2023 BMW M9 Predictions and Rumors

Ever heard about the 2023 BMW M9? If so, you may be curious about its specifications, and here’s the information we can gather.

Many people heard about the 2023 BMW M9, yet the carmaker has yet to mention anything regarding the car’s specifications. Well, it is no wonder since the car is rumored to be released somewhere in 2023 or 2024. With the release date still far from now, let’s predict what the car will look like on its release.

2023 BMW M9 Concept
2023 BMW M9 Concept

2023 BMW M9 Overview

Many people wonder what the BMW M9 will look like and what features will be available. However, it is unfortunate that information related to this car is very limited. Hence, we can only mention the prediction about this car here.

Related to the car’s looks, sources mentioned that the carmaker will adopt the look of the 7 Series. However, the car will be designed to be a supercar version of BMW. Since it is from BMW, it is no doubt that the car will look outstanding.

Starting from the outer looks, the car will look sporty and sophisticated. Since it will be designed to be a supercar, it is no wonder that you will see it has shorter overhangs. The car is predicted to have a long hood.

The Estimated Price Range

There is no information about the price range of this car. If it is referred to as the BMW 7 Series, the car’s price will be around $93,000. Moreover, if we are making the higher trim as the base for determining the car’s price range, then, it will be somewhere around $110,000 or even more.

The average supercar costs around $250,000-$450,000. If the 2023 BMW M9 comes in that price range, then it can surpass the price of the competitors. To mention some, the Audi R8 V10 Performance with a price of around $200,000 or even less, especially if you are choosing the lower trim.

2023 BMW M9 Design
2023 BMW M9 Design

How It Will Look Like

It is hard to imagine what the 2023 BMW M9 will look like given there is very little information about this car. As portrayed in several sources, the car will look futuristic with a low overhang which resembles many supercars. This may not be visible from the BMW 7 Series still, yet we are sure that the carmaker will make the car come with a clean sporty cut.

On its front, we predict the basic kidney-shaped grille to remain exist. In addition, we predict that the grille itself will be smaller compared to the common grille in the 7 Series. As mentioned earlier, the hood will be longer compared to the common version of BMW cars—like the coupe or sedan.

The color option will also be varied. However, most supercars come with a metallic finish. Compared to the non-supercar version of BMW, you can find a color coming with no metallic finish although the number is limited as well.

We predict that the color range shade will come from black, blue, dark grey, and red. More colors may be offered to gain more BMW lovers to purchase the supercar.

The Interior

What about the supercar’s interior? Well, most supercars typically only come with two passenger seats. That is exactly what we see from the 2023 BMW M9. You may wonder whether there is a grand version for it—and we’re pretty sure it has no four-door, four-passenger version of M9, given it is a supercar.

Despite the lack of seats, we predict the cabin of this supercar will nothing but a ‘warehouse’ of sophisticated techs and comfy seats.

Since the supercar market will likely be dominated by high-end users, then we are pretty sure that the cabin’s upholstery will be leather, and the color will be customizable according to the users’ preference.

As for the infotainment system, we’re sure BMW will provide its most updated entertainment system without compromising its screen size. Driver assistance features will also be upgraded into the most updated and most suitable for a supercar.

The Engine Details

That would be nice to see the M9 come with a hybrid option. Or not, a totally EV M9. Unfortunately, so far there isn’t any M Series coming with a total EV. We don’t know about BMW’s plan yet, but if the carmaker makes the car to be electrified, then it’d be a nice idea.

Hence, we can only be sure about the 2023 BMW M9 being equipped with a gas-powered engine. We’re sure the performance of the M9 will be extravagant, although we cannot say how much power the engine produces.