2024 Kia EV9 Electric SUV: News, Specs & Price

2024 Kia EV9 Electric SUV: News, Specs & PriceKia’s brand new electric three-row sports utility vehicle (SUV) isn’t just taking the dimensions and body design which been the reason for making the Telluride so well-known, it also electrifies the vehicle. It’s coming in 2024. Kia EV9 is a groundbreaking technological and design feat that the company has achieved and is executed so perfectly that it raises the bar not only for Kia competitors but the luxury carmakers.

2024 Kia EV9 Electric SUV Design
2024 Kia EV9 Electric SUV Design

Consider EV9 as the next-generation electric Telluride. The body of the vehicle is roughly the same size as Telluride’s body. Telluride however is a bit longer. Electrification makes it possible for the latest SUV to be more spacious in its internal space than its gas-powered version.

From the nose to the tail, From the nose to the tail, the EV9 is built to be a Kia, while being an electronics-forward. It comes with a Digital “grille” up front, LEDs on all four corners, as well as linked services at the user’s fingertips or through voice commands and voice control, this SUV combines the elements in a way that is slick. 2024 Kia EV9 Electric SUV


Designers have designed the EV9 the color scheme that is influenced by the Earth and muted hues being the most prominent. There are also black, white as well as vibrant blue shades are all offered. The only color available is black. Kia can offer in which the EV9 isn’t a good fit.

American customers will be able to choose all-wheel or rear-drive as well as the option of a 76.1which is a 99.8-kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery. When tested using all-wheel drive, and a larger battery it was found that the EV9 was stable, reliable as well as easy to drive or enjoy, no matter if it was on curving rural roads in southern South Korea, highways closer to the east coast of South Korea and city roads in Seoul’s bustling metropolitan area. Seoul.

The frame as well as its battery-electric motor, which is mid-sized in size makes it feel secure and secure when driving, and the sound of concrete, asphalt, and dirt roads is reduced to levels typically reserved for luxurious automobiles. On the test drive, there were deep puddles that gushed with water for an extended road thanks to torrential rain, but the EV9 stood firm.

Kia states that the SUV will be capable of achieving about 300 miles of electric range when it is in its biggest battery configuration. However, the exact figures aren’t yet available to the public.

The great thing about the EV9’s technology is that it does not feel as if it’s a compromise in size. Large EVs that are weighed down by the overall size in addition to their batteries’ size, often appear to be a bit sluggish when driving without tricks like GMC’s WTF start mode. It’s not the case with EV9 which offers the same smooth brake and acceleration experience that Kia users have come to anticipate when using models such as Niro EV and the EV6 as well as the Niro EV.

Drivers can choose from four driving modes that include Normal, Eco My Mode, Sport, and Normal. Even though Eco is a typical mode, and has slow acceleration, similar to the other cars however, it’s not enough to be a reason to not choose Eco in merging with the highway or in the town. Eco doesn’t seem like a sacrifice to utilize.

Sport mode provides the most aggressive driving experience However, there’s nothing worth writing about. The car’s normal mode works for almost every situation.

Regeneration of the brakes is adjustable also, using a middle-level setting that is ideal for roads in rural areas, which allows one to drive with one foot, while an abrupt slowed-down feature can be used in urban driving scenarios.

2024 Kia EV9 Electric SUV Interior
2024 Kia EV9 Electric SUV Interior


A lack of compromise is the main theme within the Interiors of the EV9 too. The car is able to provide high levels of comfort due to an array of high-end materials, thoughtful details, and advanced technology. It does this with no clunky screen, a sloppy design, as well as nonsensical functions.

American customers will have the option to select between one of a seven or six-passenger seating arrangement as the vehicle will be available for sale later in the year. The seats that pivot, as they are in other countries are not available on the market in North America.

The EV9’s comforts are luxurious and far exceed your expectations. The headrest is made of mesh offering a great quantity of support, but and does not cause the strain on the neck that hard headrests may provide, all with less materials.

