2024 Honda Odyssey AWD – Does the Honda Odyssey Have AWD?

Will there ever be a 2024 Honda Odyssey AWD? The current Honda Odyssey only has a four-wheel drive system and a front-wheel drive system. What about the new one?

Honda Odyssey has been designed in two different drivetrains: four-wheel drive and front-wheel drive. There is no Honda Odyssey with an AWD drivetrain yet. Will there ever be a 2024 Honda Odyssey AWD? AWD stands for all-wheel drive. Many believe that AWD and 4WD are the same things.

All-wheel drive and four-wheel drive are two different things. What makes them different? What are the benefits of driving a vehicle with an all-wheel drive drivetrain system? You’ll find the answer to those questions only on this page.

2024 Honda Odyssey AWD
2024 Honda Odyssey AWD

What Is AWD or All-Wheel Drive?

All-wheel drive is a driving system that transfers the power with the most traction to the wheels. The power can be split between the rear and front wheel axles or even between individual wheels, through the three differentials: rear, front, and central.

The differential itself is the combination of an all-wheel drive gearbox and also advanced engineering that will take power from the transmission of the car and then distribute the power to the right axles. All-wheel drive systems come in two different types: electronic and mechanical systems.

2024 Honda Odyssey Interior Design
2024 Honda Odyssey Interior Design

2024 Honda Odyssey AWD Benefits

The all-wheel-drive system is complicated. However, this driving system is one of the super useful innovations in modern cars since this driving system can improve driving capabilities and road safety dramatically. Several benefits of modern cars with all-wheel drive systems include:

1. Better Grip, Especially in Slippery Terrain

If the road is super icy or wet with slippery areas that are unexpected, the all-wheel drive system is going to distribute the traction expertly and quickly to the right wheels. Your car will stay stable in any adverse condition.

2. Improve the General Handling

The latest all-wheel-drive system uses an intelligent torque vector in order to improve the handling. ECU will keep the speed and traction of every wheel under control. This eases you in tackling uneven driving surfaces more easily.

3. Works All the Time

When you start your car, the all-wheel drive system will be activated automatically. This makes it different from the four-wheel drive system, which requires the driver to activate the driving system manually.

4. Give Sportier Traction and Handling

With the all-wheel drive system, the SUV will be able to handle tight cornering and also enhance the other aspects of the car’s performance. Many famous car models have been upgrading the four-wheel drive system to an all-wheel drive system in order to get dynamic everyday driving.

Hopefully, Honda will do the same as some other manufacturers by upgrading the driving system of the 2024 Odyssey with an all-wheel drive system instead of a four-wheel drive system or front-wheel drive system.

Does the Honda Odyssey Have AWD
Does the Honda Odyssey Have AWD

2024 Honda Odyssey AWD Versus 4WD

Many people use the terms four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive interchangeably. But actually, both driving systems are totally different.

• For Different Conditions

Four-wheel drive or 4WD is the most common system found in off-road vehicles since the system will work perfectly at low speeds, like through the mud.

Although the all-wheel drive system is also suitable for the entire road conditions, this awesome system is much more suitable for handling weather conditions that are tricky and for sporty performance.

• Power Distribution

The other difference between both systems is how the power from the transmission will distribute to the wheels. The 4WD will use a transfer case that ensures the entire wheels use the same speed to turn when the power is evenly split.

But AWD systems use torque and differentials vectoring in adjusting speed and traction. Honda Odyssey doesn’t have an all-wheel drive system. Hopefully, Honda will replace the four-wheel drive system and front-wheel drive system with the much better 2024 Honda Odyssey AWD system.