2023 Cadillac SRX: An Insight into the Once Popular but Discontinued Luxury SUV

The SRX used to reign over the SUV market in the United States. Since it was put out of production in 2016, is there a chance for the world to see a 2023 Cadillac SRX?

After the 2016 model year, Cadillac cut out the SRX production. It seems that the brand currently has no plan to bring back the nameplate. However, if you’re really interested in knowing what a 2023 Cadillac SRX version could have been, then you may want to check out its successor, the Cadillac XT5. Either way, read about the SRX and XT5 as its replacement in the following.

2023 Cadillac SRX
2023 Cadillac SRX

An Overview of the Cadillac SRX

The SRX is a compact luxury crossover SUV produced and distributed by Cadillac. Its legacy spans over two generations: the first generation from 2003 to 2009 where it serves as a 5-door, 3-row, 7-passenger SUV, and later the second generation from 2010 to 2016 where it is offered as a 5-door, 2-row, and 5-passenger SUV. This second generation used to be the best-selling model out of all Cadillac lineups in the US market.

That being said, the SRX production was axed in 2016, when it was replaced by the all-new XT5. The XT5 arrived as the second model that follows Cadillac’s alphanumeric moniker structure. The launch marks the first model release under the XT (Crossover Touring) series, which was later tailed by the 2019 XT4 and 2019 XT6.

The SRX Specs and Features

Every Cadillac SRX unit is supported by a 3.6L V6 engine that generates up to 308 horsepower and 265 pound-feet of torque. This engine is paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission with a front-wheel drive system as standard and an all-wheel drive version as optional. This powertrain doesn’t compare to the Escalade’s V8 engine, but it is still quite capable on its own.

Moving on to the interior, the latest model year of the SRX offers a stylish design with high-quality materials and manually-stitched soft-touch upholstery. It provides generous amounts of head- and legroom for the front-seats passengers, but due to the coupe-like angled roof design, the rear-seats passenger space, especially in the legroom department, is slightly more cramped. While this type of design usually results in a cut down on cargo capacity, the SRX is still able to offer a 29.8 cu-ft area which can be elevated into 61.1 cu-ft of scape if the second-row seats are folded.

2023 Cadillac SRX Design
2023 Cadillac SRX Design

The XT5 as What a 2023 Cadillac SRX Could Have Been

There might be no chance that a 2023 Cadillac SRX will arrive, but the hope is not all burnt down if you’re considering the Cadillac XT5. Size-wise, the XT5 is a stepped-down version of the large luxury SUV Escalade. It made its debut in spring 2016, following its revelation a year in advance at the 2015 LA Auto Show and Dubai Motor Show. By 2017, the XT5 sits as the top-selling model under Cadillac, both in the US and the worldwide markets.

The XT5 is powered by a 237 HP 4-cylinder engine as standard and a 310 HP V6 powertrain that’s available as an option. According to the EPA estimations, the 4-cylinder powered FWD XT5 earns 22/29 mpg city/highway while the V6 supported variant earns 19/26 mpg city/highway.

The 5-passenger luxury SUV offers an acceptable space cabin area. Offering no less than what’s expected from a present-day Cadillac, it provides deluxe accommodation as well, with upscale material used. Practicality is what the XT5 shines at, as it delivers ample cargo space, a lot of bins to stash passengers’ belongings, and an easily foldable rear seat.

That being said, considering its prestige as supposedly the modernized 2023 Cadillac SRX, the mid-size SUV feels slightly left behind compared to its primary competitors, such as the Lincoln Aviator or Lexus RX, which both just earn fresh redesign.

Meanwhile, the upcoming model year of the XT5 which is what a 2023 Cadillac SRX could have been will be a carryover model that doesn’t cover any major overhaul—something that it particularly needs to stand strong against its direct rivals.