2023 VW ID4 Range, Release Date & Changes

What can you expect from the 2023 VW ID4? Find out the answer in this article below, including its performance, engine details, and interior aspects.

What do you think about having a 2023 VW ID4? If you are a fan of VW cars, make sure to know the details of this car by reading the article below. You will learn what specifications you can get from this car, including the details of its interior, exterior, and engine.

New 2023 VW ID4

Is VW ID4 available?

To be simply explained, the VW ID4 isn’t yet available at the nearest dealership in your country. However, the carmaker will start the production of this car lineup’s 2023 version later in 2022. However, that said, it will take a while later for the car to arrive at your country’s dealership.

How Long Is the Wait for An ID4?

There are many sources mentioning details about this, but one insider of VW America mentioned that the average waiting time for this car is around four months. Other sources mentioned that after you put in the deposit, you will get the 2023 VW ID4 within 6-8 months. However, it can be a longer or shorter wait depending on the situation.

What Is the Range of A VW ID 4?

According to sources, the range of this Volkswagen car is around 251 miles for the Pro trim and 245 miles for its Pro S trim. The rear-wheel-drive ID 4, Pro takes up more mileage when it comes to its drive range, which is 280 miles. The rear-wheel-drive Pro S’s mileage is also higher compared to the Pro S with all-wheel-drive, which is 268 miles.

2023 VW ID4 Changes and Release Date

The 2023 VW ID4 is expected to get the production begun in the latter half of the year. The release date is expected to be in the first half of 2023 or even later—no information still. It is said that the car will bring several differences compared to what you can see from the current release.

To begin with, the battery pack is something that you can expect to have a different from the previously released car. It is said that the upcoming release will have a smaller battery pack. Plus, the center console will also be adjusted to befit what the American market is seeking. Despite changing the size of the battery as well as getting the battery from different suppliers, the capacity of your battery will remain unaffected.

The information which we can see now is that the ID 4 comes in the form of base, Pro, and Pro S trims. The price of these cars will start at $35,000 for the base trim, making its way up to $42,000 for the Pro trim (est.) and $47,000 (est.) for the highest trim, which is the Pro S.

The difference between those in the additional dual motor which is worth $3,680 and the AWD powertrain. With this change, you can expect the car to have a better horsepower count and the performance is also possible to be escalated.

New 2023 VW ID4

The EV Power, Performance, and Interior

From what we’ve conveyed earlier, you sure have known that the 2023 VW ID4 is an electric vehicle. Let’s say, you get a car with a single motor. Then the maximum power production of this car would be 201 HP. Things will change for the better if you opt to pick the double motor-powered car which also comes in tandem with an AWD drivetrain. This way, you’ll get a rocking 295 HP.

While for the towing capacity, you can get this car to get 2,700 pounds. Pretty big for a compact SUV that could run in a long range.

Some sources mentioned the cabin of ID.4 is less sophisticated when compared to ID. Crozz Concept. Even so, you can still have a contemporary VW EV cabin, featuring rear sliding doors and a retractable steering wheel. Not only that, but ambient lighting, generous cargo space, and equipped high-tech features.

The seating is made from cloth (and is heated for the driver’s seat), while for the higher trim, you can get it with a faux-leather upholstery.

The infotainment touchscreen tab is also good in size, which is 10-inch. Even you can upgrade it to a better size (12.0-inch). The software the infotainment system uses is ID.4, but some sources mentioned that this system is quite more difficult to operate compared to the basic gasoline-fueled Volkswagen.

To complete the features, the 2023 VW ID4 is also equipped with smartphone connectivity—Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Also, the car is equipped with a nicely designed digital gauge display that included a voice recognition feature.