than you’d think.

There are other issues, such as the absence of a tailgate powered by electricity, and a low-quality wireless charger that rarely held any charge. It’s a small inconvenience, considering that every phone mirroring requires the use of a cord, but this one is a bit surprising when you consider that it costs $55,000.

Things were well for the Soul. We had an understanding. If its performance was only mediocre I wasn’t bothered. I’m talking about winter tires. I’d think, as well as the mercury was dropping.

When I went away from the city on the weekend, I set a goal of doing a run for the return journey. The plan was to be ok, as long as there was enough buffer so that I could be safe. Then, when we were leaving for a birthday celebration with a friend and we found that the advertised range was less than the range of the charging station, I was slightly concerned. I thought about a trip to a quick charger, with 20km left.

Despite the fact that it was in the vicinity of the freezing mark (0 C/32 F) We turned off the heater. The phone was unplugged. I changed the cruise control setting to 10 km/h below the limit of highways and stayed in the left lanes. However, the estimated range of the Soul decreased by 10 percent faster than Google Maps’ remaining distance. Once we had entered the city, and the Soul was able to cruise with a speed of 50 km/h between one end towards the other–thanks, to Hamilton’s traffic lights that are timed–did the outlook improve.

When the tiny Kia began to absorb the electrons–nearly at the maximum power of 100 kW I’ll add – I looked up the figures. The Kia had clocked 296.6 kilometers (184.3 miles) and had a battery of 6 percent remaining, indicating an effective distance of 314 kilometers. It was babying close to the final stretch and it’s certainly not like I had to make lap records all through this week, either. An increase of 20 percent to the effectiveness distance, prior to when the weather becomes really bad or when a driver is able to set the cruise control so that they can keep on top of crowds at any time and expects even greater reductions down the road.

2024 Kia Soul EV Design
2024 Kia Soul EV Design


It’s time to talk. The electric Soul has two kinds of battery, an electric car with 39kWh that is priced below PS32k as well as a 64kWh model that costs PS39k which has official mileage between 171 miles and 281 miles. We’ve tested both and Kia has solid experience in building affordable electric engines – both can be easily feasible with the right temperature and safe driving.

The car’s 64kWh figure is particularly impressive because it’s almost impossible to deal with anxiety about range when you’re able to go the distance of 280 miles before plugging in. It’s also it is one of the most affordable options to reach that number out of a battery.

One of the things that let the vehicle down is that it only charges with 77 kW at its maximum and will charge between 10-80 percent within 45 minutes on a 100kW charge; also, note the MG4 cost PS29k to get the long-range SE version, which has a faster charging speed and boasts an official distance of 281 miles.

The more powerful battery car comes with an energizing 200bhp motor that can 0 to 62mph speed in 7.9 minutes, whereas the base model has 134.2bhp and 9.9s. It’s not noticeable when you’re driving with the ultimate range notwithstanding.

The other problem with this model Soul EV – it looks massive, and is a lot of fun to feel in the street (it’s extremely wide when driving it) however, it doesn’t appear to be constructed from that extra dimension. The interior doesn’t seem particularly spacious. within, but there’s nothing particularly innovative about its interior however it does look elegant enough. It can be able to hold just five people. If you want a clever, versatile MPV/SUV/crossover/whatever, this isn’t it.

Electric vehicles are easy to operate in city traffic and Soul EV isn’t an exception. Simply put the gear selector on the drive, rotate the wheel, then press the pedals. It’s so easy with a light, agile feel.

The 2024 Kia Soul EV comes with a regenerative brake, just like every electric car does, and generates electricity for the battery by turning the motor’s electrical components in reverse after you take off the throttle, or press the brakes. It also means that it boosts the force that the brakes exert. The regen is switched to the most powerful setting and your car will slow down to a crawl with a simple lift off of the throttle you just need to push the brake pedal in order to bring the vehicle to a full stopping point.

