2022 Volkswagen Beetle Interior, Exterior, and Features Upgrades

It has been sort of officially confirmed that the Beetle might be revived in an electrified version. Read how a 2022 Volkswagen Beetle interior redesign and other parts could be updated here.

The VW Beetle is one of the most widely recognized vehicles in the industry. Despite being invented in Germany, the unique appeal that it has made the car a star in the global market. Unfortunately, the production of the Beetle is halted in July 2019. Now, fast forward a couple of years later, and there are hints that the nameplate might be given a revival as an electrified automobile. See what can possibly be offered by an EV 2022 Volkswagen Beetle interior and exterior below.

2022 Volkswagen Beetle Release Date
2022 Volkswagen Beetle Design

Brief History of the VW Beetle

Before getting into the 2022 Volkswagen Beetle interior redesign, let’s briefly explore the history of this iconic car first. Its beginning was somewhat controversial because it was started due to the commission by Adolf Hitler during the Nazi era in 1938 for Ferdinand Porsche to design a vehicle that can promote vast car ownership among people—similar to the Ford Model T did for the United States. The final product was the bug-like and rounded automobile quite like how it is today.

However, after decades of serving, it was announced in the midst-2019 that the Beetle was going to be axed. The reason was simply that there’s not as much room and interest for the model in today’s world where people lean toward SUVs and other car formats. It is indeed already gone, but it definitely won’t be forgotten.

2022 Volkswagen Beetle Interior
2022 Volkswagen Beetle Interior

Possible 2022 Volkswagen Beetle Interior Redesign and Feature Upgrades

An electrified version of the Beetle has long been the center topic of rumors among enthusiasts. Up until now, there is evidence that suggests a discussion of the Volkswagen upper management about the realization of an EV Beetle. Considering the direction that this giant global automaker is moving towards, this idea is actually not entirely implausible.

During an interview with one of the most reputable British automobile magazines, Klaus Bischoff—the design manager of Volkswagen—shared about how the MEB platform is going to be ridden by the future ID hatchback, along with the Beetle. This platform will be shared between the majority of produced EVs by this manufacturer as well. Assuming that a new version will be released this year, the 2022 Volkswagen Beetle interior design is going to carry plenty of room to eliminate compromises related to functionality.

The 2022 Volkswagen Beetle interior design may be inspired by the latest model year of this car before it drives into the sunset: a set of visually pleasing, fashionably designed cabins. If there’s a major complaint about the interior, it’d be about the materials that feel quite low-quality compared to the interior of most of its competitors. Moreover, the infotainment system also appears to be slightly dated albeit being very user-friendly.

During its final year, the Bug is available in a coupe and convertible variants, in which both received standard fabric upholstery. The coupe model provides an option of getting upgraded genuine or faux leather upholstery, sports front seats, and heated front seats. Meanwhile heated and synthetic leather upholstery on front seats is a standard feature in convertible Beetles. They also feature two installed LATCH connectors for children’s safety purposes.

Some standard infotainment, entertainment, and safety features on the Beetle include a 5” touchscreen infotainment display, an 8-speaker sound system, Bluetooth connection, a USB port, and rear cross-traffic alert, blind-spot monitoring, and rearview camera.

Moreover, some features predicted to be retained if an EV 2022 Volkswagen Beetle version really comes to materialization are navigation, smartphone integration (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto), push-button start, dual-zone auto climate control, sunroof, and many more.

2022 Volkswagen Beetle Design
2022 Volkswagen Beetle Design

When Will the Revived Beetle Arrive?

If the electrified version of the VW Beetle is released, then there’s a good chance it will be marketed under the Volkswagen ID nameplate. Ideally, it also should be assembled in the automaker’s Mexico Puebla Plant that had shared a hefty history with the vehicle. This factory was the center of Volkswagen Beetle’s production for the global market. Furthermore, it was also announced in earlier 2022 that the company plans to upgrade this assembly plant along with the one in Silao to manufacture its EVs and other related component by 2025.

Patience is needed before you can expect to see the arrival of an EV Beetle at dealerships, or even just to wait for the news to be dropped. Meanwhile, you can keep up with the made predictions about the 2022 Volkswagen Beetle interior, exterior, and other features redesigns.