2023 Chrysler Airflow: Designs, Powertrain, and Driving Mileage Information

Chrysler is aiming to be an exclusively electric automaker by 2028. The journey is said to start with the 2023 Chrysler Airflow that may arrive later than predicted.

At this point, too few details are available to draw a conclusion, but they certainly point to a launch of an all-new battery-powered Chrysler model called the Airflow. As teased by the concept version that seems to be close to the actual production version, the modern- and appealing-looking electrified compact crossover is expected to debut soon. Is it reasonable to expect the new EV to arrive as soon as a 2023 Chrysler Airflow? Discover below.

2023 Chrysler Airflow
2023 Chrysler Airflow

What is the Chrysler Airflow?

It is reported that by 2028, Chrysler will execute its expansive EV plans and release three EV models. One of them is said to carry a nameplate of ‘Airflow’ and sport a mid-size crossover SUV body style.

The Airflow concept’s design is said to be already patented by the company in the United States. The moniker itself ties to one of the most iconic models under the company that thrived in the 1930s, which was amongst the most progressive cars at that time. While it is not exactly the easiest to draw out thorough details about the displayed Airflow concept due to its thin veil, some elements indicate that it is going to be too good to be a mere concept.

2023 Chrysler Airflow Interior
2023 Chrysler Airflow Interior

The 2023 Chrysler Airflow Expected Exterior and Interior Details

The concept version of the possibly 2023 Chrysler Airflow shows a crossover model with a fastback-inspired body shape. Rather than possessing a Jeep’s firmness, it somewhat looks like a blend between a Ford Mustang Mach-E and a Pacifica minivan—which is telling that the design is a never-seen-before within the Chrysler lineup.

The detailed numbers of dimensions are yet to be dropped, but it falls somewhere between compact-sized and mid-sized crossover models. Most likely, the footprint is similar to the Tesla Model Y and Mach-E, albeit the proportions seem to be rather different.

The quite horizontal hood and upright façade of the original Airflow is retained, but the windshield appears to follow the 1990s sedan Chrysler SH, which were also legendary models during their own era. The simple grille and sleek headlamps remind me of the Pacifica minivan before the pre-2017 refresh.

Shifting to the rear section, the Airflow’s roofline boasts a Ford-like stretched-back effect that allows for more space in the back-row seating area instead of Tesla’s vertically extended hatchback style. Combined with the angled backlight and more prominent rear haunches, these factors make the Airflow seems sportier than the Tesla models.

The interior of the supposedly 2023 Chrysler Airflow was well-shown. Most of the features, like the passenger-side screens and dual-center touchscreens, can already be found on the 2022 Grand Cherokees and Jeep Wagoneers. The most remarkable adjustment inside is the main center display which seems to get enhanced from 10” in the 2020 concept version to 17” in the 2022 concept version.

As the original concept was displayed, the car is equipped with the STLA SmartCockpit feature—the fruit of a joint venture between Stellantis Chrysler’s parent company, and Foxconn—as its user experience system.

New 2023 Chrysler Airflow
New 2023 Chrysler Airflow

Potential Electric Motos and Driving Mileage

What sets apart the former Airflow and the new one is their powertrains, as the legendary predecessor is powered by a V8 engine and the upcoming one is going to carry a fully electrified system. At this point, no details about what electric platform the new Airflow is going to ride on.

However, it is predicted that the production version will offer pretty similar output to what was claimed on the concept car—which was said to be powered by dual 150 kW electric motors that generate up to 400 HP. Nothing has been confirmed about the 2023 Chrysler Airflow battery power, except that it is announced to possess sufficient onboard storage for a 350 to 400 miles driving range per charging session.