2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse Convertible: Does the 2024 Dark Horse Mustang Come In a Convertible?

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2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse Convertible: Does the 2024 Dark Horse Mustang Come In a Convertible? We’ve had the pleasure of taking a test drive through The Last Muscle Car Standing which is the soon-to-be most coveted 2024 Ford Mustang. it’s a six-speed Dark Horse with the full handling package of $4,500 and 1’650 Recaro race buckets. The ride was one hour long through the city of Detroit which never even came near the limit of the infotainment display’s g-meter gauge regardless of direction. However, it did give us a preview of what the top-shelf car that’s not Shelby is going to be to ride: surprisingly cozy for long rides in normal mode, and just as we’d hoped, quite robust for track day weekends with higher-intensity settings. If you take a good study the instruction instructions, the users will be able to customize this Mustang as they have never before. 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse Convertible

2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse Convertible
2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse Convertible


Normal and Sport modes, as well as Track Slippery as well as Drag Strip modes, aren’t novel (the Drag Strip mode is slightly unique) however, the fact that not all vehicles offer the first three modes differs in their distinct. After several times of driving the same stretch of asphalt for the photographer we chose, We flipped through the different modes and observed distinct differences in the volume of Coyote’s V-8’s bang as well as the clearness with which we were able to see every road imperfections. Normal was a nice fit for a sports car. The sport was comfortable on a fairly twisty road however Track recommended that owners should set up a customized mode that has a comfortable suspension to handle bumpy roads like Sebring. We should note that during this test, our car was outfitted with full tilt-boogie Pirelli P Zero Trofeo RS tires and not the regular PZ4 tires for all seasons. The driver we spoke with assured us that the steering experience is distinctly noticeable in all different modes.

It’s also not necessary to depend on your sense of hearing or a gut twist to determine which one you’re in because the graphics on the 12.4-inch instrument cluster for every mode differ in appearance, from the traditional rectangular gauges (Normal), and the curved speedometer and tach gauges placed at the bottom corners in the center of the group (Sport) as well as the bold ribbon-tachometer that runs across the top, above a time and a gear selection reading when in track mode (unless you’d prefer mixing and match screen styles or opt for a Fox body Mustang gauge style and a streamlined “Calm” screen). The 13.2-inch center display has a number of pages too with a variety of extra information gauges that you can use for track excursions. Additionally, the primary and second colors of the gauges as well as screens can be set to coordinate with the lighting of the surrounding. If anyone complains that they are bored with their “24 Mustang” simply isn’t doing enough.

It was confirmed that when you turn off the Dark Horse in Track mode by locking it, then returning to it, it’ll remain in the same mode (or any other mode). It’s possible that your neighbors will be thankful by reversing the Track mode restart by enabling a feature that makes sure that restarts put the exhaust variable in quiet mode. The interface to open a large portion of the program can be accessible using the lower console button that is marked by the Mustang Pony’s logo.

Our driver was gracious enough to rev his engine several times while using the exhaust on Track mode in one of Detroit’s concrete canyons. It attracted a lot of people’s attention. It also probably attracted some office workers out in their office windows. It is important to note that using our manual six-speed requires somebody to push the accelerator and then with the automated you can accelerate the engine using the fob of your key.

Just walking up to your car will trigger an impressive light show in the style of Disney, which features three parts of the headlamp and taillamp cluster performing an orchestrated sequence of flashes that are sequential and simultaneous. When you get on board, the screen lights up, with a zoomed-in flying over and around a Dark Horse emblem that only closes when you press the ignition. It also triggers additional video game fun, thanks to Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3D graphics (as seen in numerous videos). Switching between the different drive modes allows the main screen to illustrate the appearance of a Mustang driven in the sort of scene depicted by the different modes. If you happen to notice an image of the vehicle on the central screen, you may move the picture around.

The Recaro buckets were cozy for the duration of an hour even the back seats were spacious and comfortable to our sub-6-foot-tall social-media photographer However, climbing back can be a bit difficult due to the absence of a single-touch fold-and-slide feature on any Recaro bucket seats.

2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse Convertible Interior
2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse Convertible Interior


The Mustang remains with the front-engine rear-wheel-drive configuration with the same engines as the first-generation Mustang but with some modifications. It’s the turbocharged 2.3-liter inline-four engine for EcoBoost models. On the other hand, the GT comes with an upgraded 5.0-liter Coyote V8.

The GT is boosted up to 480 hp and 415 lb-ft immediately upon entry. You can choose the GT’s option of an active-valve exhaust system, and the numbers increase to 486 horsepower and 418 pounds of torque.

For the sake of GT’s horsepower, 2024’s model-year horsepower numbers are in line with prior special editions such as Mustang Bullitt and pre-2022 Mach 1. Mustang Bullitt and pre-2022 Mach 1. For the stallion with the highest prize within the lineup, it’s Mustang Dark Horse. Mustang Dark Horse. The 500 horsepower V8 is aided by stronger camshafts and pistons, as well as forged connecting rods and an extremely balanced crankshaft. Make sure you keep your feet on the ground and you’ll see your revs will increase and this tire-smoking engine can go up to 7,500 revs per minute.

In spite of all the drama surrounding V8 performance Its Standard Mustang EcoBoost gets a reworked turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder in the model year 2024. It has 315 horsepower and 350 lb-ft torque, giving it the best common horsepower available in the history of a Mustang.

Modifications in the engineering of the turbo four-cylinder comprise an improved bore-to-stroke ratio as well as updates to its direct injection system as well as the ability to change cam timing. Ford believes that this will help to make the 2024 EcoBoost Mustang achieve 22 mpg on the city road and 34 mpg on the highway (versus 22 city/32 highway in the model with an automatic transmission in 2022).

2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse Convertible Design
2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse Convertible Design


Dark Horse is priced at $60,865. Dark Horse starts at $60,865 (including the destination) which is roughly the same price as Mach 1 equipped with the Handling package Recaro seats as well as a couple of alternatives came to. Similar to that vehicle and it’s similar to the way that Dark Horse performs on track and has a pleasant road manner. While the opaque comms from the front end mean it lacks the poise and sharpness of the also-not-long-for-this-world Chevy Camaro and its 1LE variants, whatever dynamic shortcomings exist don’t really matter. March 1 was already quicker in Lightning Lap as well as the upgraded Dark Horse is–and this bit important–actually available for sale. Although the end could be near for pony cars with V-8 engines The Mustang Dark Horse is here right now.