2024 Ford Raptor R Price: How Much Will the 2024 Raptor R Cost?

2024 Ford Raptor R Price: How Much Will the 2024 Raptor R Cost? – When the howling winds of November arrived in advance in Michigan’s Silver Lake Dunes, the day started off with weather that would have scared Gordon Lightfoot. The persistent rain stopped falling at some point, but by that time, the towering dunes had absorbed so much water that there was nearly too much traction. We are guessing that it will not be too much for the person driving the rented Buick Encore, but it will be plenty for the 2024 Ford F-150 Raptor R to find even the sharpest dunes to be just a slight hassle. Wet sand may as well be a foot-thick lane of highway slab when you’ve got 700 horsepower and 37-inch deadlocked tires because it’s going to feel exactly the same to your vehicle.

2024 Ford Raptor R Changes
2024 Ford Raptor R Changes

The 2024 Ford Raptor R represents the long-awaited arrival of the Raptor brand at its height, although this may not have been inevitable. Would Ford put an engine from a Shelby GT500 in a Raptor if there was no Ram TRX? According to what we have learned from scientific research, the simple act of observing something can have an effect on the results. Given this, we have to assume that Ford noticed Ram selling all of the approximately $90,000 trucks it could build and thought to himself, “You know, maybe we should do that.” In addition, Ram would not disclose how many TRXs it has sold; but, the Stellantis trophy truck has a significant head start on the Raptor R. We have already completed our 40,000-mile test in our long-term TRX and have come to the conclusion that it is an excellent vehicle.

Specifications As Well As Execution

Given the evident level of competition that the Raptor R faces, it is quite puzzling that Ford did not go for the bragging rights of having the most horsepower with this vehicle. Since the TRX produces 702 horsepower, there is no reason not to offer the Raptor R 703 horsepower. That would have been an absolutely funny thing for Ram to do, and it’s very likely that he would do it. Instead, Ford came up with an even 700 horsepower at 6650 rpm, and the powertrain experts at the company make perfect sense when they remark that it is impossible to distinguish the difference between 700 horsepower and a little bit more than 700 horsepower. But these kinds of vehicles aren’t about making sense unless you travel to Mike’s Sky Ranch in Baja, which you probably don’t.

The objective is to rack up a lot of points, make a lot of noise, move some dirt from over here to far over there, and then do some impressive leaps. Even without the ability to gloat about its horsepower, the Raptor R is very well prepared to deal with anything that might possibly come it’s way.

Ford’s supercharged 5.2-liter V-8 engine delivers 640 pound-feet of torque at 4250 revolutions per minute thanks to a truck tune that was applied specifically for the Raptor. Because the EcoBoost-specific piping was warping when subjected to hard throttle, Ford had to fortify the intake ductwork of the Raptor because the blown 5.2 gulps of air with such ferocity that it forced them to do so.

Because of the upgraded pulley on the supercharger, the boost can be brought up to speed more quickly, which is great news for those four 37-inch BFGoodrich All-Terrain KO2 tires. The front end gains an additional 100 pounds when you install a V-8, so the spring rates are upped and there are some beefier frame brackets, but other than that, the suspension is largely the same. The standard Raptor, which is equipped with a 450-horsepower twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6, can be had with either 35-inch or 37-inch tires, while the Raptor R is only available with 37s. This results in a loss of one inch of front suspension travel, but it adds 13.1 inches to the vehicle’s ground clearance, and Ford even acknowledges that it merely makes the vehicle look better.

The Raptor R, much like its EcoBoost sibling, is delightfully capable of adapting to whatever kind of terrain that you choose to attack. A rear drive, an automatic four-wheel drive, a high-range four-wheel drive that is physically locked front to back, and a low-range four-wheel drive are all available from the transfer case. You also have the option of manually locking the rear differential; however, this cannot be done when in a two-wheel drive.

You may individually modify the steering effort, the Fox Live Valve dampers, and the exhaust sound using the buttons on the steering wheel. These buttons also feature an R button for quickly accessing your preferred preset settings. And there are a plethora of driving modes to choose from, allowing you to personalize the reactions to the circumstances at hand. Our top pick is the Baja region. When you accidentally switch to the Tow/Transport mode, you suddenly have a moment of self-awareness: oh yes, this is a truck, a practical device that can tow and/or haul! It is not just for putting the Raptor R into a low orbit off the Silver Lake Dunes, despite the fact that it is very excellent at doing that as well. However, an EcoBoost Raptor is as well.

2024 Ford Raptor R Changes
2024 Ford Raptor R Design

When you flatten the accelerator, the twin four-inch exhaust cannons fire a fusillade of V-8 fury. At the same time, your shoulders are buried into the Raptor R embroidery on the upper seatback, and the 10-speed automatic shuffles gear quicker than a blackjack shoe rearranges the cards at the Golden Nugget. This is where the Raptor R truly shines.

