The Information of 2023 Ford Ranger Colors and Its New Look

The 2023 Ford Rangers colors are superior with their improvements. Some major redesigns might be the reason for you to pick the upcoming Ranger in 2023.

We can expect a lot of the latest version of Ranger from Ford. The 2023 Ford Ranger colors are going to be fresh with 3 different colors. The performance of the car improves with a new engine, as well as the look with its new design. Check out your favorite Ford Ranger model here.

2023 Ford Ranger
2023 Ford Ranger

2023 Ford Ranger Colors

Since the series of Ranger has a lot of fans, Ford launches various colors of Ranger to meet the expectation of the buyers. The 2023 version, has 13 colors. Here is the list:

  • Cactus grey
  • Saber
  • Race red
  • Carbonized grey
  • Velocity Blue
  • Cyber orange
  • Iconic silver
  • Magnetic
  • Rapid red metallic
  • White Platinum
  • Oxford white
  • Lightning Blue
  • Shadow Black

Exterior and Interior 2023 Ford Ranger


The major improvement from Ranger is the exterior style. The latest one will have a new design of headlamps because it’s going to be a projector type. At the front, it has a big grille surrounded by chrome. The bumper at the bottom has two foglamps at the right and left parts.

The alloy of the car is 17-inch and it gives excellent performance driving. The most important feature of the Ford Ranger is the pick-up tub bed-liner. It’s an upgraded version since it has molded slots. The driver can take benefit from the FordPass app for nighttime illumination.

2023 Ford Ranger Interior
2023 Ford Ranger Interior


The interior of the car is sporty. From the door, dashboard, and seats, they support the comfort of a long and extreme trip. The seats will have map pockets, a center armrest, and grab handles. The legroom for the second row is more spacious.

The touchscreen on the dashboard is 12” in the size. It’s responsive and has a lot of features if you connect to the phone. For the off-road trip, the car supports it with 360camera and also lighting. Every feature of its interior is easy to reach for all passengers.

2023 Ford Ranger New
2023 Ford Ranger New

Performance and Improvements


The newest Ford Ranger will have a 2.2 liter of diesel engine. The horsepower of the engine is up to 160 HP and 2,500 rpm. Another engine to use is a 3.2-liter diesel with a five-cylinder. The horsepower is up to 200 HP. It’s more powerful than the previous version.

Comfortable driving

Ford has improved its stability for the Ranger series. It’s light and the maneuver doesn’t need a lot of effort. The engine and all features are very responsive which helps the driver to reach everything easily. The gearbox is also smooth and on time.


The driving experience is better with SYNC 3 and it supports Android auto and AppleCare Play. The connectivity is super responsive and the driver doesn’t need a lot of attention to the screen. The access cos from a 12” touchscreen. It’s big enough to lessen the struggle for a driver.

The exciting part isn’t only for the 2023 Ford Ranger colors. The performance with AWD and FWD options becomes the most important reason to choose this truck. The upcoming Ranger might be the best option in truck class in 2023.