2024 Kia Sorento Price: How Much is the Kia Sorento 2024?

2024 Kia Sorento Price: How Much is the Kia Sorento 2024? Images of the 2024 Kia Sorento are finally starting to show. The car is largely concealed, however, there are some clues regarding the changes. For example, it’s getting boxier. It’s got a more solid, upright posture than Kia Telluride. Kia Telluride. The roof and the hood are more straight in their edges. Additionally, the grille appears straight across its front as well as larger. It is presumably paired with headlights that are vertical, that are similar to those on the Telluride.

2024 Kia Sorento
2024 Kia Sorento

The rear bumper could receive vertical taillights as well as a more robust bumper, too. The refreshed Sorento appears more robust and able. It’s likely that it’ll be coupled with new skid plates as well as all-terrain tires in order to make a stronger version of the X-Line.


Since its introduction in the year 2020, it shouldn’t come as awe for us to hear that Kia Sorento is expected to be in production by 2020. Kia Sorento is expected to get a mid-cycle update to 2024’s model year. Kia hasn’t announced public announcements as of however, prototypes that were spotted in camouflage showcased the first glimpses of design changes in the near future. This is what we’ve learned about 2020’s Kia Sorento so far.

The updated Sorento seems to have undergone some radical modifications. Even though it’s mostly obscured with black body covers there are the headlights in a completely new style and a new front fascia. Kia seems to have given the Sorento the rectangular headlights that are vertically similar to those that are on the larger version, the Telluride. Information on the rear of the Sorento appears to be more fuzzy, however, there is no indication that the rear changes will seem as significant as those at the front.

The interior of the 2024 Sorento could be more secluded than the exterior. Nevertheless, we anticipate an upgrade to the present Sorento’s screen layout. The model of 2023 has an 8.0″ infotainment screen (a 10.3″ display is also available) and a 12.3″ Digital Instrument Cluster. We’d be very interested to see that the 2024 Sorento receives small updates to its material and technology, even though the model we have is quite well-connected, with ambient lighting, a wireless charging system, as well as a touchscreen in the rear of the system.

2024 Kia Sorento Interior
2024 Kia Sorento Interior


It’s 2024 and the Kia Sorento is getting a new interior design. The blankets are covering the majority of the interior upholstery in spy shots However, the bucket seating and the cloth provide a glimpse of the interior of the Kia Sportage.

Additionally, it appears the gauge cluster with digital information, as well as the infotainment display, will be joined by a single screen that runs all over the instrument panel. The layout looks attractive and practical on the Sportage as well as the Kia EV6. The layout would be improved with more physical controls.

The 2024 Sorento could have larger displays with greater resolution. It would also enhance the 360-degree screen for off-roading, and getting around tight obstructions.

The brand new Kia Sorento is being tested which means it’s close to being ready for production. The car is expected to be available in the fall. So keep an eye on us. We’ll keep you informed of the most recent information.


In 2024, the Kia Sorento is likely to see a mid-cycle refresh however, it will be sporting a brand-new design. In the end, it could come with an option to powertrain with the same options as today.

The basic 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine puts out 191 horsepower and 181 pounds of torque. It is possible to upgrade to a 2.5-liter turbocharged engine to get 281 horsepower and 311 pounds of torque.

If you choose the turbocharged version, the Sorento is able to accelerate from 0-60 miles per hour in 6.7 minutes. It’s quicker than even the Honda Pilot.

Additionally, it comes with there is the Kia Sorento Hybrid 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, along with an electric motor that can produce 227 horsepower and 258 pounds of torque. It is estimated by the EPA to get 39 mpg when driving in the city, and 35 mpg when driving on highways.

Make sure to check out Kia’s Sorento PHEV which includes a second electric motor that produces 261 horsepower and 251 pounds of torque. It is estimated by the EPA to have 32 miles of range on electric power.

With the right equipment, If properly armed, Sorento is able to tow as much as 3500 pounds. We’d like to see some extra power in order to compete with rivals such as Toyota Highlanders. Toyota Highlander can tow up to 5,000 pounds. 2024 Kia Sorento Price

2024 Kia Sorento Price
2024 Kia Sorento Price

2024 Kia Sorento Price

We anticipate the 2024 Kia Sorento to start at around $31,000. As a reference, the model of 2023 begins at $31,090. Turbocharged power is available in the EX trim. It starts at approximately $36,000. The highly-rated, well-equipped SX trim is highly recommended starting at around $39,000.

MSRP Sorento LX $31,000 (est.) Sorento S $33,000 (est.) Sorento X-Line S $35,000 (est.) Sorento EX $36,000 (est.) Sorento SX $39,000 (est) Sorento X-Line EX $40,000 (est.) Sorento SX Prestige $44,000 (est.) Sorento X-Line SX Prestige $44,000 (est.)