2023 BMW X6 Specification Predictions

Although the carmaker has not said anything about the 2023 BMW X6, it is always nice to predict its specs. Find the details of its specs in this article below.

Have you ever seen a BMW model named the BMW x6? If so, you may be curious about its 2023 version. Many people do wonder what the carmaker will bring for the 2023 BMW x6, but, unfortunately, the carmaker is not spilling anything for us about it. No wonder, people doubt whether there is a 2023 version of X6. Find out what comes as a feature of the BMW X6 in this article below.

2023 BMW X6 Design
2023 BMW X6 Design

2023 BMW X6 Overview

When it comes to the X-series of BMW, you should know that this series is not a sedan. Instead, it is an SUV series coming from X1, X2, X3, X4, X5, X6, X7, iX3, and iX.

Now we are talking about the 2023 BMW X6. Unfortunately, the carmaker has not announced any information yet about this car lineup. So far, the X6 has been brought in three generations. Starting its journey in 2008 with the BMW X6 E71, it kickstarted the production of the first generation of X6. The first generation of X6 lasted for 6 years, ending its production in 2014.

Instead of the first generation, the second generation of BMW X6 comes with the codename F16. This successor of the E71 came strong for around 5 years before being changed with the third generation of BMW X6–including the X6 that we see today.

2023 BMW X6 Release Date
2023 BMW X6 Release Date

The Looks of X6

We could never doubt the carmaker’s effort in making the car look outstanding. The carmaker itself says that the third generation of X6, including one that’d be released in 2022, will be powerful and expressive. No wonder they also mention that the car comes with an extroverted appearance.

Resources hesitate that the 2023 BMW X6 would come with a major facelift. If any, the changes will probably be visible on its grille size, headlights, taillights, and maybe also the color options.

But how the details are pointed out–how the grille looks, how the head and taillights look, as well as how many color options are available, has never been disclosed yet by the manufacturer.

If we are referring to the carmaker’s hint from spy photos available online, it is pretty hard to notice what difference we can find in the 2023 version of X6. We predict that there will be a slightly altered size of headlights, as well as the option of wheels.

Changes in the Interior?

So far, there is also no detailed information regarding the car’s interior details. This is unfortunate, though. Therefore, it is safe to say that the car will only revise its infotainment software.

A larger screen for infotainment purposes will also come as a perk of the 2023 version of X6. What we predict is that the size could be similar to that found in the iX electric SUVs.

We hope the future X6 would also be customizable as what we can get from the sedan. Given this customization is enabled as well for its crossover BMW will make the medium-high price would be more worth investing in.

2023 BMW X6 Interior
2023 BMW X6 Interior

What About the Engine?

You can find the details of the BMW X6 on its official website. Regarding the engine, you can expect that the car would use a 2.0-3.0 L 4-6 cylinders engine. These cars are reliable to produce power starting from 265 HP to 340 HP, or equal to 195-250 kW. Not as powerful as its high-trim sedans for sure. However, this number is already nice for an SUV like this one.

Other sources even make it detailed when it comes to the car’s engine. It is mentioned that the 2023 BMW X6 will be equipped with two choices of engines. First, it is the 3.0-L turbocharged inline-6. The alternative has a bigger displacement, which is the 4.4-L twin-turbocharged V-8 engine.

With those engines, the car is expected to be able to produce around 523 HP. Much higher than what is stated earlier on the official site. We aren’t sure whether it is outdated or not, but it is better to believe the specs come better than just 340 HP.

The Price Estimation

According to sources, the price of the 2023 BMW X6 won’t be much different compared to the current release. The current release is priced around $70,000; and we believe that with the typical BMW features, BMW X6 may also come with a price within that range as well.