Viewing through the driver’s seat is fantastic. The Soul EV compact rectangular car, which means it’s easy to get a sense of where the extremes are. It’s an enormous benefit when you park in the parking lot, and so are the normal reverse parking sensors in the rear and the reversing camera. There are plenty of adjustments on the driver’s seat as well as the steering wheel so that you’ll be able to easily locate the right driving posture for your needs.

The acceleration from a stationary position is fast if you push the throttle. However, if you use a gentle throttle, it’s quite gentle. You can go around towns in a rush or drive at a more leisurely speed.

The Soul EV offers the most smooth and comfortable and quiet journey along the motorway. The tires are very big and can cause significant noise. You can block it out by turning the volume of your stereo.

The powerful and responsive electric motor can propel the vehicle at speeds of up to 70mph, however, the speed of acceleration decreases as you speed up – which is something that is common to the majority of electric vehicles. However, the car is comfortable to be cruising through the streets at the maximum speed throughout every day. It’s up to you when you have to take a break to recharge your batteries, at a minimum, since the range is slashed along the motorway especially. The good news is that recharging between 10-80 percent takes around an hour with a charger of 50kW.

Make sure you plan your recharge stops with a care switch on the adaptive cruise control and also the Soul EV will be a joy to take long trips in. It’s more so than the majority of alternatives due to the fact that it’s more relaxing in the car.

The Soul EV is astonishingly competent on twisty roads. The steering is precise and the vehicle is stable in turns and remains stable even over bumps. In addition, it has a large range of power responsiveness that allows you to make swift progress in the countryside, if you want to. However, you may not feel completely connected to your car and this means that you may not enjoy yourself as much.

The Soul EV is a better choice for an unhurried pace where you will be able to enjoy the ease and comfort of using the Soul EV.

As per Kia, the Soul can boast the capacity to travel with fully charged batteries which can extend to 220 miles, which is greater than the vast majority of other electric vehicles priced similarly. Charging the 64kWh battery will take approximately 10.5 hours with the 7kW wall box at home. The 10-80% charge is completed in about an hour with the public 50kW rapid charger.

Being an electric vehicle means that you don’t have any vehicle tax to pay other than the charge for price-based charges upon the purchase of the car. Benefit-in-kind rates for company automobile drivers are extremely cheap, too.

It is important to know of the fact that the UK government has stopped providing incentives to electric vehicle customers, meaning that you can’t receive any aid in the form of a cost.

The Soul EV is offered in two different trims that have distinct specifications for performance. For instance, the Soul EV Premium features a 39 kWh battery connected to a motor that is 134 horsepower and has 291 pounds of torque. The motor drives the front wheels and provides to travel up to 248 kilometers.

The Soul EV Limited has a bigger battery, with 64 kWh as well as a stronger motor that pumps out 291 hp and 201 pounds of torque. In total, that gives 383 kilometers of range that’s less than the Chevy Bolt EV or EUV however, it is more powerful than it is the Nissan Leaf Plus.

The Soul EV can support DC Fast Charging up to 100 kW. This allows the battery to charge in around 47 minutes.


In Canada, The 2024 Kia Soul EV is priced at $44,895 CAD inclusive of destination. It can be purchased at any Kia dealership that is EV-certified across the country. This is the battery that’s a smaller version, with a shorter range, that puts the Soul in the cities. It’s the Limited trim that increases the price by $9,000 on the overall cost.

If it seems like an excessive amount to pay for a Soul, let alone one with the same power as an electric vehicle, then… yes that’s right. The new Niro EV may be a bit sluggish, but it has greater technology and a range (407 kilometers) with a cost of just ($54,945 in CAD) for its top model. Maybe you’d like extra style, range as well as power? Kia’s EV6 RWD Long Range ($55,795 in CAD) may be appealing, provided you find one. The three rides are eligible for federal tax incentives as well as, in some instances there are provincial incentives to top it all off.