2024 Chevy Chevelle Price Tag: Starts at $150,000

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2024 Chevy Chevelle Price Tag: Between $27K and $43K – In 2013, General Motors decided to renew its trademark on the Chevelle moniker, which led many people to speculate that a new version of the legendary Chevrolet muscle vehicle would be in the works.

Since then, it has brought back a number of vintage model names, like as Hummer and Blazer, but it hasn’t been possible to purchase a new Chevelle. To this point.

The thought of reviving a venerable brand name in the automobile business often conjures up visions of splendor and opulence. The renderings are rife with contemporary touches, such as upgraded drivetrains and suspension that are on the cutting edge of technology.

When we talk about the titans of the muscle-car era, I think most people would agree that the 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS is right in the thick of it in terms of iconic cars that changed the way we looked at motorized transportation. This is because it was one of the first muscle cars to feature a V-8 engine.

Unfortunately, the Chevelle name has been retired for the last 45 years. However, as a result of the efforts of Trans Am Worldwide, the Chevelle will be making a significant comeback in 2024 in the form of the 70/SS.

New 2024 Chevy Chevelle
New 2024 Chevy Chevelle


Not from Chevrolet, but rather from Trans Am Worldwide, a company based in Tallahassee that has become well-known for transforming the Chevrolet Camaro into a contemporary interpretation of the 1970s Pontiac Firebird Trans Am. This provides customers with the opportunity to get their “Smoky and the Bandit” fix without having to drive a vehicle that is more than four decades old. Because of the growing interest in the $100,000 and above customs, Discovery even produced a television series centered on the firm.

Trans Am Worldwide had previously produced a vehicle in the manner of the GTO; but, with its newest model, the 70/SS, the company has shifted its focus to the 1970 Chevelle SS.

The automobile begins its life as a Camaro convertible, which, according to Tod Warmack, owner of Trans Am Worldwide, allowed for an easier platform to update the body. The body of the car varies from the Camaro’s in a more substantial way than the body of the company’s Trans Ams does from the Camaro.

The fenders of the vehicle have been redesigned, and it has a new front end with quad headlamps, twin rectangular grilles, and a recreated version of the chiseled front bumper seen on the 2024 Chevy Chevelle.

The back end has been stretched out and updated with a new trunk lid and square taillights; also, there is an option for a detachable hardtop for customers who would rather have a coupe design. The majority of the interior is carried over from the Camaro, although it has been updated with upholstery designed in a vintage 1970s aesthetic and a trellis shifter lever.


This brand-new muscle automobile was inspired by an extremely potent earlier model of the same name. The most recent vehicle produced by the American firm Trans Am Worldwide is an homage to one of the most well-known muscle cars of all time, the Chevelle Super Sport, and the company has released the first photographs of the vehicle.

Then, allow me to introduce you to the current iteration of that V8 monster. TAW has given its reimagined pony car the name 70/SS. This car, which has been “seven years in the making,” is offered with 450 horsepower from an entry-level 6.2-liter LT-1 V8 engine, 900 horsepower as an option, and 1,500 horsepower from the ‘LS6/X 454’ version, which can compete with the Bugatti Chiron.

a huge quantity of yee, and maybe also a significant quantity of haw. However, since there will only be 25 examples of that automobile constructed, you will need to move quickly if you want to get one. All come with either a manual or automatic transmission as an option, and they all, of course, drive the rear wheels.

Taking it for granted that you approve of how it appears. There is no information available on the “modern platform” that this 1970s-era SS rides on, although the Bandit Edition Trans Am that TG drove some time ago was built on the same chassis as the Camaro. In response to this, TAW has redesigned the squared-off lines of the SS into the hulking form that you see above.

Because of its four round headlights, straightforward rectangular grille, and extensive nose-to-tail stripes, the Chevrolet Chevelle SS from 1970 is one of the most identifiable automobiles to come out of the golden age of muscle cars. And now, 52 years later, it’s back, even if the technique could have damaged some contemporary Camaros in the process.

2024 Chevy Chevelle Specs
2024 Chevy Chevelle Specs

The Florida-based Pontiac specialist that is already well known for making new Camaros look like late-1970s second-generation Firebirds and even 1969 GTOs has decided to resurrect the classic Super Sport Chevelle by following a similar recipe, and they have given the result the name the 70/SS. This vehicle was formerly available only in the 1970s.

Trans Am Worldwide provides buyers with three different power options, beginning with a modern Camaro convertible (a coupe won’t be offered), with the base motor being a 6.2-liter LT1 V8 that channels 450 horsepower (456 PS) to the rear wheels via a choice of a six-speed manual or 10-speed automatic transmission. Trans Am Worldwide also provides buyers with a choice between a 10-speed manual transmission and a 10-speed automatic transmission.

The next item on the menu is a 396-cubic-inch V8 engine that is said to produce 900 horsepower (912 PS) at the back wheels. This engine, which must have cam lobes like saw blades, will be the craziest thing available unless you are one of the 25 purchasers who are allotted the top-of-the-line LS6/X.

This halo engine is named after the legendary LS6-code V8 that was available in 1970 Chevelles and Corvettes. With a rating of 450 horsepower (456 PS), it was even more powerful on paper than Chrysler’s mighty 426 Hemi. However, this halo engine features a pair of turbochargers and an insane 1,500 horsepower at the rear wheels (1,521 PS). Despite the insane output, Trans Am Worldwide refers to the engine as “streetable.” It remains to be seen how nice its traffic manners will be with that kind of power, but Trans Am Worldwide classifies the engine as “streetable.”

The redesigned front and rear fascias of the 70/SS are rather convincing, and one might argue that they work just as well as the same company’s previous efforts to pass off the Camaro as a Firebird or GTO. You also get those recognizable stripes, a cowl induction hood, and your choice of eight historical colors, ten current metallics, or the opportunity to have your vehicle painted according to a sample that you submit.

There are also modifications available for the brakes and wheels, as well as a detachable roof. However, it seems that a vinyl bench seat and a column gear shifter are not choices. However, there is a new transmission shifter, vintage-style stitching patterns on the upholstery, and some stylish retro dials that are nice touches. Additionally, you’ll have to deal with old-fashioned door handles in order

2024 Chevy Chevelle Design
2024 Chevy Chevelle Design

to get into the car, which is another nice touch. In reality, the interior has not been significantly updated.


Prices start at $150,000 and feature a 6.2-liter V8 with 450 horsepower; however, it may also be customized with supercharged engines with 900 horsepower and 1,500 horsepower that breathe via a pop-up cowl induction system. These engines are also available to order.

The 2024 Chevy Chevelle is not going to be used for the company’s new vehicle, despite the fact that Trans Am Worldwide holds the right to use the Trans Am moniker. There is still a chance that Chevrolet will, but in order to preserve its trademark, the company will have to pay to have it renewed the next year.