2024 Kia Forte GT2: Review, Specs & Interior

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2024 Kia Forte GT2: Review, Specs & Interior – The Kia Forte is six years old when it enters 2024 with no major modifications for the compact vehicle. It’s due to the fact that it didn’t need many changes, besides the mid-cycle refresh that will be coming in 2020. In spite of the fact that it’s getting old, it has to stand the test of time and has proven that great worth can be had with small sizes without many compromises and at the right price, even in the face of high inflation and supply chain problems in the air. It’s the best GT will perform (at an affordable $25,000) and is among the very few cars that feature a third pedal.

2024 Kia Forte GT2
2024 Kia Forte GT2


Kia’s 2024 Forte may not enjoy the same amount of popularity as the other cars, but it’s one that you should definitely investigate. The Forte is priced cheaper than its competitors and, based on grade, has a couple of extra options. In addition to high-efficiency fuel consumption and strong performance with the GT trim and a hefty warranty, The Forte offers great worth for the money.

The key to this is the major refresh which took place in the last year. The changes included the latest design and options. The 2024 Forte remains pretty standard. Its FE trim has been changed to LX. LX while the GT trim is equipped with brand new features that are standard like adaptive cruise control that were before only available as an option.

The Forte GT’s turbo is a quick-spooling and well-tuned transmission for smooth, everyday power. In our testing, the Forte GT equipped with the auto transmission was able to go from 0-60 miles per hour in just 6.6 seconds. It’s slightly faster than those of the Civic Si. Downside? It makes the sound of a vacuum suctioning a rug whenever you accelerate it to the max as well and the sports exhaust is also a bit droning when you’re traveling.

When it comes to the handling aspect, The Forte GT provides a respectably athletic feel when you turn. When compared to the Honda Civic Si, it does not feel as nimble or agile, however, it’s likely to be noticeable only when you’re nearing the speed limit. Our test vehicle made the subpar emergency stop of 126 feet from 60 mph. But it’s entirely about the all-season tires – we’ve previously tried a 2020 model that had the optional summer tires and got an impressive 107 feet of stopping distance. If you’d like to maximize the GT’s potential for braking make sure you have room in your budget to purchase a set of summer tires.

The 2024 Forte GT impresses with a moderately quiet interior, efficient cooling, and a comfortable performance considering its sports-inspired goals. The front seats offer enough support, but the most enthusiastic drivers might want greater positive lateral support. When you’re driving at 70 mph you’re seated on your couch, the temperature control is working quietly and the noise reduction is sufficient that you’re able to hear the podcast with no problem. This is a great feature in a car with a low price tag.

2024 Kia Forte GT2 Interior
2024 Kia Forte GT2 Interior


The controls on the Forte GT are logical and simple to locate There’s no requirement to consult the instruction manual to learn about most of its features. Drivers of any size will be comfortably behind the wheel thanks to numerous seat adjustment options as well as a wide telescoping distance of the steering wheel. Outside visibility through the driver’s seat can be very good, too. the camera in the rear provides good visibility even at night.

The Forte’s seats sit at an ideal height in relation to the floor, which makes it very easy to turn into and out. Additionally, doors are wide enough so that taller people must duck. Based on the data this Forte might not be the most spacious in this class, but the passenger room is acceptable all-around. There’s plenty of room to accommodate 6-footers in the event of a need.

What’s the latest technology? You can look in the box for theĀ 2024 Kia Forte GT2 package. You’ll receive Harman Kardon. Harman Kardon audio system, that is sure to please. Its deep bass and sharp highs will stand out if you evaluate the available options that are available in this price range. The Forte GT models all come with a sleek and smooth 10.25-inch central touchscreen that is designed to look and feel modern, yet is easy to operate. Navigation via the onboard system is standard and easy to operate. There are multiple USB ports as well as a wireless charging pad and a simple Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration are just the best.

Regarding driver aids adaptive cruise controls (GT2 package) are a great addition to normal lane keeping simply keep your driver’s hand in the car for urgent situations, and the car sort out everything else. It is expected to be a technologically advanced display by the Kia Forte GT, and the Forte GT delivers.

2024 Kia Forte GT2 Interior
2024 Kia Forte GT2 Interior


The EPA evaluates Forte GT as a Forte GT with the automatic transmission as 30 mpg together (27 cities/35 highways). In our 115-mile, testing loop in the real world that we drove, we measured 30.2 milliliters per gallon, which is consistent with the estimate of the EPA. It’s great fuel efficiency and, of course for a vehicle that can go from 0-60 speeds within 6.6 minutes, but it’s not as fast as the competition (and the only one with a manual) Civic Si does even better.

Does this Forte GT a good value? The value is where this Forte GT truly shines. It provides a genuine sports-like performance for cheaper than what its rivals are selling for. There are a few sacrifices to make through inexpensive interior materials. If you’re seeking the top vehicle for drivers in this class, however, you’ll have to pay for it and also sacrifice certain Kia’s useful extras.

For the sake of a perfect finish, Kia offers one of the top warranties in the industry, offering five years and 60,000 miles of complete coverage as well as 10 years/100,000 miles of powertrain protection. There’s no complimentary maintenance like other brands have, but Kia is more than making up the difference in other aspects.

Sometimes, the wildcard score can give the sporty car a boost however in the Forte GT’s instance, it’s more an issue of tossing. Do you like the GT’s unquestionably worth proposition? Perhaps this will be higher for you. We think that the GT isn’t as appealing since it’s not a smile factory when it’s pushed to the limit. It is a little unnatural when it’s pushed to the limits and that’s where the top-performance vehicles truly become awe-inspiring. However, if you’re looking to speed through the day-to-day grind, with comfort to spare for lengthy excursions — or you just want a more refined Forte model than the more common models, this Kia GT could be an ideal option.

The Forte compact car comes with two engine choices that include one 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 150 horsepower, as well as a turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder that has the power of 201 hp. The 2.0-liter engine felt slow as we tried it out as well and the constantly variable automatic transmission (CVT) was not helping. The engine that is not turbocharged took 8.2 seconds to get the Forte to 60 mph on the track we tested it on. This is considerably more slow than Mazda 3, which got there in 7.0 minutes. The turbocharged version of the engine that is available does, however, bring it Forte further toward speed than of Volkswagen Golf GTI and Civic Si. At our test track, a manual transmission-equipped GT test car managed a 6.7-second run to 60 mph, slightly off the pace of those two memorable performers. The Forte provides a comfy and steady ride, however the handling may not be as thrilling as the Stinger-inspired design suggests, even in the more sporty GT model.