2024 GMC Canyon AT4X Release Date: When Will the 2024 GMC Canyon AT4X Be Released?

2024 GMC Canyon AT4X Release Date: When Will the 2024 GMC Canyon AT4X Be Released? – The Canyon was a successful offering from GMC. The Canyon will not bring about a paradigm shift in the midsize truck segment. However, the previous model is clearly surpassed by this one in almost every respect, with the exception of its efficiency in terms of fuel use. At the time of this writing, it is possible to argue that the Canyon AT4X is the most luxurious choice available within the sector; but, with Ford and Toyota planning to release new high-end off-road vehicles in the very near future, this may soon change.

2024 GMC Canyon AT4X Review
2024 GMC Canyon AT4X Review

If I were to put down the cash for a Canyon, I may go for the 4WD Elevation trim, which will still be a nice and competent vehicle. If not, I might go for the higher-end SLT model. Alternatively, I might swallow my pride and go all in with AT4X. The Multimatic DSSV dampers are well worth the investment, regardless of whether you plan to use them on or off the road.


What the manufacturer recommends that you do with the automobile may often shed light on both the vehicle’s strong and weak points. GMC’s test drive path led directly to a dusty backroad that included divots large enough for an adult to curl up and take a nap in; the company was certain that they were dealing with a reliable vehicle.

In the corners, body control is shown quite well. The steering has a nice even weight to it. It doesn’t make a fuss when the gearbox shifts into the gear you need to be in. It maintains its composure over bumps; nevertheless, since the Denali has lower-profile tires, you may feel the bumps more than in other models, but the sensation is not intolerable.

Big mud-terrain tires measuring 33 inches were standard on the AT4X vehicles that we drove. On the highway, the vehicle will now have a somewhat louder ride as a result of this change. The AT4X, on the other hand, is equipped with Multimatic DSSV dampers, which not only improve the vehicle’s ride comfort on paved roads but also increase its off-road performance. When cruising on the highway, everything went off without a hitch, which is something that even the most devoted Tacoma fans hardly ever say.

We ran the AT4X for nearly three hours along the trails in the woods behind our house. It was hardly a three-hour marathon of nonstop craziness, but there were some nasty portions that included steep rock climbs, a mud pit, sharp bumps, and loose surface areas where you could speed up and let loose with the Baja mode. The Canyon AT4X was able to effortlessly manage everything, and it did so without aggravating any preexisting back conditions in the rider.

Ground clearance is 9.6 inches on the Canyon in its basic configuration. Because of the three-inch raise that the AT4X provides, this measurement is now 10.7 inches. The Goodyear Wrangler MT tires have an exceptional amount of traction. To overcome difficulties, the vehicle has a high degree of flex as well as articulation. And the Multimatic DSSV dampers ensured that everything remained at a satisfactory level of comfort. When everything else failed, relying on the vehicle’s 430 pound-feet of torque proved to be an excellent strategy for pushing through or climbing anything in its path.

The Canyon AT4X has an abundance of cutting-edge technology, as is typical with GMC vehicles. You may choose from a variety of off-road driving modes, and there are a lot of different camera angles and screen views to experiment with. Toggles for off-road controls, such as those for the differential locks, are typically big, well-labeled, and simple to use.


The capabilities of a vehicle may be improved by both widening and raising it. However, the primary motivation for doing so is to give the vehicle a more macho appearance. Because the Canyons were all raised and enlarged, the designers of the Canyons were able to integrate this change into the design of the Canyons and make the lift seem more natural (rather than like a bad choice one would find on a Texas freeway).

The Canyon maintains its dignified and energizing appearance even when built to AT4X standards. There is a lack of excessive branding and visuals. You do not get aggressive detailing or a large black hood scoop. It is, in fact, a truck. But it seems to be a more sophisticated product for professionals, the kind of people who purchase Sierras and Yukons, rather than a truck you’re going to strap dirt bikes in the back of and haul ass to the desert with — not that there’s anything wrong with the latter use case; it’s just not what it appears to be.

