2024 Kia K3: Release Date, Price, & Specs

2024 Kia K3: Release Date, Price, & SpecsIts 2024 Kia K3 is here, and it’s difficult to differentiate the fastback look from the crossover design. It appears to feature a high ride height that is higher than your typical sedan/fastback and also has a body covered in plastic, something that is typically found in SUVs.

2024 Kia K3 Changes
2024 Kia K3 Changes

Kia is revealing the brand new K3 at an event in Mexico City, and the company hopes that it can “redefine the sub-compact segment.” It is clear that the South Koreans are clearly positioning it as an entry-level model.


It’s not a secret that traditional sedans and hatchback designs aren’t quite as well-liked as they were ago, and many companies choose to scrap them completely. But, less competition means that the few automakers that continue to make sedans have the freedom to take on the huge volume of people who buy sedans. Hyundai and Kia remain somewhat popular with hatchbacks and sedans as well and the latest Kia K3 may serve as a hint of what the upcoming version of Kia sedans might be.

It was revealed in Mexico City, that the Kia K3 is a brand-new car that appears to perform double duty as both a Rio as well as a Forte replacement. The 178.9-inch size is 3.8 inches less than the present Forte and 6.3 inches more than the Rio. The overall dimensions of the model make up the differences between the two versions.

In terms of style, stylistically, the K3 is a bit as we’ve seen on the latest Kia models, such as the recently updated Seltos. Its “Tiger Nose” makes an appearance in this model, alongside the less obvious headlights, which are paired with the daytime running lights which extend through the bumper. On the back, there is a long taillight bar that occupies the majority of the trunk lid’s space. The GT-line package includes snazzy wheels as well as black trims for an upscale look.

The interior of the car is reminiscent of the modern Kia. It features a completely transparent two-screen layout and sleek buttons that look exactly like what’s present in the Kia Niro.

It is powered by the 1.6-liter naturally-aspirated engine which is connected to a six-speed auto or manual 6-speed. Or a 2.0-liter engine, which is also coupled to a six-speed auto. Kia claims that some market segments will also get a 1.4-liter engine as well.

While the dimensions are a bit unusual and the interior simple, we believe the K3 might be a possible alternative to both the Rio as well as Forte across both the U.S. and Canada. The K3 name is often utilized interchangeably with Forte in different markets as well, and the new model is expected to be built using the same process similar to the Forte and Rio models. The Forte as well as the Rio are the two older models of Kia’s lineup They’re desperately in need of a replacement.

2024 Kia K3
2024 Kia K3


It has the well-known Tiger Nose grille at the front. The grille is flanked by small headlights that are LED. The line between the hood and the fenders is a classic design that runs toward the windshield. The car is also equipped with a body cladding made of plastic that is inspired by crossovers.

An inclining roofline as well as a front window that is tilted make it clear that the car has a fastback shape. A LED strip joins the taillights which grow in the fenders of the back.

Kia is also offering a GT-Line version that has a more attractively designed front bumper as well as 17-inch alloy wheels, replacing the standard 16-inch wheels. Two exhaust tips will be included in this model.

It is positioned into the Kia Rio and the Forte The K3 measures 178.9 inches (4,545 millimeters) in length, 69.5 inches (1,765 millimeters) large in addition to 58.1 inches (1,475 millimeters) broad, and the 105.1-inch (2,670-millimeter) length of the wheelbase.

The trunk can accommodate 19.2 cubic feet (544 liters) of space for luggage making it much larger than those of the Rio (13.7 cubic inches/325 liters) as well as the Forte (15.3 cubic inches/ 434).

The cabin is an elegant design, as well. It has an EV6-inspired 2-spoke steering wheel that is mounted on. This 4.2-inch instrument cluster and 10.25-inch large infotainment panel can be viewed together under an opaque glass cover. The system’s infotainment features wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features.

The new Kia K3 has a 64-color ambient light as well as heated front seats and the steering wheel, as well as a dual-zone climate control that is automatic, are all included on the brand-new Kia K3.

2024 Kia K3 Interior
2024 Kia K3 Interior


Three different engine choices are included in the line-up. A 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine is able to produce the power of 121 horsepower (123 PS) and comes with either a manual or automatic.

The top of the line is the 2.0-liter four-cylinder model that has 150 hp (152 PS) coupled to a 6-speed auto gearbox, which has paddle shifters.

Export-oriented 1.4-liter is also a component of the strategy, however, Kia has no information on the exact location it will get to.

Release Date and Price

It is expected that the 2024 Kia K3 will roll off the assembly line in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Initial deliveries will begin during the fourth quarter of this year in the selected regions. There is no word on the availability of the car for sale in the United States. As of now, we’ve seen it appears that the Kia Forte as well as the Rio are the company’s exclusive representatives within the segment of small cars from the early 2000s. We will learn more during the coming months.

The highly anticipated 2024 Kia K3 will be on the road and in showrooms on July 15, 2024. The date was chosen by the manufacturer in order to coincide with its landmark anniversary, which adds a significant element to the announcement. The day is nearing people who are interested in buying are preparing to experience in person the latest edition of the cult series. The company has mentioned hosting special promotions and events prior to the release, transforming the event into a major celebration. People who want to own this amazing product should be marking their calendars, and keep an eye out for any announcements regarding pre-booking because the initial stock is likely to be in huge demand.