The technology is inside the seats too. Cooling and heating capabilities extend into the second row as well as USB-C outlets to those who need them.

Third-row seats are quite easy to get into and be seated within, even for adults. The head isn’t sacrificed and legroom. normal adult to worry over.

The smooth, streamlined appearance of the console and dashboard is reminiscent of Rivian’s much-praised style. Natural and recycled materials create appealing shapes, without the frills added to them by their makers as well as the fact that Kia does not completely exempt when examining its wider range of models.

The center console can be extended and the glove box can be placed in the middle of the dashboard’s lower part which allows more room to the legs of front-seat passengers. The location of the glove box is comparable to that of the Nissan Ariya has its, as well as far superior to the smaller console pockets that Lexus RZ owners are meant to store their items.

Plenty of space for cargo inside the EV9. The rear of the vehicle has greater than the Nissan Armada and less than the Chevrolet Tahoe. This is a perfect spot where it allows for carry-on luggage as well as groceries in a breeze, with nothing bouncing in the back while you make tightly-packed turns.

Inside the housing are Kia’s two driver information and information screens. Instead of a blank, white space in between, you’ll find an enticing, small temperature control display that displays every function you need at the forefront, a step away.

Lane centering assists make long highway drives easy with the EV9. This isn’t hands-free driving however Hyundai Motor Group’s tech is in the process of getting there.


The EV9 range includes the rear-wheel-drive Standard model. It comes with one electric motor mounted at the rear which produces 215 horsepower. The Long Range version is rear-drive as well. But, despite having the largest battery available it’s peak horsepower drops to 201 horsepower. Kia states that it can reach 62 mph in slow 8.2 seconds while the latter requires a sluggish 9.4 seconds. The models with all-wheel drive feature a dual motor arrangement, with 379 horsepower, as well as the available Boost mode can enhance the output of peak torque and will provide faster acceleration.

Kia says that the AWD EV9 will hit 62 miles per hour in 5.3 seconds. That makes it the ideal vehicle for those who desire powerful take-offs like EVs are known for. The performance-focused GT model will be added to in 2025’s year model and will have up to 576 horsepower. It’s only a concept and it’s an enjoyable ride. In the city, it’s EV9 offers a pleasant drive and its one-pedal that can be defeated effortlessly brings the vehicle to a complete stopping point.

The basic Standard model is equipped with a 76.1-kWh battery. This model is the Standard Long Range model and models with all-wheel drive feature more power with a 99.8-kWh battery. Kia states that this Long Range EV9 should drive at least 300 miles before charging. Don’t be expecting the dual motor all-wheel drive model to offer a similar range. Each EV9 utilizes Kia’s 800-volt electrical structure, which allows DC fast-charging devices to charge its battery rapidly. The EV9’s onboard charger of 11 kW is less than average compared to other models however its 230-kilowatt max charging speed can increase the range by 149 miles within just 15 minutes.

The EPA hasn’t released yet fuel economy estimations for the EV9 however, given its slender shape and larger dimensions, we’re likely to see a smaller number as compared to the Kia’s electric vehicle’s 117 mpg together. The EV9 dependent on the driving system, can range between 79-83 MPGe.

2024 Kia EV9 Electric SUV
2024 Kia EV9 Electric SUV

Release Date and Price

Prices for the SUV have yet to be announced, however, Kia team members are expecting U.S. customers to pay about $60,000 for the vehicle. Choosing to lease rather than buy a new vehicle could qualify an electric car to be eligible for the Inflation Reduction Act tax credit that can be as high as $7500.

The EV9 hasn’t got everything right. There are some negatives too. It can take a long time to realize that a lane has become open once the vehicle in front of it has stopped making use of adaptive cruise control. the screen for controlling temperature isn’t able to be accessible and operated by the driver. Additionally, the second row of seats needs two hands to secure in a reverse position after the third-row climb-in buckets, and the bucket-style child safety seats aren’t able to stay fixed while the next row is moved to the left. In reality, it’s not.