As the Raptor seeks traction, the front end of the vehicle begins to ascend upward into the sky, and you may feel a little jiggle in the steering wheel. The enormous Ford accelerates from 30 to 50 miles per hour in 2.2 seconds, which is the same amount of time that we measured from the 2019 Ferrari 488 Pista. The passing power is spectacular. Even on the sand, it seems like you’re moving at a breakneck speed. The closest comparison I can make is to an F-150 Lightning Extended Range but with a great deal more noise and excitement. The Ford engineers who were there all agreed that a race between the Raptor R and the Lightning would be exciting.

However, the Raptor R vs the TRX is an even more compelling matchup, as the Ford just edges out the Toyota in terms of acceleration testing. The Raptor R accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour in only 3.6 seconds, which is 0.1 seconds faster than the TRX, and it rips through the quarter-mile in just 12.0 seconds at 112 miles per hour, which is faster than the TRX’s run of 12.3 seconds at 111 miles per hour. And those figures don’t properly represent the advantage that the Raptor has since Ford’s speed restriction is set to 114 miles per hour, which means it starts putting an end to the party before the quarter-mile is finished. If we rewind the video, we can see that the Raptor has a larger advantage at 110 mph since it only takes 11.1 seconds for it to reach that speed, whereas it takes the Ram 11.8 seconds.

In addition, the Raptor does not have a mode for launch control, and it does not support brake torquing. Instead, for some strange reason, the launches that take place utilizing the auto-hold option are the fastest. These two factors explain why the margin is not much larger between the TRX and a vehicle that weighs 6077 pounds, which is 704 pounds less than the TRX. However, despite its comparatively light curb weight, the Raptor R only achieved a fuel efficiency that was the same as that of the TRX, which was 10 mpg. This did not convert into significant savings at the pump.

Due to the fact that the dunes had just been irrigated, we had to switch to the rear-wheel drive mode in order to satisfy our childish need to hurl sand. Because of this, we were able to figure out that, in addition to the electronic locker, the open rear differential also has a limited-slip function that is depending on the brakes. The brake-based system is put into action whenever either one of the two sides of the vehicle encounters an increase in the wheel speed. When this occurs, the brake on the affected side applies pressure, which transfers power to the opposing side. Even after the AdvanceTrac stability-control system has been turned off in its entirety, this system continues to function in the background. Therefore, if you wish to roost some dunes in two-wheel drive, which prevents you from engaging the rear locker, the rear brakes will be put under a lot of stress.

To which we respond by saying that 700-horsepower trucks don’t exactly attract the left-brain thinkers among us, and buyers of the Raptor R will want to drift it in rear-drive mode as soon as possible, perhaps on the way out of the dealership parking lot (maximum lateral acceleration is a mere 0.71 g). Then why not simply make it such that the locking diff engages when the vehicle is in the two-wheel drive? Ford has said that this is not how the process works at this time, but the firm is always open to hearing what its consumers have to say. Therefore, if you desire a locking differential while the vehicle is in rear-drive mode, make a request to the Ford agent in your area. What do we want? Roosty drifts! When exactly do we need them? As often as is practical!

When tested on public roads, the stopping power of the Raptor is surprisingly comparable to that of the TRX. The Raptor R takes 205 feet to come to a stop from 70 mph and 430 feet to come to a halt from 100 mph, which are both somewhat longer distances than the TRX’s stops. The Ram has a better stopping distance than the Ford by seven feet when starting from 70 mph and by three feet when starting from 100 mph.

It won’t be simple for you to locate a Raptor R out in the wild if that’s what you’re hoping to do. To begin, the Raptor R seems to be quite similar to an EcoBoost Raptor that has been upgraded to have 37-inch tires, with the exception of its enlarged hood. The trucks that were stationed at Silver Lake also included a graphics package that played off of the Raptor’s “digital mud” pattern by creating the black portion of the picture out of very small 8s. This pattern was applied to the trucks.

The Raptor logo is rendered on the driver’s side of the truck in Raptor Orange, which looks wonderful until the vehicle is the same color, in which case it appears like you’re driving a Rapto. If the truck is not the same color, the rendering looks amazing. (The first R on the driver’s side is colored orange, so if you look at it from the passenger’s perspective, you’ll see a “raptor.”) If you would rather the 5.2-liter Predator speak for itself, though, you have the option to eliminate the graphics at no additional expense. Which it does at an 83-decibel howl when the throttle is fully open. This is the same number that we recorded from another supercharged four-by-four mega pickup.

2024 Ford Raptor R
2024 Ford Raptor R


The starting price of a Raptor R is a cool $109,145, which means that there won’t be a million of them to spot either. It depends on your point of view and possibly on whether or not your neighbor has a TRX and is due for a FoMoCo riposte that 6 a.m. Hellcat cold starts as to whether or not that roughly $30,000 more than a base Raptor (and $26,000 more than a TRX) sounds worth it or whether or not it sounds totally ridiculous. It would be easy to jump to the conclusion that this is the end of the discussion given that Ram manufactured the TRX and Ford manufactured the Raptor R; however, we have a sneaking suspicion that this is not the case.