2023 Buick Verano Specifications and Prediction

Released in China once, what will the 2023 Buick Verano look like? Just read the details in the article below.

The talk about Buick Verano is an old thing. After all, it is a lineup from Buick which was expected to be released in China. It is difficult to find any resources about the 2023 Buick Verano, given that this car was released in 2021, yet there is no information whatsoever for this year’s release. Wondering what you will get if Buick introduces this to the American market? Find out the answer to this question.

2023 Buick Verano
2023 Buick Verano

Overview of 2023 Buick Verano

If you are talking about Buick, then many people will already have known that this is a well-known producer of high-quality cars from the US. The US market is also ‘appreciating’ cars from Buick and many people are driving this car as their day-to-day vehicle.

Regarding the 2023 Buick Verano, it is a lineup from Buick which wasn’t planned to be introduced in America. Instead, the car was planned to be released in China. This comes as a progressive effort of Buick to make the brand pave its way to brand popularity in China.

The car is introduced as a premium, yet compact-sized type of sedan. The Verano, according to the carmaker, is deemed to fit the preference of Gen Z, given the expressive style, up-to-date technology, as well as dynamic performance. All of these are predicted to steal the attention of young modern trendsetters.

How Many Trims Are There?

On its launch, the carmaker announced that the Buick Verano has four trim levels with five different variants. Two of the aforementioned trim will be the GS trim on its higher trim.

Compared to the standard model, the premium cars of Verano (Verano with higher trim levels) can appeal to users who love to enjoy a more personalized appearance. Many aspects will be made into a better version compared to the standard trim. However, to what extent their claim is true, we don’t find an answer for that.

2023 Buick Verano Interior
2023 Buick Verano Interior

The Exterior and Interior

The exterior of a Buick is not something you will not be disappointed with. It has a sporty look, also modern. And as the carmaker itself says, the car can allure Gen Z. If the 2023 Buick Verano is coming to America, we believe it will make people love this car–not only Gen Z.

The design itself is expected to be based on the new platform of GM VSS-F, and if the car comes to the American market, we believe the car will have the design based on this platform as well.

One source mentioned that the car is predicted to remain a four-door sedan with an all-new exterior design when compared to China’s model.

Inside, the interior is also expected to be new in design. However, we still don’t know what part of it is going to be newly designed. One thing that many sources expect from this car, the carmaker is going to provide the best comfort and excellent convenience.

The integration of the IntelliLink infotainment system is also predicted to exist on the upcoming version of Buick Verano. Not only that but GM Active Safety will also be speculated to exist.

2023 Buick Verano Design
2023 Buick Verano Design

Its Engine

Talking about the engine, we have known that the Chinese version of the latest Buick Verano will be equipped with an engine of 1.5-L LAH I-4. This engine comes from the eighth generation of the Ecotec engine, with a maximum power output of 181 HP. As for the torque, the Chinese Verano was expected to be able to produce 184 lb.-ft. of torque.

What about the car’s transmission and drivetrain? If the American version is made the same as what you’ll find in its Chinese version, then the drivetrain would be front-wheel drive (which comes as standard). Additional all-wheel drive is possible to find, but it’d need you to pay some more. While for the transmission, the 2023 Buick Verano may use a six- or nine-speed automatic transmission.