2023 BMW M440i Updates, Redesigns, and Price Details

If you’re looking for a sports sedan that offers fun, you should consider looking at the M440i. See below how the 2023 BMW M440i will roll out soon.

Since it was launched a few years ago, the most recent BMW 4-Series generation has been collecting extremely mixed reactions, primarily because of its allegedly questionable design. That being said, the car climbed to be one of the best-selling models in its segment due to its excellent interior, bold performance, and outstanding driving dynamics. Now, if you’re looking for a great family sedan without getting rid of the excitement factor, you may be interested in checking the 2023 BMW M440i out. Find out more about it below.

New 2023 BMW M440i
New 2023 BMW M440i

An Overview of the M440i

The BMW M440i is a member of the 4-Series lineup which consists of a range of compact luxury cars, aside from the base variant the 430i. The 4-Series itself has been produced since 2013 when it was displayed for the first time at the Detroit North American International Auto Show and was debuted as a separate version of 2-door variants of the BMW 3-Series.

The top-range M440i model was introduced along with the current generation launch. The official announcement was made in May and it was revealed online in the following month. The model takes the majority of its design language from the BMW Concept 4, which is brought to the production version.

Powertrain, Fuel Economy, and Performance

The whole variant BMW 4-Series offers a gutsier steering calibration, e refinement of tuned suspension, an athletic driving experience, and a more extensive rear track compared to the 3-Series.

The top-of-the-range 2023 BMW M440i trim is supported by a 382 HP 3L turbocharged 6-cylinder combined with a 48-hybrid setup. They are paired with 8-speed automatic transmission. While most buyers will be satisfied by the standard AWD system, it also provided a rear-drive version, which offers a more exciting drive experience and more receptive handlers. The EPA estimates its fuel economy at 22/31 mpg city/highway.

Aside from being powered with a more potent 6-cylinder engine, the trim also receives extra performance-supporting pieces such as M brakes and differential, M aerodynamic wheels, and variable-ratio steering. It comes with a standard M Sport suspension and aerodynamic kit that also consists of a rear trunk spoiler. Moreover, it also carries synthetic leather upholstery, aluminum interior trim, and an M steering wheel.

2023 BMW M440i Interior
2023 BMW M440i Interior

Interior Design and Features

As the 3-Series was announced as gaining a new fascia and massive tech improvements earlier, it is only natural to expect that the 4-Series will also receive ones, even though there’s yet to be an announcement. It means that the 2023 BMW M440i is most likely to acquire some upgrades and adjustments as well.

In terms of the interior, the model has satisfying offerings by bringing high-quality materials that create an outstanding riding experience for the car occupants. Most points of contact inside are wrapped in soft-textured leather. The switching devices feel extremely solid.

The average consumer probably won’t notice plenty of difference between the 3-Series and 4-Series cabins except if they sit at the back. Both lineups appear to be highly similar by looking at their main controls, materials, and dashboard arrangement. However, the 4-Series provides a narrower impression and less spacious trunk area than the 3-Series, most probably because of its lower roofline.

The 2023 BMW M440i is most likely to continue bringing the 8.8” infotainment display that can be upgraded to a larger 10.3” screen. Last year, it is supported by the manufacturer’s iDrive 7 system, but there’s a possibility that it will be upgraded to the new iDrive 8 software that can enhance its user-friendliness. Aside from using touch control, it can be navigated by using the click-wheel controller located on the console instead.

Some standard interior features in the BMW M440i are a built-in navigation system and smartphone integration options (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Some optional extra features buyers can opt for are including a wireless hotspot, a wireless charging pad, and a 12.2” digital instrumental cluster.

2023 BMW M440i Design
2023 BMW M440i Design

The 2023 BMW M440i Price Details

The most recent rumor says that the production of the current BMW 3-Series and 4-Series generation won’t be halted until 2027, which means both of them will complete the automaker’s tradition of seven years cycle.

The starting MRSP price for the high-specs 2023 BMW M440i is $58,250. This price point manages to continue putting the whole series with the likes of the Audi S5 and Mercedes-AMG C43.