2024 Kia Soul GT-Line: Review, Interior & Specs

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2024 Kia Soul GT-Line: Review, Interior & SpecsKia Soul has been a distinctive standout from the Korean marque since it was put on the market in the year 2008. The latest generation of the carmaker refers to as the “urban runabout” debuted in 2020 and has since been upgraded to be ready for 2024’s model year.

2024 Kia Soul GT-Line
2024 Kia Soul GT-Line

Kia has modified the styling of the rear and front somewhat, but it has streamlined the range by reducing it from six trim levels to four levels and has only one turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder motor. The rugged-looking X-Line and the sporty GT-Line Turbo have been dropped.

An efficient line-up of Souls continues to be available that ranges from budget to features-packed. We’re currently testing the GT-Line 3 trim that is supposed to convey a sense that is sporty. It’s not a lot of sport without the last year’s turbo nevertheless, we’ve discovered the Soul an impressively modern vehicle at a reasonable cost.


The Kia Soul’s unique looks are smoother for the new model year. The grille and the foglights are given a newer appearance and will be joined by the modern daytime running lights. The front bumper as well as the taillights, fascia, and rear bumper are also getting a minor revamp, as well as new 17- and 18-inch wheel sizes are on offer. The new colors include Clear White, Surf Blue as well as Fusion Black, and available in select trims. The driver assistance features previously available as an option that comes standard on all 2023 Soul are auto high beams, forward collision mitigation with cyclist and pedestrian detection, lane-departure alert as well as lane-keeping and following assist driver-attention alert, rear-occupant warning.

The new 2024 Kia Soul GT-Line Technology package is now offered with a variety of options bundled into one package including the most prominent among them is forward-collision aid with the ability to turn junctions Highway Drive Assist navigable adaptive cruise control as well as LED taillights and headlights.

The robust X-Line is no longer available, however the most disappointing change to 2023 lies in the fact that Kia has removed the lively 201-hp turbocharged 1.6-liter engine. We are left just with a pathetic 147 horsepower 2.0-liter four-cylinder. The features included in the X-Line as well as Turbo can now be found on the other trims.

The Soul has grown from being a cheap economic box aimed at new vehicle owners. The current Soul was designed specifically for an older buyer who appreciates a relaxing car ride as well as a peaceful driving and driving experience.

Although it has a small wheelbase the car handles similar to a larger model on rough terrain thanks to a well-balanced suspension. In addition, it is remarkably silent for a vehicle in this category. The amount of noise and vibration amplification is staggering at this cost.

The seats are large and spacious, able of accommodating any size or back. It will make great seats for long commutes or lengthy travel. Also, back seat passengers enjoy a surprisingly spacious leg room to the standard of 38.8 inches.

It has always been a means for individuals who are on a tight budget to enjoy the latest technology and luxury options normally reserved for expensive vehicles. The new model isn’t a one-off.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (not wireless however) heated seats, buttons for start and stop, cruise control with radars, USB A and C ports wireless charging, and there’s a long list of features. What isn’t present is the heated steering wheel, one of the major omissions that was previously available on the Soul and that some rivals such as the previously mentioned as well as the less costly Nissan Kicks, still offer. The other thing that’s missing is the option for a 360-degree camera which isn’t necessary for smaller cars similar to the Soul however it can be beneficial for any car of any size.

2024 Kia Soul GT-Line Interior
2024 Kia Soul GT-Line Interior


It’s hard to fault Kia in terms of safety. The Soul has an SAE Level 2 (Hands-On) driver assist system, which maintains a predetermined distance between the car ahead of it and keeps it in the designated lane. It’s a matter of placing your hands on the wheel to steer, and it provides minimal feedback about the direction it’s taking or what it’s seeing. However, it’s an extremely simple version of the technology that we’re amazed to see in the price of a vehicle that costs $20,000.

Kia is also part of a remarkable list of safety options that were previously considered to be an option. This list includes features based on cameras, forward collision avoidance assistance as well as lane keeping assistance, lane-following assist, driver alert as well as lane departure warning. high beam assist and rear occupant warning.

The body’s upright shape provides an expansive interior that has ample space for passengers as well as cargo. Kia’s designers have included the right amount of youthful sexiness to complement the Soul’s stylish exterior. Its design features textured door panel trim and funky inserts. The other features available are ambient light, a charging pad, a head-up display as well as a push-button ignition system with keyless entry and heated seats, and the steering wheel. Kia offers owners the option of a few customizations and two-tone paint choices and an array of interior colors. The cargo compartment has ample space for seven suitcases for carry-ons. With back seats folded down–it must be noted that the seats don’t fold flatly–we were able to accommodate 20 suitcases. The Venue With its narrower storage and more compact rear seat, was able to squeeze in just four cases behind the rear seats and 17 when the seats are folded down.


The Soul was never made to be a fast car or a high-performance crossover, nor has it ever been. Its engine, though perfectly mannered, loses juice when your foot gets closer to the ground. The engine has enough power to handle the majority of scenarios however, having fun along a back road with lots of turns is the five percent that is missing.

Yet, the variable transmission performs well with smooth takeoffs, and none in any “rubber band” behavior for the CVT, which is (in)famous. Braking, although not exceptional but is easily modulated by smooth application and pedal length.

It’s the type of vehicle ideal for highway excursions or for errand excursions However, it’s not the best for serious drivers to completely sink their teeth into.

2024 Kia Soul GT-Line Review
2024 Kia Soul GT-Line Review


The most expensive model, the GT-Line is priced at $23,490. The GT-Line comes with all features of Soul S. It also includes the features of Soul S, plus a synthetic leather interior with cloth accents as well as redesigned rear and front bumpers, an exhaust with a center exit as well as 18-inch alloy wheels.

The trim comes with a Technology package of $2,400 which includes the ability to adjust cruise control and bicycle detection as well as LED headlights and the fog light, as well as a 10-speaker stereo with heated front seats cargo covers, and an adjustable shelf for cargo.