2022 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Possible Electric Version Release

A battery-powered Beetle may arrive sooner than you expect. While waiting for the official announcement, let’s see the possibility of the 2022 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible’s arrival.

The production of the gasoline-powered VW Beetle reached its end back in 2019. However, with the fact that the automobile is moving into electrified vehicles and rolled an EV Microbus in 2022, it’s actually hard to imagine they don’t have a plan for an EV Beetle as well—supported by various news reports and rumors about it that has been around for a while. See how much of a possibility to see an electrified 2022 Volkswagen Beetle convertible this year.

2022 Volkswagen Beetle convertible
2022 Volkswagen Beetle convertible

An Insight into the Beetle Convertible

Riding a convertible offers a fresh, different sensation that can inspire a sense of delight for the car occupants and even everyone around. Speaking about a convertible vehicle, it wouldn’t be complete without touching the most iconic convertible variant of the Volkswagen Beetle. The mention of this nameplate alone can provoke a sense of nostalgia, as its appeal stretches across decades and generations.

Before getting into the discussion of an EV 2022 Volkswagen Beetle convertible, let’s talk about what this classic automobile looked like in its final year. Even for the 2019 model year, it’s still full of retro aesthetics that can be detected through the appearance, especially the sharp color choices from the manufacturers. It features 18” Disc alloy wheels which trigger further sentimental memories of the early model years of the Beetle.

It is remained to be equipped with a drop-top, only this time with a modernized version that requires merely a button on the key fob rather than needing a couple of people to do the job. The retro appeal continues to be seen on its exterior where stylish yet distinctive details like diamond stitching and quilted leather-wrapped seating can be found.

Despite the old-school appearance, the technological features of the Beetle convertible definitely are not. It offers a package of technologically advanced connectivity, conveniences, and safety features. You will be able to enjoy heated vintage-seating, navigation, infotainment options, and smart device integration. Some technology features available as standard across variants are an automatic post-collision braking system and a rear camera view.

2022 Volkswagen Beetle convertible
2022 Volkswagen Beetle convertible

The Closed Page of the VW Beetle

It is unfortunate that the eight decades history of the Beetle is closed already. The Germany-based automaker decided that the 2019 model year is going to be the last production year of this iconic car model.

With the surging trend of bringing discontinued cars nowadays, a 2022 Volkswagen Beetle would be more than deserving to be included in the list. This statement remains to be true because even is the A5, the latest Beetle generation in production, was not exactly the best-selling vehicle on the market, it stays to be a legendary car.

Many classic car enthusiasts were sad and confused when the announcement of Beetle’s ceased production was dropped. Ever since then, a lot of speculations and reimagined arts of a future Beetle were made. Of all the rumors that surfaced, perhaps the most possible one is the prediction of an EV variant of this car. Producing electrified 2022 Volkswagen Beetle convertible and coupe version actually would make plenty of sense, considering that they’d be in line with the current vision of the company to move into battery-powered automobile productions.

2022 Volkswagen Beetle convertible
2022 Volkswagen Beetle convertible

The Potential of a 2022 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

Volkswagen is currently in the middle of an abundance of exciting projects right now—and most of them are related to electric vehicles, similar to other major car manufacturers across the world. The company recently has been occupied with their MEB platform which their electrified automobiles will ride on later.

The EV ID.4 crossover SUV was launched in 2020 that received a lot of praise, then it was announced a larger version of it, and the ID.8 would come as well. Carrying new EVs under the brand name along with the advanced technology they ride on makes the automaker secure a solid place in the current automobile market.

So, it is no wonder that a lot of enthusiasts are wondering about the possibility of the Beetle revival. Sadly, it must be said that a 2022 Volkswagen Beetle convertible is yet to be on their plans as of now.

However, given the recent projects that the automaker is working on, expecting a future 2022 Volkswagen Beetle convertible is not really a far-fetched dream. Let’s just hope that an announcement of an EV Beetle will be dropped soon. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time that Volkswagen revive one of its car nameplates.