New 2023 Chevy Traverse Colors Option, Design and Performance

The 2023 Chevy Traverse colors have metallic shades and there are two new colors. Check the availability for the next model of this versatile SUV here.

An SUV is a good option to enjoy the trip, whether it’s a family trip or quite an extreme one. The performance should be excellent with great comfort. The 2023 Chevy Traverse colors aren’t the only best thing from the newest Traverse, but also its improvement in design and engine.

New 2023 Chevy Traverse
New 2023 Chevy Traverse

The model might not be too different from the previous Traverse launched in 2022. However, with the new colors and improvements, Chevrolet predicts that Traverse will be a good option in the SUV segment. Here is the information about the car so far that will be available in fall 2022.

2023 Chevy Traverse Colors

Unlike other SUV cars that might have more than 10 colors, Chevy Traverse will only have 8 colors and half of them are metallic shades. Here is the list of the colors:

  • Black cherry metallic
  • Mosaic black metallic
  • Summit white
  • Iridescent pearl tricoat
  • Silver sage metallic
  • Sterling gray metallic
  • Radiant red
  • Northsky blue metallic

Exterior and Interior 2023 Chevy Traverse


The exterior of Traverse doesn’t get too many differences from the previous year. The design is quite boxy without muscles. At the front of the car, there is a big black grille without chrome. Meanwhile, the bowtie of the Chevrolet is at the front and the rear.

For all editions, from midnight, RS, sport, and redline, Traverse has a black roof rail to support more cargo space. The wheels of the car are 18-inch. They are glossy black with a Chevrolet emblem. The headlamps and taillamps have a sharper design with LEDs.

2023 Chevy Traverse Interior
2023 Chevy Traverse Interior


The interior of the 2023 Traverse will be bolder since the seats and steering wheel use premium leather for the cloth. There are ventilation and heating options from the cloth that will assure the passengers have a comfortable long trip. The car can carry up to 8 passengers with 2-3-3 formation.

The cabin at the back helps to carry a lot of stuff. It has 98.2 cu.-ft when you fold the third row of seats. It’s an impressive space for the SUV segment. The seats are adjustable into a mini bed. For an adventurous trip, the car can convert itself into a mini fan.

Technology and Engine Improvements


With the 2023 Chevy Traverse, the driver and passengers will keep you comfortable with premium features. There is an audio system, Wi-Fi hotspot, Android Auto, Apple Carplay, and an 8-inch touchscreen. The system is more responsive than the previous generation.


Safety assistance is a big advantage of the 2023 Chevy Traverse. There are a lot of improvements in the safety feature, both for drivers and passengers. The list consists of emergency braking, IntelliBeam, collision alert, lane departure warning, and distance indicator.

2023 Chevy Traverse Design
2023 Chevy Traverse Design


Another improvement from Traverse is the engine specifications. The engine will be a V6 with AWD or FWD system. The horsepower from the engine is 310 HP and it’s fantastic for an SUV class. The fuel economy is better with an 18/27 ratio for city/highway.

The 2023 Chevy Traverse colors and models will compete in the mid-size SUV segment. The car is very powerful in its class with an eye-catching design. Choose the favorite color and trim of Traverse for more confident driving vibes daily or on special trips.