2023 BMW M850i Gran Coupe Detail Review

Wondering what features you will get as you purchase the 2023 BMW M850i Gran Coupe? Get your answer in the following article.

If you have been curious about the specification of the 2023 BMW M850i Gran Coupe, you come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the specification of this Gran Coupe including how the exterior and interior aspects of this car. Also, you will learn how much you need to prepare if you want to purchase this car.

2023 BMW M850i Gran Coupe Design
2023 BMW M850i Gran Coupe Design

2023 BMW M850i Gran Coupe Overview

It is clearly stated by the name: the M850 is a coupe with a bigger size compared to the M8 counterpart. That said, the M850i comes with four doors; unlike the M8 which comes with only two doors. That makes the M850i can carry more passengers to drive with.

Regarding the features of this car, you sure don’t want to skip the car’s luxury. M850i comes as the part of BMW 8 Series, which means that this car lineup will come with excellent luxury. To mention one supporting fact, you can get the M850i with an outstanding exterior body as it comes with a luxurious design, copious colors to choose from, and a sporty body cut to support its thrill-seeking design.

The 2023 BMW M850i Gran Coupe, just like many other cars in the M series, will provide you with extremely reliable performance. You can get this not only from its looks but also from its powertrain, drivetrain, as well as its interior.

Estimated Price Range

According to the official website of the carmaker, the 2023 BMW M850i Gran Coupe has an estimated MSRP of $99,900. Despite being a luxury car, it is interesting to know that the car is offering you a ‘slightly’ below $100,000 as its starting price.

However, you should know that you can always upgrade many aspects of this car. for example, you can choose your interior upholstery, wheels, as well as body colors.

A specific package addition will also alter the base price as well. Although the price can be strikingly higher, you can have a better driving experience once you add a certain package to your purchase.

Also, keep in mind that at the time the car arrives at your local dealership, the car’s price has already increased. You know, several aspects are causing this to happen, which will include the tax and shipping price.

2023 BMW M850i Gran Coupe Interior
2023 BMW M850i Gran Coupe Interior

Outside and Inside Look

As mentioned earlier, the M850i comes as a sporty big coupe with a four-door configuration.  From the front, the car looks masculine with sophisticated headlights and a kidney-shaped grille. The grille emphasizes the car’s status of BMW’s luxury cars.

The 20-inch wheels are customizable, just like the body color. According to the carmaker’s official website, the car’s body color will involve both metallic and non-metallic finish options. However, if you prefer a non-metallic option, it is unfortunate that you can only find Alpine White as its mere option. Whereas there are many colors with metallic finish listed as the official color of BMW M850i Gran Coupe.

The rear part of the car isn’t less sophisticated when compared to the front. You can see that the car got a spoiler and outstanding rear lights. This will support the car’s status as a sport-luxury coupe that can carry not only two passengers.

As you enter the car’s cabin, you can see luxury here and there. The 2023 BMW M850i Gran Coupe cabin’s upholstery—as said earlier—is also customizable. The main upholstery will be the Extended Merino Upholstery or Full Merino Leather with various color options from black, ivory white, or a combo like Fiona Red/Black, Cognac, or Tartufo/Black.

The car is less from being ‘ancient’ with high-tech stuff placed on its front dashboard. Included as the facilities of the car is an enhanced smartphone integration through Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. However, that doesn’t mean the car’s dismissing good ol’ USB and Bluetooth connections.

Interestingly, you can also get high-tech features including real-time traffic information, hazard preview, remote door unlocks, etc.

2023 BMW M850i Gran Coupe
2023 BMW M850i Gran Coupe

The Engine Specs

Regarding the engine, the 2023 BMW M850i Gran Coupe is using a 4.4-L TwinPower Turbo V8 engine that is capable of producing 523 HP. The car’s equipped with an 8-speed Sport Automatic transmission. The cars use an all-wheel-drive system that ensures you can drive in various suitable terrains comfortably.