2023 BMW X3 Specification Prediction

You may be curious about what BMW brings as its features on the 2023 BMW X3. Now, you can check the features in this article below.

What type of car is the BMW X3? What is its specialty? Then, what does the 2023 BMW X3 bring as a feature? If you are curious about these, make sure not to skip this article. We hope this article can be your buyer’s guide as we will discuss the car’s details including the price, engine, interior, as well as its exterior.

2023 BMW X3 Redesign
2023 BMW X3 Redesign

2023 BMW X3 Overview

You may have heard about the 3 Series and wondered whether this car is related to the series or not. While each lineup comes from the same carmaker, both lineups offer different types of cars. The 3 Series—as we all know, is a series of sedan cars. While the X3 is a lineup of BMW SUVs.

It is predicted that the 2023 BMW X3 has no major facelift. Sources mentioned that there are some changes to the exterior aspect of this car. As for the interior aspect, this car will receive an upgrade, yet not in all aspects of the car as many would have expected.

The Price and Release Date

If you plan to purchase this SUV car, then knowing the price may be an important thing for you. According to sources, this BMW lineup will be released in the second or third quarter of 2022 (estimated in July). As for the price, you can expect that this car’s price won’t be that different from the previous release of the BMW X3 at around $45,000 (base price MSRP).

However, please keep in mind that you will be charged more bucks if you add more customization to this compact SUV. The customization may not be all stuff available on the car. Instead, it typically will only make wheels, the car’s body paint, and the trim to be customizable.

In addition, if there are packages offered and you choose one of them, it will cost bucks for you as well.

The Engine Specs

As stated in sources, the engine of the 2023 BMW X3 will be slightly changed from the previous version of the X3.

This change will come in the form of a 2.0-L turbocharged engine, combined with a synergic all-wheel drive (optional) or rear-wheel drive. As for the transmission, the car will use an eight-speed automatic transmission.

This combined, your X3 will be able to produce around 248 HP at its max. Aside from that, the car is predicted to produce around 258 lb.-ft. as its torque.

Is it fuel economic? As the fuel economy stands in the score of 23/29/25 for city, highway, and combined, we can say that it is economic enough yet competitors are coming up with a better figure.

Along with the release of this car, you will get various driver assistance and safety features. This will include an automatic collision alert system, land departure warning, brake pad wear gauge, etc.

2023 BMW X3 Release Date
2023 BMW X3 Release Date

Trim Choices

When they say X3, you can get several trims available. This will include the sDrive30i as well as the M trim which is based on its performance.

As for the price, the M trim is way higher. Mentioned in one source that the estimated MSRP for the 2023 BMW X3 M trim will be around $70,000. This is still excluding any customizations or any additional package you want to purchase along.

What About the Looks?

Sources mentioned that you will see a slight difference that you can see on its grille, paint color options, headlights, and bumpers.

While the exterior of this compact SUV delivers a sporty look and luxury at the same time, you will feel comfortable while driving using this car. Why so?

The X3 interior adapts the interior from the 4 Series, which undoubtedly delivers countless comfort not only from its seats but also other features.

2023 BMW X3 Interior
2023 BMW X3 Interior

On the dashboard, you will have access to the most updated infotainment system that BMW offers. Sources mentioned that the car will be using a 10.25-inch screen for its infotainment system. Smartphone integration software like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will also be included in the car.

Aside from that, the car is also equipped with a Wi-Fi hotspot which can be used to stream some good music. Your ears will be spoilt with the coming of the 12-speaker Harman Kardon audio system.

With all said, are you interested in purchasing the 2023 BMW X3? The price may not be that friendly especially if you choose the higher trim. However, the base trim is already nice and jam-packed with outstanding features.