2023 Ford Escape Redesign Information for Exterior, Interior, and Engine Parts

Following the 2020 launch of its current-gen, the Ford Escape is expected to come with a refresher. Here are some details that are currently known about the 2023 Ford Escape redesign.

With driver-oriented handling, family car-like rides, exclusive driver-assistance features, and soft-road capacity, the Ford Escape continues to be a decently good choice. Despite not offering as refined cabins as most competitors in its class, it still provides roomy cargo volume and plenty of accommodation for passengers space-wise. So, will the 2023 Ford Escape redesign package maintainusers’sers’ same qualities? Find out in the following.

New 2023 Ford Escape redesign

Brief History of The Escape

Being first introduced in 2000, the Ford Escape is a compact-sized crossoverthat’shat on its 4th generation. Its first generation was a product of a joint-development attempt with Mazda that resulted in the production of its siblings, the Mercury Mariner and Mazda Tribute. Outside of the North American market, the first-gen of Escape was offered as an update for the first-gen or as a replacement of the 2006 Mazda CX-7 and 2008 Ford Kuga. The Escape is also the identical, parallel-twin of the Kuga outside ever since 2013.

The current generation of the Escape was released in April 2019 and sold as a 2020 year model. The production took place in Louisville Assembly Plant, Louisville, Kentucky, which remains until now.

The Upcoming Escape Revamp Details

Instead of being an all-new model, the 2023 Ford Escape redesign is expected to be a facelift version with modest transformation, which is not surprising given it’s only been three years since the last generational upgrade. However, constant promotion is essential, especially considering that the Escape falls into the category of the highly crowded compact SUV segment.

According to the acquired spy shot in the latter half of the last year, the upgraded Escape is on the test. The automaker adds a fresh grille design that makes the appearance look rejuvenated. Moreover, a new headlight set is also spotted. In general, it is predicted that the upcoming year model will carry a more aggressive appearance than its predecessor. The taillights seem to receive a bit of tweak, as the 2023 model sports clear corners.

Meanwhile, the rest of the model looks the same, as a refresher model typicdoesn’tesn’t offer significant transformation. It does look like a carryover from the previous year, but nothing is certain yet because spy-shot offers a low clarity of the whole picture.

Moving on to the interior side, the 2023 Ford Escape redesign is expected to include a new technology feature that corresponds to the new Focus revealed in 2022, which provides for a “13.2” touchscreen of infotainment display with Sync-4 UI and upgraded active safety system. The updated safety package includes rear occupant alert, blind-spot monitoring system, and intersection AEB (autonomous emergency braking).

It is also likely that the North American version of the upcoming Escape comes with BlueCruise, the trademarked highway driving assistance system from Ford that offers a combination between lane-keep assist and adaptive cruise control.

Appearance-wise, most predictions say that the Escape will offer revised trim and new color options. These will give Escape a new fresh look that adds its competitiveness in the compact SUV segment.

There is nothing confirmed yet about the engine upgrThere’sere’s a high possibility it’s going to retain the current powertrain, which is available in gasoline, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid systems.

New 2023 Ford Escape redesign

Possible Launch Date and Future Place in the Segment

Suppose the new 2023 Ford Escape redesign is announced in the 2022 summer. It will be 3 (three) years since the launch ofseries’ries’ current generation and in line with the typical schedule of vehicle’scle’s mid-cycle refresher. North American launch is expected to come earlier in late 2022, and the rest of the markets will follow in early 2023. The new model will be potentially introduced at the beginning of summer during the 2022 North American International Auto Show. It’s always been; Escape will encounter tight competition. Just for some examples, the Nissan Rogue only came up with a revamped fuel-efficient engine for its 2022 model, the Kia Sportage will receive a significant redesign for its 2023 model, and the upcoming Hyundai Tuscon will be provided in gas/hybrid/plug-in hybrid options as well.

Another possibility, the event’s less likely, is that the 2023 Ford Escape redesign will target more upscale market buyershasn’tasn’t been verified, along with other yet-to-be-announced details of the upcoming launch, such as the pricing, sale date, and official photos.