2023 Buick Wildcat Design, Features, and Potential of a Production Version

2023 Buick Wildcat may not see the light of the day, as emphasized by the company’s officials. However, it’s worth checking out what could’ve been delivered by this coupe.

On the first day of June 2022, Buick revealed the Wildcat EV concept car. It is touted as a vehicle that carries the brand’s fresh direction of design as it shifts to a future of all-electric production. According to the automaker’s claim, it conveys the brand-new styling cues that impact Buick’s future model–even though it’s a fastback coupe and the current company’s lineup consists of exclusively crossover SUVs. This raises a question: how is the chance of a 2023 Buick Wildcat going to appear as a production version?

2023 Buick Wildcat Concept
2023 Buick Wildcat Concept

Exterior Design Sported by the Wildcat

As mentioned above, the Wildcat EV was assembled to display the future design language carried by prospective models under the Buick brand. It boasts the tri-shield emblem that is mounted both on the front and rear sections that representing the transformation of designs and production models under the company beginning in the following year.

This concept car sports a fresh, bold facade design based on Buick’s standard. The prominent, forward-tilting front end area is equipped with a trapezoidal-shaped, low-hanging grille. The keen, high-positioned headlighting that appears similar to the lying back check mark is there, while the main lighting comes from the perimeter of the grille. The 4-seat coupe also gives off a solid, attention-grabbing presence by delivering a lenient proportion joined by a low and broad stance.

Other notable exterior design features of the Wildcat EV concept car are unique semi-swing doors, headlighting’s thin beam projector lenses and micro-LED technology, blade-shaped tail lights, and an 18-spoke wheel design.

2023 Buick Wildcat Interior
2023 Buick Wildcat Interior

Interior Features of the Buick Wildcat

Moving on to the interior department, the inside of this concept car appears to be welcoming and cozy while also embracing advanced technologies to enhance the vehicle’s occupants’ riding experience.

Bringing a two-plus-two seating configuration, the extensive console is a prominent feature that stretches from the gauge panel’s base to the back seating row. It offers contrasting colors and graphic tricks to make a floating-like impression that emphasizes the roominess and lightweight vibe of the cabin.

The color palette has a major role in creating the conveyed comfort and warmth delivered by its interior, and it presents a flowing tone of Legato Green across the cabin, complemented by aluminum trim. A vibrant orange shade also makes an appearance that promotes visual uniqueness on several elements such as the seat belts.

Other notable design features on the inside are cockpit-like driver seats with a seemingly floating headrest and a flat-bottomed steering wheel design that has lightweight quality.

Tech features-wise, an infotainment touchscreen display is placed in a strategic spot on the gauge panel. It comes as a matching accompaniment for the instrumental panel screen located on the console.

If a 2023 Buick Wildcat is really going to be constructed from this EV concept, then it probably will receive some of the futuristic, unique features like aromatherapy, biometrics, and even AI.

2023 Buick Wildcat Design
2023 Buick Wildcat Design

The Possibility of a 2023 Buick Wildcat

Almost every element brought by the Wildcat EV concept car displays the intention and ability of the manufacturer in terms of technology, design, and mobility, based on the company’s claim. However, similar to other concept cars, it is also intended completely as studies for design, meaning a 2023 Buick Wildcat production version of this car is unlikely.

After all, the coupe is not expected to enter the market either, considering Buick has been cutting down its productions to crossover SUVs only. This decision also seems to be likely to extend into its electrified era. However, the executives say not to eliminate the chance of other vehicle body types to make it into the company’s future, just not near, making the chance of a 2023 Buick Wildcat appears to be none at all.