2023 Buick Avista: Estimating the Potential of the Concept Car to Reach Showrooms

The Avista as a concept car garnered a lot of positive reactions when it was revealed in 2016. Fast forward to six years later, is 2023 Buick Avista still a possibility?

When the concept of Avista was unveiled for the first time six years ago, it raked so many praises and positive receptions due to its excellent styling. Sadly, the production of this car never takes place up to these days as Buick has no intention to manufacture the model. However, is it impossible for a 2023 Buick Avista to be released? Find out the answer below.

2023 Buick Avista Concept
2023 Buick Avista Concept

The Avista Concept Car

The Avista is a concept of a two-door, two-plus-two-seater hardtop coupe car made by Buick, GM’s division. It was revealed at the North American International Auto Show in 2016. The name itself is derived from an Italian Word, meaning ‘Sight’—and it was trademarked by GM in 2015.

The revelation of this concept car gained exceptionally good critical reviews. It even won the 2016 EyesOn Design award and received the title of the ‘Best Future Concept’ by a local Detroit newspaper, the Detroit News.

Specifications and Features of the Avista

The Avista concept car features an outstandingly sleek, neat, and clean design by sporting small overhangs, a low nose, and a delicately sloped rear window that makes it almost appear like a hatchback. It boasts a Superior Blue exterior color paint. According to the manufacturer’s statement, it received a 1954 Buick Wildcat II-inspired front fascia, which is also a concept car. Regardless of whether the 2023 Buick Avista production will be realized or not, some elements are worth being included in the future Buick vehicles such as the front and rear light designs and the tri-shield insignia.

2023 Buick Avista Interior
2023 Buick Avista Interior

Moving on to the interior department, all the interior parts, as well as the door of this concept car, were 3D-printed. It features mist gray leather upholstery and carbon-fiber aluminum trim that creates a sporty vibe for the cabin. There’s a wide infotainment touchscreen display located on the dashboard. What makes the car even sportier is the narrow-diameter, square-ish steering wheel. The car only provides three-wheel buttons in total: a “Sport”-marked button and turn-signal indicator for the rest. Claimed features that cannot be seen are including aromatherapy, ionic air purification, and modern noise-canceling technology.

The Buick representatives stated that the Avista is not exactly built based on a specific platform, but the concept car looks related to the 6th generation Chevy Camaro and Cadillac which shared a common AWD Alpha platform. The chassis includes a Magnetic Ride Control system that offers more accurate handling.

The concept car’s powertrain, which is most likely to be adapted if the 2023 Buick Avista comes true, is a 400 HP 3L twin-turbocharged V6 engine. It is paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission and accommodated with cylinder deactivation to enhance the fuel economy.

2023 Buick Avista Design
2023 Buick Avista Design

Low Possibility of the 2023 Buick Avista

Buick was said to be highly surprised by the extremely positive responses given to Avista, along with the idea of a produced RWD two-plus-two sports car by the brand. According to the manufacturer, it wasn’t brought to the North American International Auto Show with a plan to build it.

Even though the concept car was intended purely as a design study, the Avista or similarly designed vehicle is considered by General Motors to be produced as a halo car for the automotive division, as cited by the company’s officials. The production version is most likely to maintain the engine and platform of the Avista concept and the chance is only boosted by the great reactions received upon its introduction.

That being said, the manufacturer ultimately scrapped the idea, so the actual possibility of a 2023 Buick Avista is low. Another idea to create a sedan counterpart of the Avista as the Buick Regal’s replacement was also eliminated.

It is emphasized by General Motors that Avista is the innovation of the company’s design team instead of a response for produced vehicle proposal to the management, which makes the chance of it making it to the production stage is low. However, the notion to make the Avista Buick’s halo car is still there as the automaker company officials stated how they have the funds and capabilities for it.

In the end, the 2023 Buick Avista is so unlikely to arrive soon. The automobile manufacturer also did not announce a possible timeline of Avista production, but if it does come true, it has a chance to heavily refresh Buick as a brand.