2024 GMC Canyon AT4X Interior
2024 GMC Canyon AT4X Interior


Trucks are known for maintaining a basic interior design, which is something that other types of vehicles might learn from. The Canyon has a straightforward and practical interior design. You have a number of buttons that are within easy reach of you. GM improved the technology from the previous version by adding digital instrument displays and a touchscreen with a larger display of 11.3 inches. Even throughout the worst parts of the voyage, the chairs never became uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, there are a few problems with the cabin in the Canyon. The first factor is size. The Canyon is a vehicle that is of a substantial proportion. However, the inside is still somewhat congested. At 5 feet 11 inches tall, I had no trouble fitting in the cockpit, and I was even able to kind of sit behind myself. However, taller drivers could have some difficulties. Even squeezing a rucksack that was just somewhat thin into the footwell that was located behind the chairs proved to be a difficult task. It might be difficult to find clothing that fits youngsters. Additionally, a tonneau cover is likely an essential accessory to have.

The cabin did not have a premium feel to it, at least not in comparison to the competition that was found outside of the segment of midsize trucks. Canyon is not the same as Sierra in that there is less money available to spend on both the engineering and the purchasing ends of the process. There are accents of high-quality leather and, in the case of the Denali model, laser-etched open-pore wood across the various trimmings. However, the impact of these nice elements is significantly reduced when contrasted with airline-grade plastic in your sight lines on top of the dashboard and on the door sills.


In order to provide the Canyon GM’s turbocharged 2.7-liter inline-four power, GMC got rid of the Canyon’s V6 and diesel engines. It sticks out on paper because, while in the past you had to pick between horsepower and torque, the new four-cylinder engine delivers both of these characteristics. The 310 horsepower is comparable to the previous V6, and the 430 pound-feet of torque is 61 pound-feet greater than the previous diesel engine’s output. There is presently nothing on the market that can compete with it; however, stay tuned to see what Toyota has in store for the iForce Max hybrid in Tacoma.

In actual use, the four-pot works out quite well. The Canyon is not a sports car; it is a pickup truck. Therefore, the torque builds up over a longer period of time; think of it as a more robust reservoir that you can draw from for a highway pass rather than shooting off the line. The eight-speed automatic gearbox is quite smooth, and it provides a natural power buildup as well as low rpm for cruising while driving on the highway. The Canyon models that do not have the AT4X can each tow up to 7,700 pounds, while the AT4X is still capable of pulling 6,000 pounds.

One complaint that can be made about the new engine is that it does not have a flawless sound, which is something that those who are against four-cylinder engines will continue to bring up. It doesn’t sound nearly as labored as it does pulling around a full-size truck, but it doesn’t have the rumble and growl you’d get with a V6 either, and this is something that you will notice every time you climb uphill or apply the pedal with any degree of enthusiasm.

I was aware that GM switched to the four-pot for performance, which is the explanation for the switch given by the company despite the fact that the four-pot is not more efficient. Trucks, in comparison to other types of vehicles, are more obstructive. If you lift them and make them wider, they will simply become less aerodynamic. Because of these two characteristics, the Canyon generation is much less efficient than the previous generation.

The EPA gives the regular Canyon a rating of 17 mpg in the city and 21 mpg on the highway; the previous generation of the Canyon with 4WD and a V6 achieved 24 mpg on the highway. When MT tires are mounted on an AT4X, the vehicle’s highway mileage reduces from 21 to 20 miles per gallon. Our vehicles were getting closer to 14 or 15 miles per gallon on average, despite the fact that they were doing a lot of off-roading, idling, and being driven by journalists with heavy foot traffic. 2024 GMC Canyon AT4X Release Date

2024 GMC Canyon AT4X Price
2024 GMC Canyon AT4X Price

Release Date

The new GMC Canyon AT4X off-roader will give birth to a Canyon AT4X AEV with increased capabilities for the 2024 model year. On Wednesday, GMC revealed the first image of its robust mid-size pickup truck and stated that the vehicle’s premiere would take place on July 6.