2023 Audi SQ8 Upgraded Specs, Features, and Release Details

The SQ8 is the middle child between the regular Q8 and the top-performance RSQ8 in the family. Check out the improvement brought by the 2023 Audi SQ8 below.

The SQ8 provides performance a step beyond the regular Q8 model by carrying sport tuned-suspension and offering up to 500 horsepower capability, while still comfortable enough for daily driving due to its comfortable and luxurious interior. See how the 2023 Audi SQ8 turns up soon as the newest model year from this vehicle.

New 2023 Audi SQ8
New 2023 Audi SQ8

The SQ8 Engine and Fuel Economy

The Audi SQ8 is the high-performance variant of Audi’s flagship mid-size upscale crossover SUV, the Q8. Both are manufactured at the Volkswagen Bratislava Plant. While the Q8 made its debut in 2018, the SQ8 was launched in mid-2019 by sporting a set of enhancements compared to its regular version sibling, which includes styling upgrades, technology additions, and chassis revisions.

Audi’s Drive Select dynamic handling system and adaptive air suspension come as standard features in the SQ8. There’s an optional extra package of Advanced Suspension, which brings electromechanical active anti-roll bars, sport differential, 4-wheel steering, 21” alloy wheels, a rear diffuser with oval exhaust tips, and a more rugged appearance in general.

There are two trims available for the SQ8, the Premium Plus, and Prestige. The former offers various features that support the model’s status as a luxury SUV, while the latter boasts the lavish riding experience even more by providing a range of advanced comforts.

The 2023 Audi SQ8 will bring a similar powertrain as the last model year: a 500 HP 4L V8 engine that generates up to 568 lb-ft of torque. It is paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission and is available in the AWD system as standard. The use of the V8 engine offers a sportier experience and more roaring—all the reasons why buyers want to upgrade from the standard Audi Q8. On the track, the performance-focused model runs quite satisfyingly by being capable of going 0-60 mph in 4.0 seconds only.

Based on the EPA estimations, the SQ8 earns 15/21 mpg city/highway fuel economy ratings, and 17 mpg combined. These numbers are not the most efficient compared to other high-performance mid-size SUVs, but the difference is not so minimal that it won’t bring much difference, anyway, especially because fuel economy is rarely a big priority for consumers of this segment.

The driver assistance package offered in the SQ8 by Audi brings a set of standard features including adaptive cruise control and automated emergency braking functions.

2023 Audi SQ8 Interior
2023 Audi SQ8 Interior

The 2023 Audi SQ8 Redesigns

The Audi SQ8 is an intimidating-looking SUV with plenty of aggressive design features. As one of the largest vehicles in Audi’s lineup, it boasts an appearance that reflects the power and abundance it offers. To give an illustration of how big this upscale SUV is, the 21” wheels provided as standard do not look overwhelmingly large under its frame. A set of 22” wheels is even available as an option.

To improve its looks, even more, HD Matrix-design LED headlights are given as standard to the 2023 Audi SQ8. Other features gained as standard by the model are a headlight washer system and animated coming/leaving home function at both front and rear lights sections.

Following the tradition of the manufacturer’s S variants, the SQ8 interior design uses gaudier materials and has more standard features compared to the base version. This consists of diamond stitching on the seats, a black-accented cabin, and carbon-fiber trim.

The room offered inside the 5-passenger upscale car is plenty. The lower roofline design may present narrower headroom space, but it’s rather generous at the front, size-wise. It’s only unfortunate that the front-row seats aren’t equipped with fixed headrests and adjustments. The back-seat rows are even more spacious than other models in its class, with an abundance of headroom and an excellent amount of leg room.

In terms of the interior, there’s practically nothing revised in the 2023 Audi SQ8. However, the dual-pane glass feature is now available for the Premium Plus trim-reserved Executive package, which creates a quieter environment inside.

Similar to the standard Q8, the Audi SQ8 features a two-tier touchscreen system, in which the bottom one is used for climate control. The fact that its cabin is nearly entirely digital may interest the tech-savvy consumers, but not those who appreciate practical physical controls. That being said, the voice control feature is also available. Other standard technology features are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity systems and a wireless hotspot.

2023 Audi SQ8 Release Date
2023 Audi SQ8 Release Date

Release Date and Pricing

There’s no word yet about when the upcoming model year of the SQ8 is going to be available. However, it’s most likely can be purchased by the end of the 2022 calendar year. The 2023 Audi SQ8’s pricing ranges between $70,800-$120,400 depending on the chosen trim grade and model.