2024 Ford Edge ST Colors: Exterior Colors & Interior Colors

2024 Ford Edge ST Colors: Exterior Colors & Interior Colors – The outside styling of a sporty car, cutting-edge technology, and an interior layout that can adapt to your needs all come together in the 2024 Ford Edge, which you may use for your everyday commute.

This premium mid-size SUV comes standard with the most up-to-date version of Ford’s infotainment system, a choice between two turbocharged engine configurations, and a cabin that is not only enjoyable to use but also roomy enough to handle both people and baggage along the way.

2024 Ford Edge ST
2024 Ford Edge ST

This was always going to be a challenging task to do successfully. The addition of an ST badge to any Ford increases the bar for expected performance to a level that goes far beyond being just fast. One of the vehicles that offer the most pleasure to drive and have the greatest handling is the brand-new Fiesta ST, which is not sold in the United States. As was the case with the Focus ST, which is now also prohibited from sale in the US. And each and everyone that came before it.

Therefore, it was a courageous decision on the part of the Blue Oval to give the revered appellation to an aging crossover that is more of a workhorse than a racehorse. Like strapping sprinting spikes on walking footwear.

2024 Ford Edge ST Interior
2024 Ford Edge ST Interior

But add it they have, and that means this Edge has met all of the stringent internal parameters that Ford Performance – Ford’s global standalone tuning arm that produces such gems as the Ford GT, the Mustang GT350R, and the all-conquering F-150 Raptor – sets for a vehicle to be awarded the ST badge. Ford Performance is responsible for producing such vehicles as the Ford GT, the Mustang GT350R, and the all-conquering F-150 Raptor.

The longevity of performance is the most important parameter to consider in this context. FP’s cars are engineered to consistently provide lap times and stopping distances far after a conventional version of the vehicle has overheated its componentry – and the driver. This allows the FP vehicles to outperform the normal version of the vehicle. Therefore, STs and RSs feature larger coolers, brakes, tires, and other components than standard models.

New 2024 Ford Edge ST
New 2024 Ford Edge ST

And this holds true for the Edge ST as well. When compared to the Edge Sport, which it shares its 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 with, the ST generates 20 more horsepower (335) and 30 more pound-feet of torque than the Edge Sport (380). The suspension of the ST has been adjusted to be more sensitive to inputs in an effort to improve handling. In addition, there is a performance brake package available as an option, which was installed on the vehicle that we tested. 2024 Ford Edge ST Colors


Images captured by our espionage photographers expose the obvious: a new-generation Ford Edge with a unique camouflage. The psychedelic outfit is visible below the window line since the roof and pillars lacked stickers. The same holds true for the grille and the front and back lights. The wheels are similar to those on the vehicle shown by the Chinese government before the Winter Holidays.

The 2024 Edge seems to have evolved from its predecessor. It sports a broad grille flanked by new headlamps, curved lines, flush door handles, and a redesigned rear end. The car spans 5,000 millimeters (199.9 inches) from bumper to bumper, and it is 1,961 millimeters (77.2 inches) wide and 1,771 millimeters (69.1 inches) height. This increases its length by 221 mm (8.7 in), width by 33 mm (1.3 in), and height by 31 mm (1.2 in). The wheelbase has grown from 2,850 mm (112.2 in) to 2,950 mm (116.1 in), allowing for extra interior space.

Regarding the inside, there are three rows of seats, however, the ones in the back are more suited for youngsters. Images of the car from the past have also shown a very large infotainment system with a freestanding design and a digital instrument cluster, as well as a redesigned center console with a compact gear lever and a new steering wheel. Expect extra upholstery and trim choices, as well as updated comfort, technology, and safety equipment from the revamped crossover, which is said to ultimately reach Europe and the United States.

As the Oakville plant in Ontario, Canada, is being converted into an electric car production facility, we do not yet know where it will be manufactured for the West, presuming that it would really debut in this region. Five models will be manufactured here, with the first model slated to roll off the assembly line in 2025. Its powertrain is likewise unknown, however, rumors point to a 2.0-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost with 252 horsepower (248 horsepower/185 kilowatts) and a hybrid with a combined 275 horsepower (271 horsepower/202 kilowatts). When it lands in China later this year, further information on the brand-new Ford Edge should become available.

Exterior Colors

  • Rapid Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat
  • Carbonized Gray Metallic
  • Forged Green Metallic
  • Agate Black Metallic
  • Stone Blue Metallic
  • Iconic Silver Metallic
  • Star White Metallic Tri-Coat

Interior Colors

  • Ebony