2023 Ford Edge Redesign and What Can We See on Its Upcoming Comeback?

It is said the 2023 Ford Edge redesign will get restyling. Check what improvements to this car are in the article below.

Have you ever heard about the release of the 2023 Ford Edge redesign? The redesigned Ford Edge is expected to come in 2022, but what aspects will be different from its predecessor? Ford has not provided any information about differences, yet some people predict what aspects will make the Edge improve from the previous version. Find out below for more details.

2023 Ford Edge redesign

What Upgrades Can Be Seen from the 2023 Ford Edge?

It is no longer a secret that carmakers make their cars freshly ‘updated.’ Not only will this give their fans the impression that they are innovative and constantly updated. This act can also influence how a brand is seen.

Ford is also taking this mandatory ‘update’ quite seriously. The proof? Many lineups are getting improvements each year, including the Ford Edge. However, their progress may not be significant.

So, what improvements will be predicted to exist in the 2023 Ford Edge redesign? First, it’s always the exterior. Its front, rear façade can also receive some makeover. Ford Edge will still be the mid-size crossover car that you can rely on while tackling tricky terrains or city roads, even a highway, but minor upgrades can be seen through its color options.

In terms of colors, sources mentioned that there are colors of Ford Edge that will be discontinued. The color options will include iconic silver, tri-coat metallic white, rapid metallic red. This will consist of Stoney gray, Baltic Sea green, and white gold. The color addition will be seen in higher trims of Edge (such as Edge Titanium).

Adding to the features are its upgraded LED head and taillights. The lights used are the bi-LED low and high-beam headlamps. Its front chrome grille also gets a makeover, making it look aggressive with a hexagonal shape.

While for a higher trim, such as the Edge SEL and Titanium, it is expected that your headlights will be equipped with LED fog lamps. Hence, you can walk hassle-free during such a foggy day.

However, the exterior features mentioned before will be relatively lower in quality when compared to its competitors. To mention some, there are Mazda CX-9, Honda Passport, and Toyota Highlander.

New 2023 Ford Edge redesign

Wondering About Its Interior?

Predictions mentioned that the interior aspect of the 2023 Ford Edge redesign might be improved a bit. But where will it be placed?

First, let’s talk about what aspects will remain per se. Sources mentioned that its build material might stay the same. If this prediction is wrong, you can expect it to differ from the previously released Ford Edge slightly.

The steering wheel and its armrests will remain comfortable as they were before. Another feature that remains per se is its driver’s seat which is adjustable with 10-way power. Compared to the competitors, it can be difficult for Ford to win over customers’ hearts.

However, it doesn’t mean all is so-so in Ford Edge’s new design. Remind you; it’s just a prediction. So, even though we said that the infotainment aspect is entirely satisfied with an 8-inch touchscreen panel, updated smartphone integration with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and better navigation features, there is still room for improvement, mainly if we are referring to the advancement of competitors.

The legroom and the headroom remain comfortable, given this mid-size is perfect for five passengers only. Bringing large luggage may not be a good idea when traveling by car.

Engine Features of 2023 Ford Edge

Will there be any improvement in terms of engine features for the 2023 Ford Edge redesign? We found that this mid-size SUV lineup of Ford will introduce three variants, and all of them have the same type of engine. No hybrid possibility is visible still.

The 2023 Ford Edge will be powered with a 2.0 L 4-cyl engine capable of producing a reliable power of 250 HP with a torque of 275 lb.-ft. You can choose either to go with the front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, so it seems that you will need to add some of your ‘investment’ in it to get the AWD version.

As for its transmission, the 2023 Ford Edge redesign lineup offers you an automatic transmission. This automatic transmission allows you a better fuel economy which sounds great for an AWD car.