2024 Ford Mustang Raptor R Price: How Much Will the 2024 Ford Mustang Raptor R Cost?

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2024 Ford Mustang Raptor R Price: How Much Will the 2024 Ford Mustang Raptor R Cost? – Ford will not be present at the SEMA exhibition in Las Vegas this year; nonetheless, an independent digital artist has envisioned something that many fans would want to see, at least in the shape of a one-off concept vehicle. The legendary muscle vehicle, the Ford Mustang, has been given an off-road makeover to compete with the likes of the Jeep Wrangler and the Ford Mustang Raptor R.

2024 Ford Mustang Raptor R Concept
2024 Ford Mustang Raptor R Concept

Because of the redesigned suspension and new set of wheels that are fitted with massive A/T tires, the Ford Mustang Raptor R sits noticeably higher than the standard model. This is entire to be expected. Covering the broader tracks are wide fender extensions that link via protected side sills. These extensions are equipped with integrated marker lights.

At the front, the designer added a bespoke bumper that looked very similar to the one on the Ford Ranger Raptor. It was finished in unpainted plastic and featured an aluminum-style skid plate and recovery points. Additionally, the grille was upgraded with additional LEDs and the Ford lettering that is synonymous with the brand. A matte-black treatment has been applied to the roof as well as the tailgate, which is consistent with the bulged black-painted hood that gives the impression of a strong V8 engine. Last but not least, the trunk receives a writing reading “Ford RaptoR” as well as a new wing, a skid plate, and quad exhaust outlets for the vehicle’s rear end.

At the moment, the Ranger, the F-150, and the Bronco are all members of the Raptor family that is produced by Ford Performance. It is quite improbable that the pony car will be given the Raptor treatment, despite the fact that the firm may in the future increase the offers that are focused on off-roading. However, we must not forget that Lamborghini is going to introduce the Huracan Stradale, which has the potential to start a new trend of jacked-up sports cars and supercars. This is something that we must not ignore.


Rendering artists were sent into a flurry of activity when the official debut of the all-new generation of the Ford Mustang was announced. We have everything, from coupes to station wagons to Shelby GT500s, and much more. Nevertheless, there is one that nobody mentioned, and that is an off-roader that brings together the design cues of the new Mustang and the racy F-150 Raptor R.

This particular method of depiction has been around for quite some time. Over the course of the last several years, almost every popular muscle vehicle has been reimagined as a boosted off-roader. This is somewhat based on truth since there is a possibility that an ancient Firebird may be attached to the chassis of a truck. However, getting silver body armor and off-road tires mounted on your beloved V8 hooning machine is mainly just a pipe dream.

The pixel perfectionist known as wb.artist20 didn’t want to copy any old muscle vehicle, so he began by creating a 3D model of the brand-new Mustang from 2024, which is already the talk of the town. In addition to this, rather than just doing a lift, he channeled the spirit of the Ford F-150 Raptor R. In the unlikely event that you have been living… nowhere near a rock, that is the supercharged V8 monster that has a price tag of $110,000 and generates 700 horsepower.

2024 Ford Mustang Raptor R Interior
2024 Ford Mustang Raptor R Interior

Everyone has their sights set on a Raptor R, but there is no way to get one for very good reasons. This is the first time Ford has ever created something quite like it, and it is designed to directly compete with the RAM 1500 TRX. The Blue Oval, on the other hand, already has an incredible engine that it was able to steal from the Shelby GT500 that was in the Mustang before it.

That 5.2-liter supercharged snake engine would be a nice addition to the Mustang, and it would be cool to have it back. Despite what the rumors suggested, the new S650 does not come with an all-wheel-drive (AWD) option; nonetheless, installing AWD as part of a unique build for SEMA does not seem to be feasible.

Not only has the digital 5.2-liter engine been moved to the 2024 Mustang from the Raptor R, but the whole body package has also been transferred. You will get an aluminum hood cowl with vents to cool the pony, a prominent “FORD” text inside the main grille, tow hooks, metal side skirts, and large tires. We are unsure of the precise dimensions, but we speculate that it is around the same 33-inch size as the wheels on Westen’s Corvette. The standard size range for Bronco tires is between 30 and 35 inches, so it’s possible that we may borrow some of them.

Throughout the years, there were Mustang rally vehicles in existence. And if you want the proposal to be as realistic as, you should consider whether or not the Local Motors Rally Fighter can be outfitted with the body of a 2024 Mustang that has been customized with carbon fiber. However, the chassis would need to be shortened since the wheelbase is around 7 inches longer than it should be.


The image of the S650 Mustang Raptor R begins at the front of the car and showcases the recognizable letters FORD in the grille along with the Raptor R bumper that is equipped with the front skid plate and two tow hooks. Additionally, the drawing includes the front skid plate. The warning lights that are mounted on the grille and front fenders provide a great touch to the front fascia of the vehicle. Even the headlights themselves have yellow danger lights on top, which serves to round off the whole appearance. Additionally, the hood has been blackened out and has a crucial scoop that works in conjunction with the two air intakes to assist the engine produce even more power. 2024 Ford Mustang Raptor R Price

2024 Ford Mustang Raptor R Design
2024 Ford Mustang Raptor R Design

The top of the vehicle and the trunk, which has its own distinctive spoiler, are both finished in a matte black color. In addition, the letters FORD can be seen on the trunk, and beneath it is an emblem that says “Raptor R.” Tow hitch, an essential accessory, is integrated into the back bumper. Last but not least, we obviously can’t leave out the gigantic tires that round off the overall appearance of the vehicle. They give the car an intimidating appearance and, in conjunction with the fender flares, elevate the whole thing to a new level. It has even been removed completely.

Although the S650 Mustang Raptor R is a concept car that will never be produced in the real world, it is the kind of item that would be an excellent addition to the SEMA show. An off-road competent Ford Mustang racing against other vehicles off the trodden route would be an interesting sight to watch, and it is possible that someone may create something similar to this as an aftermarket product. Bronco, you had better be careful.

Then, it has the conventional hood, which is finished in black and has a big power dome that is fashioned in an aggressive manner. The front grille, the bumpers, the fender flares, the roof, and the large rear wing all had the same treatment of having black sprayed to them. This one-of-a-kind Mustang has been outfitted with a fresh set of wheels that have been fitted with off-road rubber, so it can go on any kind of pavement.

We are aware that the likelihood of Ford really producing a Mustang Raptor is, at best, quite low; yet, it is not impossible to have hope, particularly when one considers the fact that the corporation produced a Mustang Mach-E. Even if it is possible that the new Mustang Raptor R might not be as popular as the new Super Duty, we are certain that there would be a market for it.