2023 Buick GSX Revival Possibility Based on a Digital Rendering

A Buick GSX has no longer been in production since 1970. However, a new virtual rendering of a 2023 Buick GSX may make you want it to be revived.

The world is slowly but certainly moving towards the future of electrified cars, but despite it all, muscle cars prove to still have a place in the industry. Amongst many produced muscle cars, one that is not mentioned often is the GSX.  Regardless of its not-so-high popularity, recently a modernized concept of a 2023 Buick GSX makes its way to the public. Read more details about it below.

2023 Buick GSX Design
2023 Buick GSX Design

An Insight into the Buick GSX

It won’t be complete to talk about a modern 2023 Buick GSX concept without discussing the original. The GSX was manufactured by Buick as the automaker’s contribution to the list of classic muscle cars in the United States. The car was based on GS455 which was a package that offers extra performance, styling, and handling of the Buick Skylark available from the 1970 model year for $1,100 extra cost (roughly equivalent to more than $7,500 in the recent time).

The GSX arrived as a materialized attempt by the manufacturer to boost the sales numbers. Simultaneously, it was also Buick’s response to other competitors in the similar class such as the Chevy Chevelle SS and Pontiac’s GTO Judge.

The vehicle is supported by a 455ci powertrain as a standard, and Stage 1 performance powertrain package is available as an option during its debut year. Even though it essentially sat at the top hierarchy of the General Motors brand, it shared a basic body frame with the lesser 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle albeit being given different doors, bumpers, grill, and many more.

For the latter half of the 1970 model year, only 678 units of the GSX were manufactured (from March ’70 to May ’70). From this total number, 278 units were powered by the base 455 engine, and the other 400 units were added with the Stage 1 performance package. The engine generates up to 510 pound-feet of torque, making the base model the highest-producing torque output compared to any performance vehicle produced in the United States. This record was maintained by the GSX for about 22 years until it was exceeded in 2003 by the Series 2 V10 Viper. However, there is no doubt that the 1970 GSX has a spot amongst the best high-performance classic muscle cars.

2023 Buick GSX Release Date
2023 Buick GSX Release Date

A Reimagined Version of a Modern GSX

Buick, alongside other brands like Chrysler, falls into existing yet slowly forgotten names in the United States automobile market. Considering that it has such a glorious legacy, this is quite unfortunate. While General Motors and Stellantis are big enough to ensure both names survive, there’s a slight hope that both will regain their previous glory by bringing back their legendary products.

The chance is, that Buick can get a new opportunity to popularity after the parent company finishes its revolution towards electric vehicles. So, recently, a digital artist who takes a liking to the model created a modern rendition, which actually could very much be the 2023 Buick GSX if it comes true. This concept of a new GSX takes inspiration from the Camaro, which is also produced by General Motors.

The reimagined version of a new GSX involves the General Motor Alpha 2 platform, that’s currently used by the Cadillac CT4 and CT5, and the Chevrolet Camaro. It also receives aggressive exterior styling that mixes the old and new components of the GSX in equal measures. Not to be forgotten is the racing stripes feature.

The car is also given “hidden” headlights at the rear of blurred glass for the sake of concealed aesthetic and an electric tachometer. Moreover, it also features a couple of significant intakes and a modest lower spoiler part.

Different paint colors are applied to complement the dark-colored roof and large wheels that house significant brakes. Because at the end of the day, even though the 2023 Buick GSX still brings the spirit of the muscle car, it doesn’t need to stop like the original as well.

2023 Buick GSX Concept
2023 Buick GSX Concept

The Release Possibility of the 2023 Buick GSX

Up until now, unfortunately, there is no news released by GM about the possibility of a 2023 Buick GSX release. So, the chance of the actual launch of a modernized GSX is quite low, even none at all. After all, if the manufacturer decides to spend money to revive one of its cars, it’s probably going to be a more popular vehicle like the Skylark rather than an obscure model like the GSX.