2023 Ford Falcon Comes as the Eighth Falcon Generation, Is It Worth to Wait?

After releasing up to seven generations of Falcon, Ford is ready to produce its eighth generation. With more powerful performance, this car is intended to quench the thirst of Falcon lovers.

The sales of several Ford car models in the United States are still running smoothly because Ford is one of the people’s favorites. However, the story is a bit different from Ford Falcon. The last time this model was sold in America was in 1970. Unlike in Australia, the sales of Ford Falcon there were still going on until 2016 with several variants developed. In 2023, the Ford Performance Vehicles Australia division is still developing the newest 2023 Ford Falcon with an alternative four-door design. If it is later launched in the United States, 2023 Chevrolet SS must be worried because it can be a formidable rival.

New 2023 Ford Falcon Changes

The new Ford Falcon produced by Ford Australia is planned to be a limited edition car with the codename Ford Falcon XR8 Sprint. This is the eighth generation, which is an exclusive Ford Australia division.

With the launch of this car, the sign of the end product has arrived. Previously, the last Ford Falcon X8 model was also produced with limited frills. Seven hundred fifty vehicles have been sold, and now Ford Australia plans to present an upgrade for Ford Falcon X8 Sprint. What makes this model unique besides the limited number of production units (only 100 units)?

The Main Engine Upgrades

Premcar will upgrade the car to the ‘Holy Grail’ specification to its full potential. As we know in the previous generation, Ford Falcon X6 Sprint produces 536 hp of power with a maximum torque of 480 lb-ft. Both are made by a 5-liter capacity supercharged V8 engine. So, what about the latest generation of Sprint? The manufacturer conceptualized this car as a V8 engine that produces 647 hp with maximum torque of 555 lb-ft. Six-speed automatic transmission will be combined with this engine.

This transmission on the 2023 Ford Falcon is intended to move the gear shifts continuously. There are no pauses and jolts in every gear shift. The concoction makes the gear shift on the transmission feel smooth or barely felt. You can compare yourself when riding a conventional automatic transmission car.

This transmission also has a lighter weight and is compact compared to conventional automatics. It is often seen as a determinant of the amount of fuel intake because it can adjust the gear ratio instantly and keep the engine speed lower. Of course, the correlation with the cars fuel consumption.

New 2023 Ford Falcon

The Supporting Upgrades

Several other upgrades will also be made for that big power boost. Don’t be surprised to find a triple-pass intercooler system, isolated front-mount air-to-water heat exchanger, new cast aluminum intake manifold, and twin triple-air water intercoolers. These upgrades will be executed to produce a more powerful yet efficient 2023, Ford Falcon.

The cooling system’s presence helps capture air from outside for performance purposes in the engine room. Well, it is a solution to boost power. The engine room can have no gaps or be very tight. In addition, the engine control unit (ECU), exhaust system, and steering pump will also get a better touch than its predecessors to support the use of the V8 engine.

For your information, besides getting the maximum acceleration, the ECU upgrade is also helpful for the highest efficiency results, especially when the car corners. This is because the V8 engine produces more power when cornering. The recalibrated ECU and the speed control reduce the engine’s power consumption and increase the 2023 Ford Falcon efficiency.

The Estimated Price

According to the available information, kinetic blue will be the primary color. As for the wheels, Ford is still loyal to using the Michelin products. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 will wrap 19-inch alloy wheels in this design. These tires have several advantages: excellent grip, shorter braking distance, and longer life. Due to an odometer that only has a 55-mile display, this car is expected to hit the market at around $117,068. It is undoubtedly worth the price for the performance offered by the 2023 Ford Falcon.