2024 Ford Edge Hybrid: Release Date, Interior

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2024 Ford Edge Hybrid: Release Date, Interior – When it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, the most important factors for many people in the United States are practicality and cost-effectiveness, and the Ford Edge unquestionably lives up to the standards set by these criteria. There is a powerful four-cylinder engine with turbocharging that produces 250 horsepower, but this is not done for the purpose of performance. If you are looking for something that is speedy and exciting, then the Mazda CX-5 could be a better alternative for you. Alternatively, there are other rivals, such as the Nissan Murano, that provide a little more flair and punch.

2024 Ford Edge Hybrid Concept
2024 Ford Edge Hybrid Concept

On the other hand, if you want plenty of room and a ride that’s easy on the body, the midsize Edge offers both in plenty. Even while it has some great new features, such as an improved infotainment system from the previous year, the inside still has a sense of being rather antiquated, which is not helped by what some people consider to be low-quality materials. However, the Ford Edge may be sufficient for the majority of customers in this price bracket.


The exterior design of the hybrid version of the Edge will be identical to that of the ICE-only variants of the vehicle, which were initially shown off in August. This will result in a larger grille that has a chrome brow line that runs above it and extends into the headlights.

When compared to the present Edge, the new model features a significantly revised exterior design with sharper, more contemporary lines that give the impression that the car is somewhat more mature in appearance. The character lines that run down the sides of the vehicle have been rounded off, and the door handles have been concealed to give the SUV a more upscale appearance.

The new brake lights are piled on top of one another to give the back of the car some visual interest, and the rear lamps have been redesigned to stretch farther over the tailgate. Although the future Edge Hybrid will have a muffler, the one on this model cannot be seen at all since the back bumper does not have a cutout for it and it does not have any false exhaust tips.

Most significantly, the length of the Edge has been increased by 122 millimeters (4.8 inches) in comparison to the model it replaces. It has been stretched out to a length of 5 meters (197 inches), which should result in more space on the interior and takes it into closer competition with vehicles such as the Toyota Highlander. There are no images of the inside that have been provided as part of this document; nevertheless, the new Ford Evos might give a clue as to what the car manufacturer is considering when it comes to the design of the cabin.

This specific model is propelled by a combination of an internal combustion engine with a capacity of 2.0 liters and an electric motor. They are capable of producing a maximum of 271 horsepower (202 kW/275 PS), which is about 30 more horsepower (22 kW/30 PS) than the variant that is being replaced. 2024 Ford Edge Hybrid

2024 Ford Edge Hybrid Interior
2024 Ford Edge Hybrid Interior


When it comes to the quality of the inside construction, this Ford, unfortunately, does not stand out from the competition. The inside of the Edge looks great, but it does not have the same gloss as the cabins of many of its competitors, and its design is antiquated in comparison to the interiors of its more modern competitors.

The infotainment system of the Edge is a touch-screen display that is formatted like a tablet and is 12 inches in size. The software is a version of Ford’s SYNC 4A, which delivers sharp visuals and a comprehensive range of capabilities. In addition to this, it has a quick response time to inputs, although the arrangement of its menus is a little bit confusing. Some opponents argue that reliance on the touch screen for too many tasks and controls is dangerous while driving since it might divert your attention.

Standard infotainment features include a touch screen measuring 12 inches in size, compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Amazon Alexa, satellite radio, a Wi-Fi hotspot, four USB ports, and a six-speaker audio system.

There are a variety of infotainment options at your disposal, including GPS, wireless device charging, and a Bang & Olufsen audio system with 12 speakers.

Additional components that are standard: automated temperature regulation in both zones and keyless entry within close range

Other options include a remote start, ambient LED interior lighting, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, a power outlet designed for domestic use that operates on 110 volts, a universal garage door opener, and a panoramic sunroof. All of these amenities may be added for an additional cost.

The cargo space offered by the Edge is only a hair below the sector standard for midsize SUVs. There is a storage room for 39.2 cubic feet behind the second row, which can be expanded to 73.4 cubic feet by folding down the rear seats. There is a hands-on manual liftgate as part of the basic equipment, and an optional hands-free electric liftgate is also available.

There is seating for five persons in the Edge. The front-row seats are spacious, comfy, and well-padded, and there is plenty of legroom in this area. Even if the seats in the rear row are not as comfortable as those in the front, the back row is still rather roomy.

2024 Ford Edge Release Date
2024 Ford Edge Release Date

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However, those new all-electric crossovers are not slated to start production until 2025 after a retooling in 2024. Therefore, it is possible that Ford views this as a chance to continue making the Edge in the interim – maybe even into the 2025 model year. On the other hand, it does not seem that this will be the end for the Edge either, since a model of the next generation is slated for China, and maybe some other markets as well.