2023 Toyota Sienna Changes of Features and Designs to Expect Soon

A model new of the Sienna is said to hit the market soon. Here are some of the 2023 Toyota Sienna Changes worth to read of.

The three-row SUVs and crossovers have dominated the current family-friendly car market segment. That being said, a handful of minivan models persist, including the Sienna from the global automobile company Toyota.  Soon, a new model year from this minivan will arrive. Have a look at the set of 2023 Toyota Sienna changes that are likely to be seen this year.

2023 Toyota Sienna Changes
2023 Toyota Sienna Changes

A Quick Insight into the 2023 Toyota Sienna

The 2023 model year is going to be the third production year of the Sienna’s fourth generation. Assuming it follows the refresher schedule, no major changes are in sight for the upcoming release. Some enthusiasts even go as far as predicting that over 90% of the Sienna will remain the same. Even so, the possibility of minor updates to be made is not entirely implausible.

What’s almost certain to not be included in the 2023 Toyota Sienna changes is the overall layout of the car. The design and features brought by this specific minivan model now are already great in a lot of ways. It offers refined and smooth ride, along with an appealing interior quality for its class. The standard equipment it features also makes an extensive list, particularly in the driver-assistance department.

Another part that’s almost positive to be retained is the hybrid powertrain. By 2023, it’d be the third year since the Sienna is turned to become an exclusively hybrid car. The powertrain combines a 2.5L 4-cylinder gasoline-powered motor and two electric engines that are capable to produce 245 HP. An AWD option is available to add another electric engine to boost the rear wheels.

Based on the estimation ratings by the EPA, the FWD variant of the Toyota Sienna delivers 36 mpg both for city and highway. Meanwhile, the AWD version of this minivan is rated at 35 mpg. Fuel-wise, these figures make the car as the most efficient model that can rival a lot of compact SUVs and even cars in general.

2023 Toyota Sienna Changes
2023 Toyota Sienna Interior

The 2023 Toyota Sienna Changes of Design and Features

Beyond its dashing exterior appearance, the Sienna also offers stylish and modern interior design. Compared to the prior generation that sports an open cockpit design, the newer model is made to have a higher center console that spans across the center armrest to the dashboard, accompanied with a significantly-sized storage box underneath.

The sporty XSE trim receives monochrome faux leather covered seats with contrasting red stitches, while the higher scale trims Limited and Platinum are equipped with two-toned interior and wrapped dashboards in stitched leather-like material. The second-row seats of this minivan cannot be removed, but more legroom space in this section can be acquired by sliding the second-row chairs forwards.

The 2023 Toyota Sienna changes may or may not include the current set of infotainment features, consisting of a 9” touchscreen display located above the climate control system on the dashboard. Connectivity options of Amazon Alexa, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay come as standards across the trim levels. Moreover, an onboard wireless hotspot, satellite radio, six-speaker setup are available as well.

2023 Toyota Sienna Changes
2023 Toyota Sienna Changes

Predicted Arrival Date and Price Range

As mentioned before, no substantial 2023 Toyota Sienna changes are likely to happen. The official date sales information hasn’t been dropped by the manufacturer, but if things go based on the prior model year release schedule, it probably arrives in fall of 2022 calendar year.

For 2022 model year, the MRSP of this minivan starts at over $34,000. The next variant in the trim line is offered at $5,000 more, and the newly released Woodland Edition is priced at over $45,000. Considering how little upgrades are predicted to occur, expect the numbers to remain around these ranges for the 2023 Toyota Sienna.

Generally, the Toyota Sienna is a minivan that provides excellent fuel economy, a long list of standard features, a cozy ride, and sufficient seating area. However, in terms of power and cargo capacity, it ranks below majority of its competitors.

You may consider purchasing the upcoming Sienna if you’re looking for a capable and comfortable family-oriented vehicle that doesn’t suck up your wallet for gas costs. In case this is what you’re looking for in a hauler, then you may look forward for more details of the 2023 Toyota Sienna changes to be shared by the automaker in the near month.