2024 Genesis G80 Specification Prediction

You may wonder what the 2024 Genesis G80 will bring to you. Now, check out the prediction of this car in the following discussion.

If you are searching for the specifications of the 2024 Genesis G80, you have come to the right article. However, given the carmaker itself has not said any words about the specifications of this car, all we can provide is the specification prediction of this car. This article will show you the prediction of this car as well as how the car will be compared to the current version. Make sure to read the details in this article below.

2024 Genesis G80 Concept
2024 Genesis G80 Concept

2024 Genesis G80 Overview

You may wonder how will the 2024 Genesis G80 look like. Well, currently there is little to no information about this car given it is still a long time to reach the production year. But what we can say about it is that it’d be electric—and we are pretty sure about it.

This is because the carmaker itself has made the 2023 version of Genesis G80 an electrified one. Although it has not been produced in more than one trim yet, the car has loads to offer. Most of it is made luxurious.

The 2024 version of Genesis G80 is predicted to be not far different from the car’s 2023 version. There is no reference claiming so, still. It is just our prediction and it can be true or false.

What About the Price?

The Genesis G80 is equipped with an electric powertrain, which is particularly new for Genesis itself. With all-packed decency and sophisticated things here and there, this car is ready to be brought home at $75,000 (2023 version). It is the starting price and the price in your dealership can be much higher than that.

Will it be much different in the 2024 production year? It can be so. We believe there won’t be much difference in specifications in the 2023 production year and 2024 production year. Hence, this results in a price that is not much different. It can even be more than that.

2024 Genesis G80 Release Date
2024 Genesis G80 Release Date

Exterior and Interior

From the outside, this car is looking so lavish yet minimalist at the same time. It looks dazzling when seen from its front, but when you look at it from its side, it may not be that much different than other cars.

Despite being a luxury sedan, the 2023 version of this car may be that lackluster for some. This may remain in the 2024 version of Genesis G80, but it may also be not.

To mention parts of it to take people’s attention, would be the grille and its wheels. The rest, well, can be considered ordinary. But we don’t know what the carmaker will bring in the upcoming production.

What about the interior? The 2024 Genesis G80 is expected to be able to fix the headroom and legroom that are reduced due to the battery placement.

Aside from that, the drawbacks are minimum to be seen. Posh materials are seen to be used on its 2023 version of G80. Not to forget, the techs included in this car will not make you disappointed at all.

2024 Genesis G80 Interior
2024 Genesis G80 Interior


As the G80 in 2023 has its electrified version, its 2024 version will also be like that. However, the details of the powertrain are yet to be known.

Let’s say that the G80 electrified shares the same powertrain with that as the 2023 version of it. Then, it will have an 87.2 kWh battery pack. Per charge, the car will be capable to tackle around 282 miles.

Talking about the car’s battery, won’t be complete without talking about the car’s battery fast charger. Genesis itself claims that the 2023 version of the car is capable to fill the battery from 10% to 80% in just 22 minutes. The 2024 Genesis G80 charging time, we believe, can be faster than that. But the battery may remain the same.