2023 Acura RLX Prediction Specification

Planning to purchase 2023 Acura RLX? First, learn about the specs before investing your money for the car–more details below.

What do you think when you see an Acura car? Sounds like a sophisticated car? Definitely. Acura has been known long for being a sophisticated car that isn’t that expensive to purchase. Despite the price, the quality of this car has made it to be a car which is praised by many people. Now that the car manufacturer is issuing the 2023 Acura RLX soon, people begin to wonder, how will the specification of this car be? Find out the answer in this article below.

2023 Acura RLX Release Date
2023 Acura RLX Release Date

2023 Acura RLX Prediction

Acura RLX is a sedan which is known for providing a luxurious specification. As for the 2023 Acura RLX, it is still a sedan with luxury to offer. The release of the Acura RLX 2023 is not yet published officially, yet people are wondering how will this car look like. That is exactly why many sources are predicting its looks.

According to sources, the next-year Acura is not that much different compared to the current release. However, that does not mean the car is lacking good things.

In this release, Acura is releasing a hybrid version of RLX sedan aside from the fueled version of it. Hence, you get two kinds of RLX for the upcoming release. All are equipped with outstanding features which will make you interested in purchasing it.

2023 Acura RLX Changes
2023 Acura RLX Changes

How It Looks on the Outside

The exterior of the 2023 Acura RLX may not be that different compared to the current release. After all, it is a combination of sophistication and sportiness in a sedan. As some sources mentioned, the car is looking like a SUV to some extent, which is agreed upon by several other sources.

The car is looking cool with its 198-inch length, which is longer when compared to its lavish competitors: BMW 5 series as well as Mercedes Benz E-Class. In addition, the front grille is made quite narrow unlike the competitors. Its headlights are, too, made narrow. Yet, along with the taillights, both are mounted elegantly on the body of this Acura.

Aside from that, sporty lines on the car’s side make the car show off its sportiness. The wheels may not be that big as an SUV–which are 17-inch, yet for a sedan that is exactly more than enough.

Sources also mentioned that the car will also offer some new colors for the upcoming release; yet there is still no official announcement regarding this.

2023 Acura RLX Interior
2023 Acura RLX Interior

Inside the Car

What about the car’s interior? There is no information still from the carmaker itself. Yet, the predictions mentioned that 2023 Acura RLX will always be using top-notch materials which is also followed by the nice cabin ‘architecture’. This ensures the users to feel comfortable while driving.

Aside from the top-notch materials used by the carmaker to bring the best from Acura, the car is also predicted to keep its spaciousness. Predictions sources mentioned that this car is providing around 38.8-inch legroom. While for the headroom, it is sized around 36.8-inch in the back seats. This is a pretty spacious size for a sedan.

Not only is it spacious, the car is also savvy enough when it comes to the technology used. You can get the dual screen for infotainment and navigation touchscreen. These definitely have been powered with the newest system which also is supporting Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, as well as Amazon Alexa. That said, you can connect your smartphone into the car seamlessly.

The seating of the car is using leather upholstery for this trim (RLX). To make it better, the front seats are also equipped with heaters–definitely to make heated front seats. So, while driving for a long time, you won’t feel uncomfortable while sitting.

The interior also features a moonroof and excellent navigation system. Not to forget, connectivity features such as Bluetooth and USB Port are also provided alongside the smartphone connectivity features.

What about the Engine?

As mentioned earlier, the upcoming 2023 Acura RLX will come with two versions: powered with fuel-only, and the hybrid one. For the fueled engine, you will have a 3.5-L V6 engine come with a maximum power production of 310 HP and 341 lb.-ft. torque.

If you are getting the hybrid version, you will be able to notice that the car is 377 HP. The non-hybrid version will have 10-speed auto transmission, while the 2023 Acura RLX hybrid version will have 7-speed transmission only. All versions come with front wheel drive (FWD) drivetrain.