2024 Jeep Recon: Range, Interior, & Release Date

2024 Jeep Recon: Range, Interior, & Release Date The electric vehicle has made its mark in nearly every segment. It is now available on full-size trucks, luxury SUVs, and station wagons. But the 2024 Jeep Recon will be the first to make a splash. The four-wheel drive Recon EV, which is based on the Wrangler plug-in hybrid SUV, is a mid-size fully electric SUV. It has a power-folding roof and removable doors. The Ford Bronco, and not the Wrangler is the only pony that has such tricks. The initial images reveal a spare tire mounted on the tailgate, but no details have been released yet about price, range, or battery size. We can see some details, such as a seven-slot illuminated front grille and meaty BFGoodrich rubber. There is also seating for five people on rubberized flooring. This space will be updated as we continue our little research mission to find out more about the Jeep Recon. We’re waiting for the initial production date of the Recon EV, which is set for 2024.

2024 Jeep Recon
2024 Jeep Recon


Recon EV will join the Wagoneer EV in the Jeep lineup as two new electric models. The Jeep Recon EV is a mid-size SUV, so it will be about the same size as the current Jeep Wrangler and two-row Grand Cherokee. Jeep has announced that reservations for the Recon EV are expected to open in early 2023, with a production schedule set for sometime in 2024.

Jeep hasn’t yet revealed the Recon EV starting price, but it seems reasonable to assume that it will be higher than the gasoline-powered Wrangler. We also believe that the Recon EV will likely follow the Wrangler trim structure. Starting with the entry-level Sport model, the price and luxury quickly escalate to a fully loaded Sahara High Altitude. We’ll update the story when we learn more about Recon EV pricing and features.

This Wrangler-esque four-wheel drive looks somewhere between a classic Cherokee XJ and today’s Wrangler Rubicon. The former has a boxy roofline, while the latter features largely faired-in bodies and rounded-off headlights. It rides on Stellantis STLA’s new platform, which is unlike either of these traditional SUVs. It has an independent suspension instead of the old-school, live axles. But Jeep insists the Recon will be every bit as capable as its internal-combustion-powered 4x4s, “Rubicon [trail]-ready right out of the chute,” as Jeep honcho Jim Morrison puts it.

Jeep promises electronic locking differentials with Selec Terrain traction management, skid plates, and tow hooks. It also says that the tires will be beefier. The Recon, like the Wrangler can be stripped down to become more natural, with removable doors, and a retractable cloth roof panel. The Recon’s big tires and short overhangs give it enviable angles for approach, departure, and break over.

You might wonder if the Recon will eventually replace the Wrangler. Nope. Jeep insists that this is not true, saying that the Recon was designed to attract new customers and different shoppers than the Wrangler which is still “the icon.” As Stellantis’ Ralph Gilles, the design leader, acknowledges, the Wrangler was a major inspiration for the Recon. We thought it made sense that one of Jeep’s newest all-electric SUVs would try to leverage some of Wrangler’s 4×4 magic.

What does this mean for the anticipated Wrangler all-electric? Our guess is that Jeep will quickly enter the EV market with the Recon, using a Stellantis Platform destined for many upcoming EVs in development. We suspect that if (or when) the Jeep Wrangler does go electric, it will do so in the near future, using the STLA Frame Architecture, a body-on-frame EV platform designed for Stellantis trucks, like the upcoming Ram 1500 Electric. This would allow the Wrangler’s iconic live axles and beefiness to remain even when it becomes an EV.

Jeep says the Recon production will be displayed in 2023 and customer vehicles will begin rolling off the assembly line in 2024. Jeep will start taking orders next year. The electric 4×4 is not only destined for America: Jeep also plans to sell the vehicle in Europe. Like the Wrangler and the Recon, Mopar will support the Recon with a wide range of accessories, allowing customers to customize their electric Jeeps as they please.

2024 Jeep Recon Interior
2024 Jeep Recon Interior


Although we have not seen the official specs, the interior of Jeep Recon appears spacious, sturdy, and functional. The flat floor should allow for more room in the rear. The design is geared towards bringing the outside in. A lower beltline and larger windows along with the Sky Slider Roof all contribute to this idea.

Jeep Recon is expected to feature the Uconnect infotainment and come with travel guides that will show the best off-road routes for a weekend adventure. Knowing the brand, it’s exciting to discover unique easter egg designs in the design of the 4xe Evolution.

The Jeep Recon’s trunk space is divided into two areas: the frunk and the area behind the rear seats. With the rear seats folded down, cargo storage space is estimated to be around 30 cubic feet. Although we don’t yet have the exact numbers for the front and back, the EV chassis should make it more practical than the ICE version.

Engine and Specs

Jeep has kept the details of the powertrain and the 0-60-mph time under wraps for the moment, but they have stressed that capability is the Recon’s number one priority. It is therefore trail-rated, equipped with Jeep’s Selec Terrain traction control system, locker axle technology, and an appetite to tackle the Rubicon Trail.

Electric motors replace the engine. The STLA Large platform will have a dual-motor setup, and the e4WD is expected to deliver more than 600 horsepower. For off-road use, base models should be able to manage 400 hp.

Jeep, on the other hand, sees electrification as a way to improve performance. Its 4xe technology is an evolution of its superior 4×4 abilities. We’re confident that the recon will be able to deliver enough horsepower and on-demand torque in order for it to capitalize on Jeep’s key performance areas: fun, excitement, and adventure. All in complete silence.

Jeep says that while we’re awaiting official numbers regarding range, battery, and charging time, the Recon is designed to be able to drive the Rubicon Trail, with enough range to get back to town at the end. The Rubicon Trail isn’t that long but it can drain the battery quickly. We’d still expect a range of 400 miles for driving on roads, based on the STLA Large platform, and the fast-charging capability of 200 miles in 10 minutes, with the ideal charging hardware.

2024 Jeep Recon Design
2024 Jeep Recon Design

Release Date and Price

Jeep Recon release date is not officially announced but it will be revealed to the public by 2023. The manufacturer has stated that production will begin in 2024 and will be made in the USA. Reservations open in 2023.

The price of the Jeep Recon 2024 is not yet known, but it will likely be in the same range as the base MSRP of $55k for the Jeep Wrangler. The 2024 Jeep Recon will cost between $55k to $60k before options. However, this price can vary depending on trim and powertrain.