2024 Jeep Cherokee Limited: Review, Spec & Interior

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2024 Jeep Cherokee Limited: Review, Spec & Interior Jeep Cherokee drivers have learned to expect only one thing from their SUV when they sit behind the wheel: that it will last for a very long time. The Cherokee has a high bar to meet, especially with Jeep’s rugged reputation. How does the Jeep cross-over measure up?

New 2024 Jeep Cherokee Limited
New 2024 Jeep Cherokee Limited

Jeep forum reports for the early generation Cherokee indicates that its top mileage is around 250,000. One 1988 Cherokee, which was meticulously maintained, has surpassed 600,000.

Jeep Cherokee’s fifth generation seems to do well with higher mileage. Cherokee owners who have logged over 100,000 miles will most likely encounter common problems, including excessive oil consumption from the Tigershark leaky engine and transmission issues.

A 2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk driver cataloged his Cherokee expenses over four years, or up to 141,000 miles. His problems are similar to those reported previously for the Cherokee, including a cracked oil filter housing, as well as a transmission 4L gear that would not engage.

A conservative estimate of the lifetime of the typical Jeep Cherokee fifth generation falls between 175,000 and 200,000 miles. However, outliers do exist, just like with any other car.


Jeep Cherokee 2024 is going to change the way we think about adventure. This iconic SUV will take you on a journey of a lifetime with its anticipated update and redesign. We’ll explore the new features and improvements that will be available in the next model year.

Jeep’s 2024 Jeep Cherokee features a bold and fresh design that combines modern aesthetics, with Jeep’s rugged DNA. You can expect a smoother profile with sharper lines and an aerodynamic shape. The front fascia features a new grille that is complemented with sleek LED headlights. The 2024 Cherokee’s refined exterior will turn many heads, both on and off the main road.

Jeep did not spare any effort to improve the performance and technology of the 2024 Cherokee. Expect a wide range of engine choices, including turbocharged versions. Driver-assist systems such as adaptive cruise and lane-keeping assist will enhance safety and provide peace of mind. The Cherokee’s interior will feature a new infotainment unit with a large touchscreen, smartphone integration, and advanced connectivity features.

Jeep Cherokee 2024 is designed to handle any terrain. It’s the ideal companion for exciting adventures. The legendary Cherokee 4×4 capabilities will help you overcome obstacles, whether you are navigating urban jungles or exploring trails off-road. The spacious cabin provides comfort to passengers as well as ample space for cargo. It’s not only a car; the 2024 Cherokee will take you on a journey of endless exploration.

2024 Jeep Cherokee Limited
2024 Jeep Cherokee Limited


Jeep Cherokee 2024 boasts an exterior that seamlessly blends modern sophistication with ruggedness. Jeep’s latest vehicle is a standout in both terms of aesthetics and function. This article will explore the exterior design features of the Jeep Cherokee 2024.

Jeep Cherokee 2024 features an aerodynamic and bold silhouette, which exudes power and purpose. The muscular lines of the body and its sculpted shapes not only add to its appeal but also improve aerodynamics and fuel economy.

The iconic Jeep seven-slot design element is prominently displayed on the face of the new 2024 Cherokee. The grille pays tribute to Jeep’s history and adds an air of rugged sophistication to the overall look.

The 2024 Jeep Cherokee is equipped with the latest LED lighting technologies, which improves visibility and road safety. The 2024 Jeep Cherokee’s sleek LED taillights and headlights along with the available fog lights not only light up the road ahead, but they also give the vehicle a modern look.

The 2024 Cherokee comes with a variety of roof styles, such as a roof rack that is standard and a panoramic sunroof available. The features enhance the style of the vehicle, while also adding functionality.


Jeep Cherokee 2024 is an impressive vehicle that seamlessly combines rugged capabilities with modern sophistication. The interior of the Jeep Cherokee 2024 is a masterpiece. Its sleek exterior and impressive off-road abilities are only the beginning. We’ll explore the interior highlights that truly make this Jeep Cherokee a standout.

The 2024 Jeep Cherokee has a well-designed and spacious cabin. This clever use of space provides ample headroom and legroom for the driver as well as passengers. Seats that are ergonomically designed provide comfort even on long trips. The 2024 Jeep Cherokee will ensure that you reach your destination rested and rejuvenated, whether you are on an off-road journey or just commuting to work.

Jeep has made sure that the interior of the 2024 Cherokee is built with the highest quality materials. Every detail, from the leather upholstery to the soft-touch surfaces, exudes sophistication. Trims and finishes are carefully selected to create an atmosphere of elegance and luxury.

Jeep Cherokee 2024 embraces modern technology to improve convenience and connectivity. Premium sound systems provide an immersive audio environment, transforming every journey into a musical concert. The advanced driver assistance features also provide peace of mind and added safety. 2024 Jeep Cherokee Limited

2024 Jeep Cherokee Limited Interior
2024 Jeep Cherokee Limited Interior


  • Engine: Base engine, 2.4-liter 4-cylinder 180 horsepower with 171 pounds-feet torque
  • Engine: 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 270 horsepower.
  • Drivetrain: Four-wheel drive. (Jeep Active Drive II standard on Trailhawk; Jeep Active Drive II standard for the base model).
  • Transmission: 9-speed automatic

In most situations, the Cherokee’s four-cylinder standard engine is underpowered. The automatic transmission also receives criticism for its poorly timed and sloppy shifts. The optional engine has a little turbo-lag, but it’s still capable at high speeds.

According to the EPA, the Jeep Cherokee 2024 with the four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine achieves a low 21 mpg city/highway. This isn’t good for the class of compact SUVs. According to EPA estimates, the turbocharged Cherokee Trailhawk gets 20 mpg city and 26 on the highway.