2023 VW Arteon Release Date

2023 VW Arteon Release Date is still uncertain. However, the general picture of the exterior and interior is predictable.

Volkswagen has recently been rumored to be releasing a new variant of Arteon, which is expected to compete or even dominate the US market after its launch. The 2022 Arteon Volkswagen that currently on sale and considered one of the best-looking sedans, is planned to get its next generation as the 2023 VW Arteon.

New 2023 VW Arteon

2023 VW Arteon Detailed Exterior and Interior

As we all know, 2022 Arteon has received major upgrades both inside and out. This is because the Arteon has entered the ranks of the most competitive sedans sold in the European market since the 2018 model. While it has been rumored that the new generation of Arteon will not be getting any jarring changes, this is not a big deal.

In addition, the automaker may decide to focus on revamping the interior for the 2023 VW Arteon to make it stand out more than other fastback sedans. That way, 2023 Arteon will look more impressive with just a few minor touches here and there. Rumor has it that the 2023 Arteon exterior will have an interesting concept where it will look hotter with a 4-door coupe.

Minor changes to the front fascia come with chrome bars which, if we remember briefly, are inspired by the 2023 VW Golf hatchback. An illuminated grille and LED daytime lights will be available for the higher trim level variants.

The Volkswagen Group MQB platform is used as the base for the 2023 Arteon to accommodate a variety of tracks, external dimensions, and wheelbases. This 4-door fastback sedan measures 1.2 inches longer than the Kia Stinger 2023MY with details measuring 62.5 inches for the front tracks, 62 inches for the backtracks, and 191.5 inches for total body length.

New 2023 VW Arteon

The wheelbases are 74 inches wide and 56.5 inches high with a ground clearance of 5.4 inches. The 2023 VW Arteon is planned to come in two systems which are FWD with a total weight of 3,655 lbs. and AWD with a total weight of 3,854 lbs.

The automaker seems to have plans to present a more exclusive interior than the previous generation. It is just that, instead of adding some better elements, the interior that already exists in the previous generation will be redesigned to further emphasize its impression. All doors, dashboards, and center consoles will be redesigned with a touch of new faux leather and aluminum on their surfaces. In addition, the steering wheel will be upgraded with a digital touch surface and multifunctional features.

New features will include 3-zone automatic climate control, heating seats with sensitive touch control on the center console, and window & windshield defrost. The standard infotainment system installed on the 2023 Arteon is a 10.25 digital display and an 8.0-inch touchscreen. Both are supported by other features such as wireless charging, a sound system from Harman Kardon with 12 speakers, and voice control with App-Connect.

The Same Engine Used in 2023 VW Arteon

Although it is still in the forecast stage, it is likely that the 2023 VW Arteon will still use a 2.0-liter TSI 4-cylinder turbocharged engine. It will be supported by an 8-speed automatic transmission that can produce up to 268 HP and 258 lb-ft. of torque. AWD is optional for the R-Line trim level and standard for the Premium R-Line trim level.

However, there is news that the 2023 Arteon will get a hybrid option producing 215 HP in the European market. Fans will certainly be more hyped if the assistance feature on the newest Arteon is equipped with Travel Aid and Dynamic Road Display. Other standard features such as a rear camera, Forward Collision Monitoring, and Lane Keeping Aid are also expected to be brought to the 2023 Arteon.

New 2023 VW Arteon

2023 VW Arteon Rumored Price

Although the new Arteon is categorized as a mid-sized sedan, the appearance is more beautiful than some competitors like the 2023 Altima Nissan, 2023 Camry Toyota, and 2023 Honda Accord. In terms of driving ability, the new Arteon may also beat the Mazda6, the newest Optima Kia, and the 2023 Sonata Hyundai. Possible prices for 2023 VW Arteon range from $37,000 for the base trim, and $47,000 for the top trim. Of course, these prices do not include shipping, taxes, and registration fees.